-Estimated trophy difficulty: 9 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
-Offline: 38 9 2 1
-Online: 1
-Approximate amount of time to : 50+
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
-Number of missable trophies: None
-Glitched trophies: None
-Does difficulty affect trophies? No
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No Cheats
-Special Hardware Required: One real Guitar, two Tone Cables (one comes with the game) and a Microphone


Rocksmith is the next evolution in guitar games. The game requires an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar with a pickup. The guitar is plugged in using a Real Tone USB Cable. This cable is included with the game but a second one, along with a second guitar, will be needed for one local multiplayer trophy. The only other hardware you'll need is a mic. You will have to sing any song just once. You can use the PS Eye camera you use with Move or any USB mic, for example, a Rock Band/Guitar hero mic.

Your road to platinum will depend heavily on your history with guitar. If you're an experienced player, this will be a breeze. If you're less experienced, or new, this will become a very challenging platinum. The Guitarcade games (Mini-Games) will be what will challenge you the most.

There is one trophy that will require you to be connected to the PSN, Happy Shopper. This will require you to just go to the store where you can purchase DLC. Purchasing a song is not required. The rest of the trophies are all offline.


Step 1 - Technique Challenges
Each step can be done in any order and at any time so feel free to start your single player journey, or head straight to the technique challenges. The challenges rate you from bronze to gold and that is based on the number of points scored. As you master phrases, more notes are added, so you may need to play each challenge a few times to reach the required score as there are not enough notes in your first attempt. The trophies unlock during this step are:

The Rocksmith Method
Tutorials My Axe

Step 2 - Guitarcade
There are 9 different Guitarcade games. You earn one trophy each time you play one of them, and another for reaching a certain score. Each game uses a different technique you learn in the technique challenges. These are exceptionally difficult for beginner and intermediate players. But with a lot of practice you will become much better at it. The reward of a trophy will be nothing compared to the skill level increase in your actual playing.

While I do recommend playing these and becoming proficient, there is a way to cheat these. If you pause the game, you are given a 3 second countdown before the game begins again when you un-pause so, while it may take awhile, you can pause it as often as you want so you can make sure you're playing the right note. The most recent patch has made it so if you pause more than a few times, you will be disqualified from the leaderboards, however, it doesn't stop it from unlocking trophies. It doesn't work as well with Scale Runner due the speed you'll need to achieve.

See the following trophies for tips on each individual Guitarcade game:

Fret Fast
Just Super!
Scales Owned
Beat Harmonics
Slide to Victory
Furious Plucker

Step 3 - Playthrough the Journey
This is the meat of the game and the reason why you purchased this game. The journey consists of you playing events which contain between 4-8 songs and many different venues. During this step, your primary goal will to be to unlock all 48 guitars, 50 effects and reaching rank 11. Also, you will need to master 4 different song parts to play a master event. There are many other trophies you can earn for reaching specific note streaks, or reaching certain scores that should unlock naturally during your Journey, but if you miss them, you can get them last in the clean up step. Focus on the following trophies:

Just Awesome
Better Than An Encore?
Art + Functionality
Tone Peddler
Stage Ready

Step 4 - Clean Up
There are just a couple miscellaneous trophies that you should have left. You'll need to sing one song and you'll need to complete a multiplayer event. The multiplayer event is local multiplayer only so you will need a second cable. That's the bad news. The good news is that it can be done by yourself and the USB Tone Cable is the same for Xbox in case your buddy only has the Xbox version of the game. For more information, see:

Beneficial Friends
Just Singing?

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Wozamil for this Roadmap]

Bass Expansion DLC


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10, really depends on skills.
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7 , 3 )
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 15-20 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies? No cheats available
  • Special peripherals or multiple controllers needed? Yes, one electric guitar and one Rocksmith real tone cable.


Rocksmith: Bass Expansion is the first and only expansion pack for Rocksmith. The DLC is very similar to the main game, it's basically all the songs from the main game with a new arrangement, a bass arrangement. The difficulty of the trophies highly depends on your skills, it's very easy compared to the main game, but if you are new to guitar/bass, it might take some time.


Step 1: Technique Challenges

I suggest you start off with the technique challenges, they will teach you the basics of bass, and remember that only gold is good enough. There's nothing too hard with this step, but it will take an hour or so due to Rocksmith's insane loading times and auto-saving. At the end of this step you will have the following trophies unlocked:

The Bassics
Ace of Bass

Step 2: Journey

Start the same journey as you probably have played through in the main game. Just play what the game suggests for you and in 5-6 songs you will have unlocked the following:

Bass Camp
The Bottom Line

And maybe with some luck:
Bass Face

Now you just want to keep playing through the journey, if you haven't already, the two above trophies should come pretty quick. By just playing and enjoying the game you will eventually get:

Bass Head
All your bass

And finally after either a long journey or a repetitive, grinding one, you will unlock your final trophy:


[PS3T Would Like to Thank Bezenko For This DLC Roadmap]

Rocksmith Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

61 trophies ( 12  46  )

  • Awarded for earning all Rocksmith trophies

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Ducks

    See Fret Fast.

  • Beat 10,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Ducks

    Ducks is a simple game in the style of "Space Invaders." Ducks will come down the fret board and you just have to hit the low E string on the fret in which the duck is coming down to shoot it. You will probably need to make it to level 32-35 to achieve the amount of points needed. The ducks do begin to come much quicker in later levels so you can resort to the "Pause Cheat" method.

    While, pausing the game more than a few times will disqualify you from the leaderboards, it does not stop it from popping trophies. So use it often. The advantage to this is that when you un-pause, you are given 3 seconds before the game starts giving you enough time to find the proper fret to shoot the next duck. Shoot the duck and quickly pause and un-pause and you'll be given 3 seconds to line up the next shot. Repeat this as often as you need. This will give you extremely high combos and help you get past the higher levels which are very fast.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Super Ducks

    See Just Super!

  • Beat 150,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Super Ducks

    Super ducks is much like regular ducks, except it uses all six strings. Each duck is color coded to the string. Just match the string and the fret and shoot the ducks as quickly as possible. This is a great game to learn the fretboard without looking. For those who are not quite as good at guitar and who want to cheat this, resort to the "Pause Cheat" method outlined in Fret Fast.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Scale Runner

    See Scales Owned.

  • Beat 50,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Scale Runner

    This is probably the best game to help improve your guitar playing skills. This helps you practice 11 different scales. This does not require you to score 50 million points on a single scale. This is the combined score of all 11 scales which requires an average of 4.6 million points for each one.

    Once you select a scale, you can choose the key you want to play it at. This will determine which frets you will play it at and all notes will be within a 4-6 fret range. As you play the scale correctly, the speed will increase as well as the amount of points scored until you reach the highest speed level, 40. Using the "Pause Cheat," is tricky during this as you can fail to pause before the next note in the scale.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Harmonically Challenged

    See Beat Harmonics.

  • Beat 1,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Harmonically Challenged

    This is simply a game of Simon Says. This is performed while playing harmonics on the 7th fret. This game tests your harmonics ability. Consult the Harmonics Challenge in the game for information and a video to learn how to properly pull off a harmonic.

    The game will start with a single harmonic on a random string. If performed correctly, you will reach level 2, where it will add another harmonic on a second string. If you perform an incorrect harmonic, the bomb will start a quick countdown and will explode if the harmonic is not played within a few seconds. The trouble you'll have is that the continued ringing of a correct harmonic will register the next one as incorrect. To combat this, quickly mute the harmonic after you play it.

    You will need to reach level 12 to get to the point requirement. Unless you have an incredible memory, I highly suggest writing down pattern as you go.

    Having trouble? Rest assured there is an easier way to do this. A regularly played note on the 19th fret is the same as playing a harmonic on the 7th fret. So if you are asked to play a harmonic on the purple string (High E), instead play a normal note on the same string on the 19th fret.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Big Swing Baseball

    See Giant!

  • Beat 2,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Big Swing Baseball

    This is a confusing game, and that's due to the lack of instruction you are given. This is a game that tests your bending skills. The game will give you a fret number, string color and the action you must perform on the string. For example, it will show you the number 5 and then highlight the yellow string. When it highlights the string, it will then show you the amount of bend, if any, you must perform on the string. Sometimes you won't have to bend the string, which is illustrated by a straight line, or you'll have to do a full bend which you will see the string bend down and touch the adjacent string.

    Once you are given the fret number, color and action, the pitcher will pitch the ball and you must perform the proper action at the right moment to hit the ball. The hit type will depend on how close you are to matching the timing. Swing a little early and you will end up with just a single. Contrary to what your little league coach always taught you, DO NOT keep your eye on the ball. There is a visual and audio cue on when to swing. Behind the pitcher you will see four lights. The fourth light is when you must swing. For bends, you must reach the proper pitch at that light. There is also an audio cue in the form of a metronome which matches the lights. This is in 4/4 time.

    Each time you hit the ball, your combo score will increase. It continues to increase until you swing and miss. Once the combo is high enough, a grand slam can net you over a million points. Maintaining a high combo is the key for this.

    To give yourself a little extra time, use the "Pause Cheat" method outlined in Fast Fret once you know the swing type as you don't have much time before you must swing.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Super Slider

    See Slide to Victory.

  • Beat 15,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Super Slider

    This is similar to Tetris in which you will need to match up colored squares. This tests your slide ability. The block will start in the center on top of your screen and you move it left or right by sliding to the matching fret number shown at the bottom. Once you have it properly lined up, you perform an open strum (strumming all strings without touching them) to have it drop quickly. You clear blocks by adding a matching colored block to three or more blocks below.

    As you progress, the starting point for the block will move further down the fretboard. You will have to reach level 60 or beyond to reach the required points. Use the "Pause Cheat" to give you extra time to find the best spot to place blocks. Doing so will make it easy to get to the higher levels, but beware, the final couple will require you to be really quick to position blocks as they fall fast.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Quick Pick Dash

    See Furious Plucker.

  • Beat 5,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Quick Pick Dash

    This game is simply testing how fast you can perform a tremolo. Consult the in game Tremolo Challenge to learn how to properly perform a tremolo. The faster you perform the technique, the faster your ostrich will run. You perform this on the highlighted string which moves from string to string. If you fail to switch strings you will hit obstacles and it will prevent you from reaching time bonuses. This is a workout so feel free to pause as often as you need to rest your picking hand.

  • Play the Guitarcade game: Dawn of the Chordead

    See Guitardead.

  • Beat 1,000,000 points in the Guitarcade game: Dawn of the Chordead

    This game will throw all sorts of chords at you that you must strike to destroy zombies that are coming at you. The speed at which the zombies come at you are very quick so you'll need to memorize the chords as you won't have time to follow the on screen chord shape helper. There are many barre chords, so make sure you are proficient at those.

    The best way to achieve the points is to use the "Pause Cheat" outlined in Fast Fret.

  • Visit the shop

    This is the only trophy that requires you to be logged into the PSN. From the main menu (press from any sub menu to get back to main menu), scroll to the right to access the Download Store and select it with

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Single Note Arrangement

    This requires you to reach 100k points in a single note arrangement. There are a ton of songs that have single note arrangements, but I found "Do You Remember" to be the easiest to score well over 100k. It does have some tremolo picking, a couple slides, and a few bends but overall it's extremely easy. Another easy single note arrangement is "Song 2."

    If you play a song for the first time, you will not have all the notes unlocked until you level up each section so you may need to play a song a few times before you have enough notes to reach 100k points.

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Chord Arrangement

    Unlike single note arrangements, chord arrangements are a little less common. Generally, they are not to difficult with some practice. The one song recommendation I found fairly easy was "(I Can't Ge No) Satisfaction." Typically, Chord arrangements are a little less forgiving for errors than single note or combo arrangements if you are to reach 100k points.

    If you play a song for the first time, you will not have all the notes unlocked until you level up each section so you may need to play a song a few times before you have enough notes to reach 100k points.

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Combo Arrangement

    Combo arrangements are the most common arrangements you'll find with songs. Getting 100k points on one of them shouldn't be to hard. The most popular song to get 100k points on is "Go With The Flow."

    If you play a song for the first time, you will not have all the notes unlocked until you level up each section so you may need to play a song a few times before you have enough notes to reach 100k points.

  • Complete Soundcheck (Reach Rank 1)

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 2

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 3

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 4

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 5

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 6

    See Rocksmith.

  • See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 8

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 9

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 10

    See Rocksmith.

  • Reach Rank 11

    This will require 20,000,000 Rocksmith Points. The best way to earn RSP's is by playing events. The fastest way to reach rank 11 is to master four song arrangements and play in Master Events. Replaying these same four songs in every event will score you between 800-1.2 million RSP's.

    At each event, you can customize your set list and remove and add songs. The minimum number of songs is 4. If you add songs you have mastered, you usually do not have to re-qualify for them.

  • Play an Event

    This will unlock after you play your very first gig in your Journey.

  • Qualify for an Encore

    To qualify for an encore, you must score 120% of the minimum RSP's for an entire event. If the requirement for a setlist is 350,000 RSP's, you will have to achieve a score of 420,000 to qualify for an encore.

    This is easiest to achieve very early in your journey as the required RSP's are extremely low. Also, for each encore you play, you will unlock a rare pedal that counts towards Tone Peddler.

  • Qualify for a Double Encore

    First, you must qualify for the first encore. See My 1st Encore to learn how to qualify for an encore. Now, unlike the first encore, the requirement for a double encore is based on percentage of notes hit. You need to hit 90% of the notes in your encore song to qualify for the double encore.

    In addition to unlocking this trophy, you will unlock 1 of 6 rare bonus songs for qualifying for a double encore. The final bonus song is the Star Spangled Banner.

  • Earn all Bronze Technique Medals

    See Tutorials My Axe.

  • Earn all Gold Technique Medals

    From the main menu, select Techniques. There are 12 different techniques that are nothing more than tutorials that teach you how to perform the techniques. Each one has a bronze, silver and gold point level. You will start each one with the fewest notes possible so you may have to play each one a few times before you have enough notes that allow you to reach the required point total for gold.

    The two most troubling ones are Harmonics and Palm Mutes. Not because of the difficulty in the technique, but rather, the inability of the game to correctly register the note when played properly. For the Palm Mutes, I found that quickly raising my right hand off the strings to let it ring slightly and muting quickly again will register the note.

    The points needed for gold are


    • Sustain - 78,000
    • Shifting - 61,000
    • Hammer-Ons & Pull-offs - 66,000
    • Slides - 74,000
    • Bends - 95,000
    • Harmonics - 65,000
    • Palm Mute - 80,000
    • Tremolo - 33,000
    • Chord - 32,000
    • Double Stop - 34,000
    • Power Chord - 39,000
    • Barre Chord - 56,000
  • Create and save a custom tone

    Press to access the amp mode from any menu page. From here, select a Tone Slot then customize tone. Add a pedal or anything else you wish and when you back out with it will ask you to save changes. Doing this will unlock this trophy.

  • Use the Amp

    Access the amp mode by pressing and using multiple different amps and pedals, you can play freely. Doing so will unlock this trophy.

  • Use the Tuner to tune to Drop-D

    A few songs will force you to tune to Drop D, but if you fail to play any of them somehow, you can select the far right option from the main menu to access the tuner and select Drop D

  • Beat a 100-note streak

    See Just Awesome.

  • Beat a 750-note streak

    The easiest song to perform this on is Queen of the Stone Age's "Go With the Flow." You may need to practice this a few times, but this is the easiest song to get the note streak due to the very few chords and the insane number of notes.

  • Beat a 5-chord streak

    See No Dischord

  • Beat a 25-chord streak

    Beating a 25 chord streak is quite easy. Most likely you will get this while going for a 100k score on a chord arrangement, but if not; the power chord technique challenge is where I unlocked this first.

  • Beat a 500-note streak

    See Just Awesome.

  • Collect all guitars

    There are 48 guitars you can unlock in this game. The only way to unlock a guitar is by finishing an event. You can view how many guitars you have unlocked by scrolling over Guitar Select from the amp mode. The quickest way to complete an event is to customize it to the fewest amount of songs, typically four, and select songs and arrangements you already qualify for.

  • Collect 50 effects pedals

    There are 34 normal pedals and 27 rare pedals in the game. Songs that use a pedal will unlock if you score 70,000+ on any of its arrangements. You unlock a rare pedal each time you earn an encore.

  • Beat 200,000 points in Master Mode

    To unlock the Master Mode version of a song, you must score over 100,000 points and achieve the highest level for every phrase in the song. Use the song leveler if you don't have any phrases maxed. "Song" 2 and "Go With The Flow" are both fairly easy songs to master and memorize.

    Once mastered, you will have to play the song in Master Mode. You can access the song from the Song menu and there will be an option to play in Master Mode in the arrangement you have mastered. Master Mode is different from regular mode in that you do not see the notes. You must play this from memory.

    If you have a difficult time remembering a song, I highly suggest you try to sync it up with a YouTube version of the song played at its highest level. I achieved this by starting the YouTube video and pausing it on the third metronome click. Then start the game and on the third click, I hit play on YouTube and play along with that note highway.

  • Complete a Master Event

    To play a Master Event, you must add four arrangements to the event set list that you have mastered. You can customize any set list for any event by hitting from the Journey screen. Remove all but four songs, then replace the four songs with arrangements that you have mastered. Remember, to have qualified a song to be mastered, you must have scored over 100k points and have each phrase leveled to the max.

    This is also the fastest way to reach the rank of Rocksmith, and if you get good at one of these four song sets, the best way to unlock Encores and Double Encores.

    Similarly to Ok, I Learned, try to sync up a YouTube video if you have failed to remember the song note for note.

    Some songs that many consider easier are:

    20th Century Boy - combo
    Do You Remember - single note
    Go With The Flow - combo
    Next Girl - single note
    Run back to your side - chord
    Song 2 - both arrangements

  • Play multiplayer with 2 guitars

    This is a very easy trophy, however, this will require a second cable. You can earn this with just one guitar. The Xbox and PS3 USB Tone Cable are identical so if you have a cross platform buddy, invite him/her over. This can be done solo.

    You don't have to play a song. If you only have one guitar, plug in two Tone Cables into your PS3 and plug one of them into your guitar. Now, just start a multiplayer game, select a song and finish the sound check with your guitar and then unplug the one cable from your guitar and plug the second cable into the same guitar and finish the sound check . The trophy will pop when the game checks your tuning.

  • Using a mic, sing along and achieve Nice Singing

    This is also very easy, but requires you to have a mic. The mic can be any USB mic; Rock Band and Guitar Hero mics work well. Also, Playstation Eye cameras will also do the trick. Just have the mic plugged in and sing. That's all.

DLC: Bass Expansion

10 trophies

  • Play a bass arrangement


    This trophy is really simple and self-explanatory, you just have to pick a song and play the available bass arrangement, it's not possible to fail a song, so just finish any song and the trophy is yours.

  • Play a song with emulated bass using a guitar

    When playing the bass expansion, you have two options on how to play the game. You can either use a bass guitar or use an ordinary guitar and emulate it to a bass. The game will make you choose this before you are able to play any songs. Simply connect any electric guitar, choose the emulated bass option and play any arrangement.

  • Beat 100,000 points in a Bass arrangement

    This might sound hard, but it really is not. There are plenty of songs you can easily obtain 100,000 points on without being really good at guitar. My suggestion would be either 'Angela' or 'Song 2', both of these songs have a really simple riff that continues throughout the entire song. You can not obtain 100,000 points on your first try. First you will need to level up the different sections of the song. You can do this either by playing the song multiple times or from the main menu: Songs > Angela/Song2 > Riff repeater > Leveler and level up the sections as good as you can.

    When you have leveled up the song as good as you can and preferably «mastered» the song (level every section up to 100%), you can play the full song and 100,000 shouldn't be too hard.

  • Complete a bass event


    To be able to play an event you will have to reach a set amount of points on all the songs of the setlist for an event. For the first event you should only need to qualify for two songs and the scores required this early in the game are really low, so it shouldn't be a problem. When you have qualified for all songs in the setlist, you can perform them in an event. Your setlist will be followed by one or two encores. When you have completed the encore(s) the trophy will pop.

  • Complete all Bass Technique Challenges to Bronze


    See Ace of Bass.

  • Complete all Bass Technique Challenges to Gold


    There are 15 technique challenges in this DLC, they are very similar to the ones in the main game, most challenges are teaching you the exact same as in the main game, but there are few bass exclusive challenges as well, such as «Two Finger Plucking» and «Slap & Pop». The challenges are not particularly hard, if you have finished the ones in the main game, these should be done pretty quick, for me the biggest pain was the insane loading times.

    Points required for gold:

    Bass Basics: 36,000
    Two Finger Plucking: 44,000
    Syncopation: 34,000
    Octaves & Fifths: 36,000
    Slap & Pop: 59,000
    Shifting: 61,000
    Sustains: 48,000
    Hammer-ons & Pull-offs: 66,000
    Slides: 100,000
    Bends: 100,000
    Harmonics: 100,000
    Palm Mutes: 33,000
    Tremolos: 52,000
    Double Stops: 22,000
    Power Chords: 25,000

    Most of these scores will be unobtainable on your first run, so don't care about the score the first time. After you have played through a challenge once, the sections will level up and you will be able to gain a higher score on your next attempt. Don't worry if you still can't reach the score on your second attempt, eventually when you have fully leveled up the challenge, you can reach the score required for gold before you are halfway through. If you are having trouble understanding the technique, the game has great in-game guides for each technique once you start up the challenge.

    NOTE: For some challenges, if you are patient and level the challenge up, you don't even need to "complete the challenge", you can just play the notes regularly.

  • Collect all basses


    This trophy will come naturally towards Rumblesmith.

    There are 10 bass guitars to collect. Each time you finish an event you will get a new bass. If you want to earn this trophy as fast as possible you can customize the setlist down to three, sometimes two, songs of your choice (from main menu: Continue Journey > Event manager > Your event > Click any song > remove/replace/add) I suggest you pick songs you have already mastered (leveled up every section and scored 100,000 points) with a high score, you might not need to qualify and you can go straight on the event. If you playthrough 10 events with the same songs you should have this trophy in 40-50 songs, depending on how many encores you have played.

    The trophy will pop when the last bass guitar pops up on the screen after you have successfully completed your 10th event.

  • Earn a bass pedal, amp, or cabinet


    See Bass Head.

  • Collect all bass gear


    Scoring 70,000 on an arrangement will give you the gear used in that song. This is the only way to unlock bass gear. To be able to score 70,000 on a song you will most likely have to level the song up. The fastest way to level up a song is to go from the main menu: Songs > Your song > Riff repeater > Leveler and master the sections as good as you can. To be able to score 70,000 you will need to master about 70-80% of the song, you won't need to fully master every section.

    There are 15 pieces of bass gear, no guitar gear is required. If you press in-game from the journey screen, you will open the amp, from here you can see what you are missing, open a tone slot and browse through every gear in the game. All bass gear has blue background.

    Pedals: (3)

    Bass Fuzz (Distortion pedal)
    MBComp (Dynamics pedal)
    Bass Wah (Filter pedal)

    Amps: (6)

    Boutique 500
    Boutique 800

    Cabinets: (6)

    1x15 Modern
    1x15 Vintage
    2x10 HF
    4x10 HF
    8x10 Vintage
    Hi-Fi Dl

    Here is a list of some songs and what gear they unlock. This list is not complete, so there are other songs you can play to unlock the same gear. Some of the gear is more rare, and I only found them in one or two songs:

    Higher Ground/Boys Don't Cry - NPN500 (amp), 2x10HF (cabinet)
    Plug in Baby - 8x10 Vintage (cabinet), Bass Wah (pedal), Bass Fuzz (pedal)
    Mean Bitch - TB300 (amp)
    Chimney - Boutique 500 (amp), 4x10 HF (cabinet)
    Angela - Bass Fuzz (pedal), Bontique 500 (amp), 8x10 Vintage (cabinet)
    Run Back to Your Side - Boutique 500 (amp), Hi-Fi Dl (cabinet)
    Panic Switch/Slither/Number Thirteen/Do you remember/In Bloom/Use Somebody/Unnatural Selection/Between the lines - TB300 (amp), 8x10 Vintage (cabinet)
    Are You Gonna Go My Way/We Share The Same Skies - MBComp (pedal), TB300 (amp), 8x10 Vintage (cabinet)
    Burnished/Well OK Honey/The Spider and the Fly - TB66 (amp), 1x15 Vintage (cabinet)
    Me and the Bean - 1x15 Modern (cabinet)
    I Miss you - Boutique 800 (amp), 4x10 HF (cabinet)
    I Can't Hear You/I Can't get no Satisfaction/Gobbledigook- MBComp (pedal), TB66 (amp), 1x15 Vintage (cabinet)
    Step Out of the Car/Six AM Salvation/High and Dry - MBComp (pedal), Pre-Stortion (amp), Hi-Fi Dl (cabinet)
    Vasoline – TB300 (amp), 4x10 HF (cabinet)
    Where is my mind? - Pre-Stortion (amp), Hi-Fi Dl (cabinet)
    Song 2/Breed – Bass fuzz (pedal), TB300 (amp), 8x10 Vintage (cabinet)

    A number of the gear pieces can be unlocked via multiple songs. For example, if you can finish all of the songs below with 70,000 points or more, the trophy will be yours upon completion of the 8th song.

    Boys Don't Cry
    Plug in Baby
    High and Dry
    The Spider and the Fly
    Me and the Bean
    I Miss you
    Song 2

  • Reach rank 11 on Bass


    This will probably be your last trophy, the ranks are the same as in the main game. You will need a total of 20,000,000 RSP for rank 11. When you have finished all other trophies, you probably won't even be halfway to rank 11. This might seem like a really long trophy, but it won't take you much more than 5-7 hours if you are good.

    Just as in the main game, by far the fastest way to rank up is to play master events. To play a master event, you must unlock master mode for at least three songs. Then customize the setlist of an event, so that all arrangements in the setlist have master mode unlocked. The quickest way to unlock master mode for a song is to first level up all sections in a song (Songs > Your song > Riff repeater > Leveler) and then when you have mastered every section of a song, score 100,000 points.

    The more songs you can master the quicker you'll rank up. A great tip is to sync up a youtube video of the song and it'll be like playing normal mode. By doing this you technically don't need to «master» the song to be able to play it in master mode. If you can master 7-8 songs, you will get between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 points for every event of 8-10 songs. It will take you some hours, but it's very doable.

    These are some easy/short songs you might want to try to master:

    - Angela
    - I Miss you
    - Use somebody
    - Breed
    - Where is my Mind?
    - Go with the Flow
    - High and Dry
    - Vasoline
    - Chimney
    - Song 2 (Very short and easy, but Eb tuning)
    - Space Ostrich (Very short, but a little harder than the others)

    None of these are really hard to master, not even if you are new to guitar/bass.

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