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  • I've just finished the game around 48 hours and platinum it. I don't know why the creator of this guide gave a 7. I would agree with other people, I truly think this game is only 3/10 at best. It would take you around 90 hrs more if you complete the DLCs as well. A reminder when struggling to beat the AI in drag racers, you don't have to beat those drag racers. You can actually skip them. The game is actually pretty straight forward. All you have to do is collect enough stars by beating events. When you have enough stars you will unlock a Special Event and those special events you need to beat all of them, I believe there is 5 or 6 in total to unlock the Grand Final event. In order to beat them you need the following set up, note that you cannot upgrade any of the bikes in the special e
  • in the special event time attack nor change the bike, you have to beat the event with the bike you have. Go to Bike Set Up Edit Set up Suspension - Front (-) all the way down; Rear (+) all the way up Gears Final Ratio One Bar Up+ Example: 1st gear speed would go to 151km/p -> 148 km/p Control Calibration Brake Register ---> Aggressive Fast Throttle Gas Calibration ---> Fast
  • Race Option Race Preset: Ai difficulty: Very Easy 20% Difficulty Balancing: Off Off Track Aid: Off Physics Simulation Level: Norma; Auto Brakes: Off Join Brakes: Off ABS: Off Anti-Wheelie: Low or off Tuck in: Manual Ideal Trajectory: On, up to you Gearbox: Semi-Automatic, up to you Rewind: On, because you need to abuse this in perfecting the corners in Time Attack.
  • Traction Control System (TCS): Low or off, preferably low. To lower the TCS press the d-pad down or up to increase it. Play around this. These are the set ups I ran in beating those time attacks in Special Event, by this point you should master the tracks by now, If not. Please do that now. It isn't really that hard, maybe Macau will give you problems although for me it took me 1 tried, and 2 laps because the longer you play all those events in the game. It becomes really repetitive, you master the tracks as you go along. Anyway I hope this helps you.
  • Sorry if its a lot, the website didn't let me submit a long text all together so it cuts off. If you have any questions, send me a message on PS4 PSN: ParkSna1995 CHEERS!????

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