The servers have closed, thus the Platinum is now unobtainable if you didn't get the online trophies before that happened.


-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 8/10 This varies for everyone though depending what instrument you use and your skill with it.
-Offline: 49 Some are much easier done online though
-Online: 2
-Missable trophies: None
-Do cheats block trophies?: Yes
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 50-150 hours. If you've played other music genre games like Guitar Hero and can play expert this will come to not much more of a challenge. If you've never touched a music genre game then it may take well over 100 hours of practice just to be able to play expert. Then to be able to play expert on all instruments even if its on their easiest song will take a long time. If your going to pick this game up strictly for trophies i would stay away unless your prepared for it.

If this is your first time playing a music genre game then PLAY THE TUTORIALS. The tutorials give you the basics of the game and tell you what you'll need to get started and can be very helpful to a new player. You can find tutorials for all instruments under TRAINING then TUTORIALS. This game takes practice. You will need to be able to play and beat every song on expert for a certain instrument and there are some pretty hard songs so this may take you awhile. For tricky parts of a song you can go to practice mode where it lets you go to a specific part in the song instead of playing over and over to get to one part. To get there go to TRAINING then PRACTICE.

Here's a few of my personal tips.

Guitar: Hammer ons can be your best friend or your worst enemy. They can save you so that your hand can take a break for a second and it can really help with tricky note sequences. It can be your worst enemy though because sometimes you'll go for the hammer on and you'll miss the note. You dont have to be spot on with hammer ons but you need to be very close. On very fast sections strum up and down instead of just down as it is much easier to strum faster this way. If you feel your close to a gold star and its near the end of a song start to whammy. Whammying gives you more points though not much you never know it could be just enough to put you over the edge and get that gold star rating.

Bass: For the bass the songs generally have the same sequence over and over or something close to it. Its the same as the guitar in the fact that whammying gives you more points and there are hammer ons though not many for bass. There is a lot more chords as a bassist (the double and triple notes) so you might have to practice the song a couple times to get your double and triple note hitting skills good enough. Generally bass is easier than guitar but on some songs like Visions it has the same exact notes as the guitar. Or sometimes they are even harder than guitar for example Ace of Spades' bass notes to me seem like a very random pattern and hard to pick up. I find most songs on the bass much easier than guitar though.

Drums: The footpedal notes (long orange ones) are normally the same pattern or close to it throughout the song. If you get stuck on a song take baby steps with it. First learn the footpedal and its pattern. Then after you've got that part down start to hit the red, blue, yellow and green notes. You can buy a second footpedal for the really fast footpedal songs (mostly the metal songs at the end). I personally do not own one but numerous people told me once they got used to using a double footpedal it made it so much easier.

Vocals: Though saying the words to the song makes it fun its not necessary, I repeat SAYING THE WORDS IS NOT NECESSARY. Though it makes it more fun at parties and around friends for songs like So What'cha Want it makes it much harder. You can simply hum the tune of the singers voice and it will work.

Overdrive and you.
Overdrive is a very valuable asset you will notice while progressing through the career. Some songs cannot be gold starred without using your overdrive in the right place. You get overdrive by hitting the white notes in a song. You must hit ALL of the white notes to get overdrive. When your playing as guitar or bass and the overdrive is placed on a long note whammy like you've never whammyed before because you get overdrive everytime you whammy that note. Guitar and bass can use overdrive whenever they want by tilting the guitar controller up into the air or by pushing the select button located next to the strum bar. The drums and vocals on the other hand can only use it at certain points. Once you get overdrive with the drums you will see a drum fill section where you can play whatever you want and then you must hit the green drum at the end to deploy overdrive. The drum fill looks like long streams of (going from left to right) red, yellow, blue and green that take up the whole note chart. For vocals you get overdrive by playing the overdrive section of the chart right and you must either hum or hit the microphone with your hand when your note chart goes gold to deploy overdrive. Many trophies require you or just help to have overdrive.
[PST would like to thank legndorock for this Road Map]

Rock Band 2 Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 10  38  6  )

  • Gold Starred a song

    You will get this while going for the Flawless Groove, Flawless Fretwork, Flawless Drumming, and Flawless Singing trophies. Gold starring a song is the best rating you can earn on a song and it feels great when you get one on a hard song.
  • Scored 100% notes hit as a guitarist on Expert

    Ok for this trophy you need to get 100% on a song as a guitarist on expert. My suggestion for this trophy is to do the song Charlene (I'm right behind you). This song is easy and very short. This song is not on the main game you will need to download it from the Music Store but the best part is its free. Here's a video of the song.
    Thanks Sora2500 for the video.
    Remember, practice makes perfect.
  • Scored 100% notes hit as a drummer on Expert

    Alright, for this one you have to get 100% of the notes hit in a song as a drummer. Like I said in my tips, learn the footpedals first, then start to hit the other notes it makes it much easier. Most songs have the same pattern so if you get the pattern down you'll be good to go. Here are some easy drum songs you should be able to get 100% on.
    If you're footpedal challenged or just can't seem to get this and you don't mind paying $2.00 for it, then Polly by Nirvana is easily the easiest drum song in the game. It has about 4 notes in the entire song and no footpedals. If you really can't get this trophy then here you go, they basically give it to you. Here's a video of how easy it is.
    Thanks xdsella for the video.
    Practice, practice, practice and more practice and you'll get this trophy.
  • Scored a 100% rating as a vocalist on Expert

    Like the others you'll need to get 100% notes hit but this time as a vocalist. There are some easy talk songs that do not require you to hit a pitch just to simply hum when there is a word. Here are two very easy vocal songs you can get it on.
    One of them is Visions by Abnormality, and i know for most of the world this song sounds terrible and i think so as well but hey it gives you a trophy. Though this song is extremely hard on every other instrument this I think is the easiest vocal song and the song I got this trophy on. Here's a video.
    Thanks The Trophy Achievers for making this video.

    Another easy talk song is So What'cha by The Beastie Boys. I found it harder than Visions but still a very easy song you can get this trophy with. You can hold your microphone up to the video as this song is playing and it will hit the notes for you as long as you've timed it right. I wouldn't suggest doing this for every vocal song though as it doesn't work for all songs. Thanks Woody for this tip. Here's the video.
    Thanks QuincySchumann for the video.
    This is also a perfect example of how you don't need to say the words, in this video you can tell he doesn't know all the words but it doesn't matter.
  • Scored 100% notes hit as a bassist, up-strums only, on Expert

    You'll need to get 100% notes hit as a bassist, but you must upstrum only. That means on the strum bar strum towards you not away from you. The easiest song to do this on by far is So What'cha Want by The Beastie Boys. The whole song for bass is green notes. Alternatively if you play righty you can turn on lefty flip and you will be allowed to downstrum or if you play lefty just turn left flip off and you can downstrum, Thanks jamkor for that tip. Here's a video.
    Thanks YodaJediMasta for the video.
  • 100% on a guitar solo on Expert, using only the solo buttons

    While playing as the guitarist you will notice on most songs you play a solo. The solo turns the note background blue and you get a percentage of how many notes you hit in the solo. You need to play on expert and get a solo 100% while using the solo buttons which are the small buttons on the bottom of the neck of the guitar and close to the strum bar. When using these buttons during a solo you don't have to strum no matter what. It doesn't matter if its a hammer on or regular note during a solo while using these buttons you don't have to strum. For this trophy you must use the buttons and you cannot strum. The easiest solo to do it on is Give it Away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here's a video.
    Credit to FLG-3teRn4l-HaZe for the video.

    Another general tip for this trophy is to try to get your fingers set on the solo buttons before the solo actually starts. It's alright if you miss some notes before the solo, just hit all of them in the solo.
  • Maintained deployed Overdrive for 90 seconds.

    For this trophy, get 3 people to play with you (its possible with two but much easier with 3). Get a guitarist, bassist and drummer. You can do this on virtually any song if you use overdrive right but when I help people get this trophy I play the song Today by The Smashing Pumpkins with them. Here's the strategy, wait for the drummer to get full overdrive then have him use it. Right before he's about to run out of overdrive, have either the Guitarist/Bassist use it (talk to each other and see who is going to use it first). Now when that person is just about to run out of overdrive, have the other person (the only guy who didn't use it yet) use his. When he is running low the drummer by now should have full overdrive or close. He should then use his. You see the cycle here? Remember guitarists and bassists, whammy on long overdrive notes. You can get this trophy on any difficulty level so go on easy or medium to be on the safe side because if you miss one overdrive you mine as well restart the song. Here's how to do this with just 2 people:
    If you don't mind paying $2.00 at the Music Store, then you can use the song "The Kill".
  • Earned more than 1,000,000 points in a single song

    You don't need a 4 person band in this song but it is MUCH easier with 4 people. If you have people that are good playing with you you can get this on many different songs. The easiest is So What'cha Want by The Beastie Boys as its one of the easiest songs in the game and you can get well near 1.5 million points. Remember to use your bands overdrive at the same time so that you get a x8 multiplier instead of a x6 or x4 multiplier. This trophy takes some teamwork. Guitarist and bassist shouldn't use their overdrive until the drummer does and the vocalist should use it when everyone else has it deployed. Here's a video of the song and it also demonstrates how to use your overdrive correctly (thanks to rykuzeath).
  • Defeated a player in either Score Duel or Tug of War

    This can be done by yourself if you have 2 guitars or can be done online against an opponent. If you want to do it by yourself just go into QUICKPLAY then TUG OF WAR or SCORE DUEL then LOCAL MULTIPLAYER. Play as one of the guitars and finish the song and you'll get the trophy. If you are going to do it online you'll need to beat an opponent who will actually be playing and most likely trying to beat you. You can use any instrument to do this so pick your best one. When in this you take turns picking songs to play each other with so pick your best song and your best instrument. If you still can't manage to beat someone this trophy can be easily boosted.
  • Defeated the last player that defeated you in either Score Duel or Tug of War


    Go into QUICKPLAY then TUG OF WAR or SCORE DUEL and the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER. Yes this one MUST to be done online. When you get an opponent lose to him and don't even hit a note. Sometimes people will understand why you did that and let you win the next time. Sometimes they wont you could just send him a quick message telling him your going for this trophy, or you could easily just boost with someone from this site.
  • Was a savior 3 times during a single song

    You can use 3 people for this trophy or you can do it by yourself. When doing it with 3 people have one guy fail out when you have your overdrive half full. Then when you get your overdrive half full again have that same guy fail out again and save him again. Once you get your overdrive half full for the third time have the other player in your band (the one who hasn't failed) to fail and save him and you got it. Alternatively you can do it by yourself if put in drums and vocals on easy and you play hard guitar and play the song Hello There by Cheap Trick. Just play your guitar and get the overdrive and the drums and vocals should start failing. Just keep saving them and you will beat the song and get the trophy without even touching the drums and vocals. Make sure you get all the overdrive while your playing your guitar though if you miss an overdrive just restart.
  • Deployed Vocal Overdrive 4 times in a single song

    Pick vocals and play a song and use your overdrive 4 times in that one song. You DO NOT have to do it on expert you can do it on easy if you want. There are a couple easy songs you can do it on. I got mine on the song Visions while going for the Flawless Singing trophy. Here's a video of someone getting it on Nine in the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco. He's playing on expert but you dont have to.
    Thanks StacksPS3 for making the video.
  • Achieved an 8x Band Multiplier

    You need 4 band members for this trophy. You can achieve this on any song and you can easily achieve this when going for the Million Point Club trophy. Have the drummer deploy his overdrive first with the vocals, guitarist and bassist soon after. Its easiest when the drummer deploys his overdrive first because he is the most restricted on when he can use it.
  • Bought over $100,000 worth of items from the Rock Shop

    You earn money at the end of every setlist you do and depending on how many stars you earned and what difficulty you were on it will affect the amount of money you earn. Buying instruments DO NOT COUNT I repeat BUYING INSTRUMENTS FROM THE ROCK SHOP DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS THE MONEY TOTAL. Hairstyles and clothes are the only things that count towards the $100,000. When your playing in your career you will be asked randomly but often if you would like to go double or nothing or quadruple or nothing. They will ask you thinks like "get 5 stars on every song in this set and you will be payed double the cash but if you don't you get nothing". You get those a lot and just accept them and you'll get there don't worry. By the time your done some of the other trophies you will EASILY have enough.
  • Made a band logo

    When your at the screen in your career that say thing like ROCK SHOP, BATTLE OF THE BANDS, CONTINUE TOUR things like that you will see under ROCK SHOP there is BAND PROFILE go into it click on SUMMARY and then click on LOGO. Design your own band logo and make it whatever you want. Take 2 seconds on it ,or make it a masterpiece it doesn't matter. After you've made it your band logo you'll get the trophy.
  • Competed in a Battle of the Bands event


    Battle of the Bands are no longer issued so this trophy is no longer achievable. 

    Go to the screen where you see ROCK SHOP, CONTINUE TOUR, and BATTLE OF THE BANDS. Go there and click on BATTLE OF THE BANDS, then click on one of the battles you can do. You can go over to summary when your in the Battle screen to see the requirements for the competition. Some are solo only some you need a certain instrument and some you need certain DLC for the game. Compete in the battle by just starting it up and finishing the battle. Soon after your done the battle you'll get the trophy.
  • Hired a staff member

    While you are progressing through your tour career you will unlock staff members that you can hire. You can hire anything from an accountant to a tattoo artist and they come with special bonuses when you hire them. Some get you into venues easier, some earn you more money and some make random events like double or nothings appear more. You start out with your mom as your staff member but she doesn't count so you will have to beat songs in your tour mode to unlock new staff members. The first two you unlock are the unpaid intern and the street team. You can hire them by pressing the yellow note and the buy pushing the green note over the one you want to hire.
  • Made a music video in World Tour

    This is one of those random events you are offered. You will definitely get this by the time you beat the game. I always seemed to get it in Chicago the first time iIplay White Wedding (Part 1) by Billy Idol. Don't worry about this one though it will come eventually.
  • Won a Van in World Tour

    During your tour career you will eventually get enough fans and stars that you can play for vehicles that will allow you to travel around the world. The first vehicle you can unlock is the van. You will play this set in New Yorks Ramp Arts. You will play two random songs and end with the song Today by Smashing Pumpkins. Just beat the setlist and you unlock the van, the trophy and the ability to travel to new locations.
  • Won a Bus in World Tour

    This is the second vehicle you win in your tour career. Just keep earning enough stars and fans and you eventually be able to play the "Bus or Bust! Competition" located in Bostons Establishment. Just finish the setlist and you unlock the trophy, the bus and the ability to travel even more around the country.
  • Won a Jet in World Tour

    This is the third and final vehicle you unlock in your tour career. Like the others just keep earning stars and fans and you will be able to paly a setlist to unlock the jet. After you unlock the jet you will be able to travel to places outside of the USA and you will unlock this trophy.
  • Gained the ability to play around the world

    You need to be able to play in every venue in the world. The venues are the specific spots in each city not the city itself. You do not need to play a song in every venue just be able to play in it. When you unlock the staff members East Coast, West Coast, Western Europe and Eastern Europe promoters you will have access to the venues in those regions.
  • Played a set on the West Coast of North America

    During your career you will play at various places throughout the world and to unlock these trophies you will just need to play at least one set in each of these places. For this specific trophy you just need to play in Seattle, Los Angeles or San Francisco.
  • Played a set in the United Kingdom

    Same as West Coast Performer except play in London.
  • Played a set in Middle America

    Same as West Coast Performer but you have to play in Chicago or Austin.
  • Played a set in Western Europe

    Same as West Coast Performer but you play in Madrid, Rome or Paris.
  • Played a set on the East Coast of North America

    Same as West Coast Performer except you play in either Boston, Montreal or New York.
  • Played a set in Eastern Europe

    Same as West Coast Performer but play in Berlin, Dublin or Stockholm.
  • Played in every venue in the world

    Remember that Worldwide Sensation trophy? Now you have to play a setlist in every venue in the world. This means you need to play in all 56 venues at least once. You don't need to play all the setlists in the venue just one will do. Once you do this the trophy is yours.
  • Reached 1,000,000 fans in World Tour

    In your tour you will earn fans after every setlist and the difficulty you did the setlist on will determine how many fans you get. Once you get too many fans the game will force you to play on a higer difficulty to get fans. Your going to need to learn how to play expert on an instrument to get this. By the time you beat the game you will get this trophy if you changed difficulty when the game prompted you to do so.
  • Beat an instrument-specific challenge while playing another instrument

    This can be done on any difficulty on any challenge tier. Go to the challenge screen and go to LOCAL STARTUPS as they have the easiest challenges but it can be done on any challenge tier. You'll notice there is "Fender Warmups", "Drum Warmups" and "Vocal Warmups". You'll need 2 people for this trophy. Just go into one of those three (or any higher version of the challenge) and have the instrument you need and another instrument that you don't need. For example for the "Drum Warmups" challenge you need to have at least a drummer in your band playing with you. But if your friend is the drummer and you join the challenge with him as the guitar, bass or vocals and you win the challenge you'll get the trophy.
  • Completed either 25 Challenges on Medium, 10 Challenges on Hard, or 5 Challenges on Expert

    Just do exactly what it says. Go to the challenge screen and pick some challenges to do. You can do this solo or with some friends but be warned if your on expert and your friends on medium for example it will count the challenge beaten on medium difficulty. To see how many of the challenges you have completed look on the top of each challenge and you will see letters. The E is for easy the M for medium the H for hard and the X for expert.
  • Completed either 25 Challenges on Hard, or 10 Challenges on Expert

    This is the same as Challenge Novice except beat 25 challenges on hard or 10 challenges on expert.
  • Completed 25 Challenges on Expert

    Same as Challenge Novice except beat 25 challenges on expert. This is easiest done on the lowest tiers of the challenge screen so beat your way from the bottom of the challenge screen to the top until you get the trophy.
  • Unlock an Impossible Challenge

    Make your way from the bottom of the challenge tier to the top. Just keep playing until you unlock and impossible challenge. You dont have to unlock it on expert you can unlock it on any difficulty you want to.
  • Beat the Impossible Band Challenge

    Same as Groove Assassin but beat the band challenges starting with "Band Warmups" and working your way up to the impossible band challenge. When you beat it you unlock the trophy and gold instruments.
  • Beat the Impossible Guitar Challenge

    Same as Groove Assassin but instead of doing Bass Apprentice do Guitar Apprentice and work your way up. When you beat the challenge you get the ultimate Rock Outfit and the trophy.
  • Beat the Impossible Drum Challenge

    Same as Groove Assassin but start off with "Drum Warmups" and work your way up. After beating this you will unlock the Goth Ultimate Outfit and the trophy.
  • Beat the Impossible Vocal Challenge

    Same as Groove Assassin but start off with "Vocal Warmups" and work your way up to the impossible vocal challenge. After you beat it you get your beloved trophy and the Metal Ultimate Outfit.
  • Beat the Impossible Bass Challenge

    This setlist has all the hardest bass songs in the game in one setlist. It sounds pretty tough but the catch is it doesn't have to be done on expert. Do it on easy if you'd like. That goes for all the Impossible challenges. First you have to play the "Fender Warmup" challenge. Then after thats beaten you will unlock two new challenges the Bass and Guitar Apprentice. Beat the Bass Apprentice and you will unlock the next tier of bass challenges. Beat that to unlock the next one etc. etc. You will eventually unlock the Impossible Bass challenge beat it on whatever difficulty you want and you will get the trophy and Punk Ultimate Outfit for your character.
  • Beat any Impossible Challenge on Expert

    Go to the challenge screen and go to the highest tier that says The Impossible Challenge. Beat any challenge inside of there on expert difficulty and you get the trophy. Use your best instrument and you can have a friend join you and help you out with saviors if you need it but he has to be playing on expert as well.
  • Completed all beats at 60BPM or higher, or half of the beats at 140BPM or higher

    Go into TRAINING then DRUM TRAINER and you will see BEAT TRAINER go into it. You should be able to get this pretty easily even if you aren't good at the drums getting all the beats at 60 BPM or higher isn't hard at all. You need to get 100% on the beat for it to be counted as completed. The Beat Goes On is the one you should worry about.
  • Completed all beats at 100BPM or higher, or half of the beats at 180BPM or higher

    If your not good at the drums this will be a tough one. Go to DRUM TRAINER just like the Beat It! trophy but now you have to do everything faster. I found it much easier to do half at 180BPM rather than all at 100BPM. If your really struggling on this one you should get a friend to come over and do the footpedals while you focus on the notes or vice-versa. You need to get 100% on the beat to have it count as completed. You know its completed when on the bar on the side the drum for 180BPM is highlighted green. If you get this trophy you get Beat It! as well, they are stackable.
  • Completed all fills at 60BPM or higher, or half of the fills at 140BPM or higher

    Alright go in TRAINING then DRUM TRAINER then finally into FILL TRAINER. These in my opinion are much easier than the beats. You do not need to do the beats beforehand just the drum fill section. Same as before you need to get 100% on these for them to count as completed.
  • Completed all fills at 100BPM or higher, or half of the fills at 180BPM or higher

    Same as before doing half at the higher speed is easier. If you beat The Beat Goes On you shouldnt have too much trouble with this one. Just beat half of them at 180BPM or all of them at 100BPM whichever tickles your fancy.

Secret trophies

  • Wow! You've gotten all the trophies in Rock Band 2


    Battle of the Bands are no longer issued so unless you achieved The San Dimas 4th Annual Award trophy_bronze.png already the platinum is unobtainable. 

    If you get this congrats its a tough platinum but very rewarding.
  • Completed the Endless Setlist 2 without pausing or failing

    Alright here's what I suggest you do. Wake up early on a weekend or day off, eat a nice breakfast, GO TO THE BATHROOM and get ready to play Rockband for 7 straight hours no pausing and no failing. PRESSING THE PS BUTTON COUNTS AS PAUSING SO DON'T DO IT! Also another note if your controller runs out of batteries it brings up the pause menu making you miss out on this trophy, so I suggest changing the batteries before playing. This does not have to be done on expert so you can do it on medium. ALL THE ENDLESS SETLIST TROPHIES ARE STACKABLE Meaning if you beat the endless setlist on expert without pausing or failing then you have 4 trophies right there. If you plan on doing this method then make sure you can play Visions if your a drummer, guitarist or bassist. This is arguably the hardest song in the game. If your a vocalist get ready for Tangled Up in Blue its a tough song. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.
  • Joined the Rolling Stone Rock Immortals list

    This will be the last story related trophy you get. The last event they tell you to do in your tour career. It has the 8 hardest songs in the game in one setlist and you need to beat it. You can beat it on any difficulty you want you just have to beat it. You'll find this event in Shanghai.
  • Finished the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Medium

    After you've beaten the Rock Immortal Setlist and you earn a few more stars you will be able to play the Endless Setlist 2. This setlist has all 84 songs that are on the disc (no DLC or Rockband 1 songs are in it). This setlist takes about 6-7 hours to complete, but don't worry you can pause it to take a break if you'd like. My suggestion is call some friends over and make it into a little party and have some fun times playing Rockband so you don't feel like its a total grind to get this done. You can play with band members but its less risky not too because if your playing with online band members and one of you lose connection it kicks you out of the setlist.
  • Finished the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Hard

    Same as Vinyl Artist but now you have to beat it on hard. Play your best instrument and make sure you can play every song on hard. Maybe practice your oranges a bit if your not too comfortable with them. You can fail a song and pause the only requirement is you beat the setlist on hard mode.
  • Finished the Endless Setlist 2 in World Tour on Expert

    Alright now this makes you have to master an instrument and be able to beat every song with that particular instrument. Definitely practice the hardest songs for the instrument your using. Drummers, Guitarists and Bassists PRACTICE VISIONS!!!! Make sure you can beat this song this is a hard song and can cause a lot of trouble and guess what its the third to last song so if you cant beat it you just wasted about 7 hours right there. Vocalists practice songs like Tangled Up In Blue and Psycho Killer as they have some pretty tricky vocal parts.

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