• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal Opinion) (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 16 (16 )
  • Online trophies: 4 (4 )
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 20-30 hours (Personal Opinion) (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 13 games
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


Risk is a game of global domination. Roll your dice and move your armies. Whoever gets the highest dice roll wins. The loser loses an army. Whoever gets the second dice roll wins and the loser loses and army. Draw a matched set of three Risk cards for additional armies. - Undergrads

RISK is a classic strategy board game with the goal of world domination. Deploy troops, conquer territories, and eliminate your foes en route to victory and global dominance.


Step 1: Play Now

In the first step you will be playing offline against Human controlled players. Play with friends or A.I if you like but for the purposes of achieving 100% faster, play against 4 Human players.

Start the game and at the main menu select "Play Now". At the next screen, select your options. You will want to play World Domination, Automatic allocation, contiguous reinforcement and Cease Fire cards off. Important: Cease Fire cards will end the game when drawn, this can benefit you as the player but can also end a winning streak so it is recommended it be turned off.

Optional: After specifying rules and human players start the game, if you are not last in the turn order, then quit and start another game and continue doing this until you are last in the player order. You will have to play numerous games to eliminate 50 players so this step isn't needed but you can do so if you wish.

Play the game as all 5 participants but ensure that player 1 is the one you allow to win. Providing you're not first in the player order, use the other players to attack one another while ignoring player 1 as this will thin out their forces and make taking territories on your turn easier. As player one, take a continent like Australia, Africa or South America on your first turn for Base of Operations.

Be mindful when attacking, if you lose a battle you won't be able to earn Pick your Battles (reach turn 5 without losing a battle as the attacker), make sure you're attacking with say 5 troops to a territory with 1. If you lose no troops you will earn Perfect! if you do some how lose all your attacking troops press and quit the game, from the main menu select play now and the game will prompt you to start a previously saved game, press and you will be brought back into the game at the beginning of your attacking turn (post deployment). End your turn and continue to have the other players attack each other mercilessly.

On your second turn, deploy your now 5 troops and take another continent (South America, Africa or Australia if you can) and end your turn.

On turn 3 try for the 3rd of the 3 aforementioned continents. After which point you should be deploying a minimum of 12 troops per turn. On turn 4 you will earn This We'll Defend (so long as you didn't attack yourself) check how many stars you have, if you have 5 or more trade them in, if not; wait until you have 5 or more to trade. Deploy your troops at this point in a position where you would be able to take 7 territories. Maybe Asia/Europe or North America. Just make sure you can see a clear path to take 7 or more in a row. Take a territory and end your turn.

Once you have 5+ stars (be it turn 5 or 6) trade your cards for By Strength and Guile. At the deployment phase you will deploy 20+ troops for Shock and Awe and will easily be able to now get Breakthrough and possibly end the game. Put all those troops on one territory and make a push to take as many territories as you can and you will earn Be The Best for attacking with 10+ troops, ideally taking another continent (NA or Europe most likely) but be sure to take at least 7 as a priority.

Do what you like after taking the 7 territories and end your turn. On your next turn you should be able to end the game if you haven't already, deploy your 31 or so troops and eliminate the rest of the players to win the game and earn Crushing Victory, What we Have we Hold, Stalking Horse (If you were last in the player order),and Rise Above The Rest.

Trophies earned in this step:
Crushing Victory
What We Have We Hold
Stalking Horse (If you were last in the player order)
Rise Above The Rest
Be The Best
Shock and Awe
By Strength and Guile
Base of Operations
This We'll Defend
Pick Your Battles

Step 2: Play 2 more games either against Human players or A.I and win

In this step just complete 2 more games and win, eliminating as many players as you can. After Completing the 2nd game (your third in total at this point) you will earn On A Roll. This is another good opportunity to earn Stalking Horse if you had not in the first step.

Step 3: Online

This is where you will run into some serious competition. If you were playing against Human players that you controlled so that you could earn the trophies easier, you will find playing against other people very difficult, mostly because they will now actively attack you and stop you from taking territories. You will need to focus on defending and attacking. If you have any trouble during this online portion, go back and play against the A.I to practice up a bit.

Each season consists of 6 completed games. You get points for finishing 1st or 2nd, as well as eliminating players. You can quit at any point of a game you're playing poorly in and it is very common in the online for people (and you) to rage quit. Picture attacking a territory with an army of 7 only to have them all wiped out by a lone troop.

Trophies earned during this step:
Band of Brothers
Officer's Club
Top Table
The People's Hero

Step 4: Clean up

During this step you will play games to eliminate enemy players, take territories with 1 troop in them and attack territories with double the amount of troops. If you haven't defeated 50 players by the time you get to this point a sure fire way to do so is to play against 4 human players again and have them attack each other while allowing yourself to eliminate them. It is much faster this way but not as fun.

When attacking be sure to attack with at least double the troops of the defender. If you have 5 in Peru attacking 2 in Brazil you will gain progress. However, attacking with 4 will not. You must always leave 1 troop behind so you are always attacking with 1 fewer than the number in the attacking territory.

Attacking territories with 1 troop in them will more than likely build progress towards both Mopping Up and Overwhelming Force. You should actually have these trophies before you get to this point through playing online but just in case you don't, you can get them in this step.

Trophies earned in this step:
Mopping Up
Overwhelming Force
No Mercy
Stalking Horse (if still not obtained)

[PST Would Like To Thank chenardizzle for this Roadmap]

Risk Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

20 trophies ( 20  )

  • Conquer 7 or more territories in one turn

    As the description says, conquer 7 territories in one turn. This is more easily accomplished later on in a game. Once you have continents controlled and 5+ stars to trade in you should be getting 15+ units to place. An easy way to do this is find an area where there are many territories closely group with 1-2 units in them. Plow through 7 of these to earn the trophy.

    You can add human players to your games instead of A.I and make them thin themselves out by attacking each other exclusively while using your main (player 1) to mop it all up. Once you win this game you will earn Rise Above the Rest, this will also help toward Mopping Up.

  • Deploy 20 troops in one turn

    There are many ways to determine how many troops you will deploy in a turn. Which are covered in the Road Map. At bare minimum you deploy 3. The more territories you control the more troops you get. Controlling continents also contributes 2 - 7 per continent controlled and each continent stacks with the others. Turning in cards with 8+ stars will also net you enough troops to earn this trophy. You should earn this in the first game you win through world domination.

    If you haven't received this by the end of a game, dwindle your last opponent down to 1 territory and fortify. On your next turn you should get 35 to deploy just from territories + continents.

  • Eliminate 50 players

    You need to be the player to eliminate the other players last territory and you must accomplish this 50 times. You can get up to 4 eliminations per game so you need to play bare minimum 13 games to accomplish this. You likely won't be able to do this that quickly so keep playing and eliminate as many players as you can in each game.

    To speed this up you can play against 4 other human players using one controller and have the 4 other players attack each other, whilst you pick up the pieces. This will also help towards Mopping Up.

  • Win a game in 10 turns or less

    This was one of the first trophies I earned. As mentioned in the Road Map, Cease Fire cards, if drawn, end the game, at which point the player with the most territories is declared the winner. If you wish to not take chances, turn off the Cease Fire option and play a game with 4 human players. Have them attack each other and use this to build yourself up on your turn by taking as many territories as you can. Leave 1 troop in each territory you own (you wont be attacking yourself) and you should be able to conquer the world in 10 or less turns.

  • Get promoted to the Major's League


    See The People's Hero.

  • Get promoted to the Colonel's League


    See The People's Hero.

  • Get promoted to the General's League


    See The People's Hero.

  • Win the General's League


    There is an online component to RISK that pits you against other human rivals. You gain points to advance through the leagues by completing games, complete enough games and earn enough points to win the General's League. See here if you wish to boost the online trophies: LINK

  • Win 3 games in a row

    This can easily be done by using human players instead of A.I but if you would rather earn the trophy in a more legit fashion just play 3 games against 2 A.I. Winning against balanced A.I is tricky. Defensive A.I will fortify all the time and only take territories until they can build a massive army. Aggressive A.I will just keep attacking all the time.

    Either way, winning three shouldn't be too difficult. Keep in mind that at any time playing against local human or A.I you can quit the game and reload it. Press Options, select quit. From main menu select play and press to continue. This will start the game back from just after the deployment phase.

    This is especially handy in situations where you place 15 or so troops on SE Asia to march into Australia and take the continent but 1 pesky troop on Indonesia rolls 9 6's and decimates your army. Adversely, an army of 4 attacks your army of 9 in Russia from Ural and wins.

  • Win a game having lost only 3 or fewer territories

    If you play with the 4 human player method you should earn this easily. If you do this a legit way, best of luck to you.

  • Control a continent by the end of your 1st turn

    This one may take a few tries and will depend on your territory assignments and turn placement. If you are lucky enough to have 2 or more territories in either South America or Australia you can get this easily, if the A.I doesn't fortify the other territories heavily to stop you.

    You can also accomplish this with 2 Human players if you are 2nd or 3rd in the turn order. Have one player attack the other just to soften the forces in the territories you need. At the end of the turn have them fortify any extra troops outside these territories. On your turn stack up on an adjacent territory and plow on through, the trophy will pop when you take all territories on a continent.

  • Attack 100 territories with at least twice as many troops as the defender has

    Straight forward trophy description and can be easily accomplished on the way to Mopping Up. Attack a 1 territory with 2 troops or more and keep doing it and you'll earn this very quickly.

  • Reach turn 4 without losing a territory

    Play with 2 or more human players and just have them attack each other and ignore you.

  • Spend 5 stars in a single purchase of troops

    At the end of each turn you will earn a territory card that has either 1 or 2 stars. Save up until you have 5 stars and cash them in at the beginning of your next turn.

  • Win a game in which you were last in the player order

    This is a random occurrence. You have better odds in a 3 player game, use the method mentioned in the On a Roll walkthrough if you get into trouble.

  • Complete a game with at least 2 local human players

    I have made mention of this throughout the Guide and is easily obtained in 10 minutes.

  • Conquer a territory taking no casualties

    This will happen over time. Simply attack territories until you win without losing a troop. A sure fire way is to attack from a 2 to a 1. If you win you get the trophy.

  • Attack with 10 or more troops

    Late in the game you will earn loads of troops per turn, if you wait until you can trade in 5 Stars in cards you will get 10 units to deploy. Just attack with those 10 and the trophy is yours.

  • Reach turn 5 without losing a battle as the attacker

    Another random one that is easier against human players.Thin out their forces by pitting them against each other. Pick your battles wisely, attacking from a 2 to a 1 could result in a defeat and there goes your trophy. Just stack up a bunch on one territory and take 1 territory per turn and you will be fine.

  • Conquer 100 territories with one defender in

    This will come naturally in pursuit of the other trophies. There are 42 territories on the map and in each game (so long as you win by world domination) you can potentially take 34. You will need to play about 13 games anyway just to eliminate 50 players so you should get this well before then.

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