Ironman Trophy in Risk: Factions

  • Ironman


    Defend a minimum of 5 attackers with 1 defender.

    How to unlock Ironman

    While this trophy is technically based on luck, it can be boosted locally with multiple controllers and there are strategies to make this easy on yourself. First off, remember that Player 1 must be the one to hold off the five attackers. Start a multiplayer game and have Player 2 build up an army of at least 6 people on a border where Player 1 has multiple 1 man territories. When Player 2 attacks, select to attack with just one dice at a time. In a one on one fight, a defender has the statistical edge since he wins ties and this strategy will save you quite a bit of time. Keep attacking with just one person at a time until one of Player 1's defender manages to pull off this feat.

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