Warrior of Rashkuta Trophy in Romancing SaGa 3 (PS4 & Vita)

  • Warrior of Rashkuta


    Rukh joined your party.

    How to unlock Warrior of Rashkuta

    Rukh lives in the elephant village of Rashkuta. To recruit Rukh, you need to have Sarah in your party (or be Sarah) and possibly have the Young Boy as well. This should be completed before defeating all four Sinistrals. With the right party members, wake up the elephant in the Northwest house of Rashkuta, then Rukh (who is standing outside the home) will offer to join you. Rashkuta becomes available after the Zelnam raid event, by talking to an NPC in yellow garb in Muenge Village. He will tell you of Rashkuta and then it appears on the world map, one screen west of Muenge.

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