Hard Carry Trophy in Rogue Company

  • Hard Carry


    Down 20 enemies in a single match

    How to unlock Hard Carry

    Note: You can’t get any trophies in any game modes labeled “(Bots)”.

    You will need to play super aggressive to get this in “Demolition”, so “Strikeout” is the way to go. Just focus on downing enemies, not eliminating them. If you are lucky, the enemy team will have a Saint, who can quickly revive his teammates for you to down again. You will still need to play aggressively, but won’t be as rushed as you will be in a game of “Demolition”.

    Dima is a good Rogue to earn this with as he is entirely offensive and has pretty straightforward abilities, gadgets and perks. Also, his primary gun, the KA30, has very low recoil; however, feel free to use whichever Rogue you are comfortable with.

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