Grenadier Trophy in Rogue Company

  • Grenadier


    Deal 1,000 damage with gadgets

    How to unlock Grenadier

    Note: You can’t get any trophies in any game modes labeled “(Bots)”.

    This is cumulative (you don’t have to do this in a single game) and should be unlocked through the normal course of play. All Rogues can purchase a gadget (grenades, trip mines, etc.) for $4,000 and upgrade them two times for an additional $4,000 each. These are single use during a round and can be used with . Also, all Rogues have a primary ability ( + ), which replenishes in “Strikeout”, but not in “Demolition”. Only the primary abilities that count as explosives (Dima’s MIRV Launcher, Ronin’s Ballistic Knife, etc.) will count toward this trophy.

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