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  • Peak of Success


    Complete the Final Volume of the Career

    It's exactly 6th Special Volume of the Career, there's a right at the end of each of the six career stages. See Screenshots. To unlock the last band of your career above step 6, you must complete all 6 special volume.

    Since new career levels are only achieved through the stars that are activated for podium places, other volumes have to be completed completely for the activation of the special volumes. You need stars and the number must be the number of volumes to complete. You have to bring all the stars to complete a tape and win all the races. I can recommend you to pick out volumes that make as few or no "Time Attack" and "Drag Races" as possible because these races are very difficult. The normal races are quite easy to win, there should be no problem. Although the "Time Attack" rules are pretty tough, as you often need to try until you can do it. There are often routes with many curves in the time races.

    On Difficulty/Race Preset you can change. I can recommend you take that "Very Easy 20%" because it's very easy and you'll always win. You will find the "Race Option" in the game and select the race preset on "Learner". See Screenshots:

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  • This description makes no sense. On the final volume you have to complete ALL races, time attacks etc on the special volumes to unlock it and cannot pick and choose which races to do. Whoever checked the editing and grammar on this description needs to look again. Poor description, nice pictures.
  • I agree with @steved79. You need to beat all those Special Events in order to unlock the Grand Final Event. I have my guide in the platinum icon of this guide, Check the comments. Cheers fellas!
  • Same here' idk what in the world hes talkin about... But 2make it real simple 4everybody, a volume is just 1 of those little pictures (& all the challenges in it),,,,thts it...So each 1 of those little pics is A volume..
  • (& all the challenges in it)=sorry
  • ,,,,,,,,,,(And all the challenges in it)= sorry' wow.... I dont see where youcan edit/delete comments

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