Nice man Trophy in Road Rage

  • Nice man


    Hit 1000 pedestrians

    How to unlock Nice man

    This is the most time consuming trophy of the game and will take you at least 3-4 hours. Hitting pedestrians with your bike won't count; you need to knock them down with a weapon. Most of the time when pressing or near a pedestrian, the game will slow down and hit them automatically so you don't really have to aim at them.

    The best place to attempt this trophy is at the airport:

    This is the fastest place to earn this trophy because generally when you hit pedestrians the cops will start chasing you. However, the cops won't come to the airport so you're free to hit all the pedestrians here without worrying about the cops. There are also a lot of pedestrians in this area and they respawn quickly, if not just drive around and they will.

    Some weapons like the baseball bat are faster than other weapons, so you might want to equip it to save more time.

    Here is an example in video.

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  • This is a horrible grindfest. The slo-mo makes it even worse. Anyone know if I can just run people over? Or do I have to hit them with my weapon? I ask because running them over gives nothing, but a weapon strike gets you money.
  • Only with Weapons!
  • @BJ69, thank you for clarification. Also, UGH.
  • This is done a lot faster with the crossbow or shotgun. You can unlock the crossbow by beating the assasination missions that become available after you beat each city. I dont know how to get the shotgun.

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