Finding the Truth! Trophy in Root Letter

  • Finding the Truth!


    All routes completed.

    How to unlock Finding the Truth!

    There are five routes in the game, and unlike many visual novels, Root Letter doesn't lend itself to multiple save files to cut down on playthroughs. The endings are based solely on how you reply to Aya's letters during Chapters 1-7. As such, you're going to have to play through the entire game five times.

    This isn't as bad as it sounds. After you've cleared the game once, start a new game and play through the introduction sequence (which can be text skipped) until you get to the letter. Once you have replied to it (see the list below) and have the Smartphone option available again, press , and you'll notice that the “Skip” option has been given to you. You can repeat this until Chapter 8. Thankfully, with the exception of Chapter 3, all of the letters are at the very beginning of the chapter, so you're looking at about 20-30 minutes of playtime to get onto the next ending path (including the replay of Chapter 8). For Chapter 3, you must first go to Kamiari-an, then to Marukoshi, and then the letter will be available to you. Chapter 8 can't be skipped, and unfortunately doesn't change, but can still be text skipped.

    The routes are as follows:

    Cursed Letter: Choose the FIRST option every time you reply to a letter.
    Princess of Himegamori Forest: Choose the SECOND option every time you reply to a letter.
    A Government Plot: Choose the THIRD option every time you reply to a letter.
    Crossing Paths: Choose the FOURTH option every time you reply to a letter.
    The Bond of Marriage: Choose the FIFTH option every time you reply to a letter.


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