Perky Trophy in Rogue Company

  • Perky


    Purchase 3 perks in a single match

    How to unlock Perky

    Note: You can’t get any trophies in any game modes labeled “(Bots)”.

    Purchasing gun upgrades, gadgets, and perks can be done at the beginning of every round in “Strikeout” and “Demolition”. The cheapest 2 perks are always on the left side of the screen ($4,000 each), the 2 moderately priced perks are in the center ($6,500 each), and the 2 most expensive perks are on the right ($10,000 each). The cheapest way to get this is to purchase the two cheapest perks and one of the moderately priced perks ($14,500 in total).

    In both game modes you start out with some money, but you have a better chance of earning more money in “Demolition”. Plus, in “Strikeout” you need to be more strategic with your money to actually have an impact in the game, whereas in “Demolition” you can easily come back even after spending your money foolishly. Purchases cannot be canceled or refunded, so pay attention to what you buy. Money is awarded based on your performance, while winning the round is important, it is also important that you are carrying your weight by getting downs, eliminations, and revives. Focus on purchasing perks in a single match and you’ll earn this trophy.

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