Online Maestro Trophy

  • Online Maestro


    Complete 20 online races

    To unlock this trophy, you must play at least 20x online races. For this trophies you don't have to win. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. But they have to be complete races. If, the entry into an already running race as a spectator or the disconnection, they do not count as races completed.

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  • i need help add mee PSN ID : MaceMP4-2Iron
  • Wanting to help :) still need it as well :) PSN; XilixiR Country; Belgium time
  • Add me K1NGR3X75 for online trophies
  • I am currently attempting the online trophies for Ride 3. If anyone wants to boost with me, add me. My psn is musty-beholder8.
  • I have completed exactly 20 online races and I didn’t cross the finish in 3 of the races I completed, however, I still unlocked this trophy. Not sure if this is just me...guess I’m lucky if it’s just me :|
  • Add Arthur_Dona for online trophies

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