• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 33 (20, 10, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: 3 (2, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 50-75hrs but approx. 2 months (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.


RIDE 2 is the latest motorcycle racer from Milestone who also produce the MotoGP racing titles. Unlike the MotoGP series, RIDE incorporates tracks with street circuits across the globe with a myriad of bikes from different classes such as supermoto, racing bikes, sport bikes and naked bikes to choose from. RIDE 2 also encompasses the largest number of manufacturers out of any motorcycle racer from all the popular names such as Honda, Yamaha, Ducati to BMW, KTM and Triumph. Similarly, to its predecessor, RIDE 2 has standard races but also time trial challenges, overtaking challenges and even head-to-head drag race tournaments. If you are a fan of bikes or racing, you will definitely get enjoyment from this game.

The platinum is very easy but very, very time consuming. There are a few online trophies which are somewhat of a grind as a boosting partner will be needed for completing 25 races online and an online championship but overall the offline trophies are a cakewalk. What makes this game so lengthy is having to acquire over 340 tokens to unlock all the ride bonuses, which are basically advantages or cheats that you can apply while racing. You can only acquire 6 tokens per day through the 3 daily challenge races. There is also a weekly challenge that can help you acquire 6 tokens (if you manage to beat the gold time). At most you can receive 48 tokens per week, therefore it will take you at least 7 weeks to get the Platinum. In addition, you can unlock a bonus to convert 20,000 racing credits to 1 token but this should be left towards the end of the game when you’re very close to the Platinum.


There is no right or wrong way to tackle this game but I would recommend completing the offline career mode first. By completing the career and winning as many races as you can, you will unlock and win more bikes which will help you later in online and the daily challenges. Start off in the beginner championships and work your way through to the more advanced classes. While working through the career mode, you will unlock the other events and have the opportunity to earn more trophies. You do not have to complete every race in career, just as many as needed to earn all the offline trophies. Afterwards, head online and do the daily challenges simultaneously.

It will be a lengthy grind of up to 2 months but if you are persistent, the platinum is easily obtainable as you only need to complete 2-3 races per day for 2 months to unlock all the ride bonuses.

Step 1: Offline career

Here you will be focusing on the career trophies and trying to get some of the misc ones as well. Start off in the beginner tiers and try winning as many races as you can to acquire money and invitations to do special events. As you continue to win races and complete tiers, you will unlock more advanced competitions which can allow you to earn more money and unlock faster and better bikes. Don't be afraid to spend a little bit of money to upgrade bikes (cheap upgrades towards the engine in particular can go a long way). When doing drag race events, pick your fastest bike, set the gear ratios to fairly low and you should win these).

Supermoto Winner
No mistakes allowed
Lightning Start
There’s no time to lose!
It's crowded here
Track Duel
You can call me…
Try and catch me!
Team battle
Good start
Time Traveler
Team number 1
Slippery Victory
The longest track
Championship completed
20 wheels
You can't stop me
Best in the world
It's a long road

Step Two: Clean up the miscellaneous offline trophies

Here, you will be working on cleaning up the misc trophies and trying to improve your skills whilst you're at it. Most of these will only be possible when you have accumulated enough money to purchase more bikes and then, can buy cheap bikes to acquire a large garage.

At the end of this step, you will have unlocked the following trophies:

Precarious balance
On your toes
Top or bottom?
Try and beat this!
See you tomorrow
50 wheels
100 wheels

Step Three: Get the online trophies

Even while playing online, you should also be completing the daily challenges offline to acquire 6 tokens per day but up to 2 months of grinding will be needed before you have enough tokens to buy everything. See the online trophies for an individual guide and as always, refer to boosting thread if you need a buddy online.

Online (length may be 1 week or less with a boosting partner):

Hello World!
Online Champion
Online Maestro

Challenges to unlock ride bonuses (up to 2 months):

Slightly better
Decidedly better
The best

After unlocking the last ride bonus in the game menu, you will unlock the following:

Ride 2 Maestro

CONGRATULATIONS! You've just earned a lengthy platinum but your hard work and dedication has given you another platinum trophy!

[PST would like to thank thedarkness91 for this Roadmap]

RIDE 2 Trophy Guide

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Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

36 trophies ( 10  20  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    Get all the other trophies to unlock this one.

  • Complete your first online race

    In the main menu, select Online. You can complete a quick race or one in a championship, then the trophy will pop.

  • Complete an online championship

    You will need to complete a championship online so use the boosting thread if you're having trouble finding anyone to play with: LINK

    With your boosting partner, one of you needs to set up a championship online and invite the other player but I strongly recommend setting the race settings to 1 lap races and the fastest class of bike (Race Superbikes) to speed this up. You need to complete 3 races in total for a championship to unlock this trophy. Winning is not required.

  • Complete 25 online races

    You need to complete (but not necessarily win) 25 races online. This can be achieved across all modes, so head online and begin racing.

    Note: If you do not finish a race, this will not count. So if you’re behind the race leader and they cross the finish line, you have 40 seconds to finish the race, otherwise it won’t count. I would recommend using a boosting partner online and set races to 1 lap to get this trophy a lot quicker.

  • Finish first in a Supermoto World Tour event

    During the career mode, there will be the option to race a Supermoto event so make sure you have a Supermoto bike, then win the race.

  • Finish first in a Perfect Trajectory World Tour event

    During the career mode, there will be the option to complete a Perfect Trajectory event. You can select whichever bike you prefer from your garage as long as it meets the event requirement such as PP. When doing these events, you need to race through the gaps marked by the cones and beat the gold time. I would recommend picking a bike with PP points and then using many rewinds where necessary. You can take your time and use unlimited rewinds so make sure you take a great trajectory and the trophy should unlock.

  • Finish first in a Pairs Race World Tour event

    During the career mode, you will have the option of completing a Pairs Race. This is related to your Team in the main game menu and you will be paired with one of your team’s riders. Just make sure you win the race and your teammate should help get some additional points with their place to help you win race based on team points. If you are struggling with this, go into the main menu and use the rider bonus to boost your teammates level.

  • Finish first in a Drag Race World Tour event

    You need to win a Drag Race World Tour event which consists of 3 separate drag races against A.I. Look out for Drag Race events throughout the career mode and then pick your strongest bike. I also recommend the following:

    • Purchasing the transmission upgrade so you can modify the gear ratios in the pre-race settings
    • While in the pre-race menu, change your bike settings to low gear ratios for the first couple of gears so that you have quick acceleration.
    • These events are Manual gears so use to change gears when required.
  • Score the best time in a Time Attack World Tour event

    Throughout the career mode there will be Time Attack events for which you need to beat the gold standard time. The time for each track varies as all tracks are different but the gold time can be challenging. This requires you to have a great bike with good performance points but also, great racing trajectory and when in doubt, using rewinds to help you. Note, there is no limit to the number of rewinds you can have so I recommend using these for each corner until you feel you have the perfect trajectory for each corner of the time attack. Once you have beaten the gold time, the trophy will unlock.

  • Finish first in a Track Day World Tour event

    Track Day events in the career mode are events where you race against the clock to overtake as many other riders as possible and to reach the gold standard of overtakes (usually 14-18 riders). These are fairly easy events but when in doubt, select a fast bike that matches the events criteria and this should be a piece of cake. As soon as you have reached the gold amount for the event, it will end and the trophy will pop.

  • Finish first in an Endurance World Tour event

    You will need to win an Endurance race in the career mode. Most of these races are quite long especially on Nürburgring. Remember to select a bike with high PP to blitz the competition and you should unlock this trophy.

  • Finish first in a Head-to-head World Tour event

    Head-to-head events are in the career mode and require you to catch up to an opponent, overtake them and keep the lead for a certain period of time.

  • Win a race under the rain

    This should come naturally during the career mode but if not, set up a Quick Race then change the weather settings to rain and win on any circuit to unlock the trophy.

  • Complete a race at Nürburgring Nordschleife - Full Circuit

    Self-explanatory. This should come during the career mode but if not, set up a Quick Race in the main menu and select the Nürburgring Nordschleife track (which is the 20 mile/kilometre circuit). All I can recommend if you're having trouble is to practice on this track in the Time Attack mode. The first third of the track has many winding corners at high speed but I would recommend taking your time and making sure you take the corners with good trajectory. The AI tends to slow down for corners but is hard to catch on straights. If you need any race assistance such as ideal racing trajectory, you can set this to on in the before race menu. This will give you a clear indication of when to break and when corners will be coming up. Simply win the race and you will unlock this.

  • Unlock a Rider Badge

    Rider badges will unlock naturally over the course of the game. The badges span various goals such as racing 500km with a bike class, winning 'x' amount of races etc. so unlock any rider badge to unlock this trophy. You can view your badges in the main menu under My Rider.

  • Hold a wheelie for 8 consecutive seconds

    You will need to get on a long straight on any circuit (Nürburgring Nordschleife and Donington are great for this) and hold a wheelie for 8 seconds. A wheelie can be achieved by pulling back on the and then gently tapping or holding down the acceleration (this depends on the bike and how powerful it is).

  • Hold a stoppie for 2 consecutive seconds

    Similar to a wheelie except when on a straight, slow down to a low speed, hold down and push the forward so the bike pivots on its front wheel. If the back wheel stays off the ground for at least 2 consecutive seconds, then this will unlock.

  • Reach 174 mph (280 km/h)

    Self-explanatory and should come during the career. If you still don’t have this, set up a quick race on Nürburgring Nordschleife and get on the final straight towards the end of the track as this is the longest in the game. You should be able to reach a top speed of at least 300 km/h to easily unlock this trophy.

  • Complete the three daily challenges

    You need to complete the three daily challenges which are available in the main menu of the game. These challenges are 3 races across different classes and bikes and vary in requirements but only the Hard challenge requires you to win. Simply select the best bike that you have that matches the race requirements and you should win easily. If you don't have a required bike, you may need to purchase a bike or two from some of the manufacturers. Simply complete the requirements for each of the 3 races and this will unlock.

  • Complete a race in Split Screen mode

    Set up a Quick Race in the main menu and connect a second controller to join as a second player. Pick any track and bike pf your choosing. When the race starts, it'll be in split screen and all you need to do is complete the race with any controller. The second player/controller doesn’t need to actually finish the race as a 40 second timer will begin when the first player finishes. After the race or 40 seconds is up, this trophy will unlock.

  • Win a Team vs Team event

    Team vs Team events can be found in the World Tour Events menu. There are about 10 races to complete but you only need to do the bottom one to unlock this trophy. Simply enter the race and win it to hopefully unlock this. If you are struggling with this, go into the main menu and use the rider bonus to boost your teammates level. You can also change and select different riders of your team in the main menu under "My Team".

  • Reach first place in the Team Standings

    This is similar to Team Battle but you have to complete all the Team vs Team events.

  • Reach the podium in a Single Race World Tour event with a pre-modified bike

    I’m not sure how I received this trophy but I believe it relates to changing the settings of your bike in the pre-race menu and then going on to reach the podium at the end of the race. I would recommend purchasing the transmission upgrade and changing the gear ratios and then going on to reach the podium and this should unlock.

  • Record a valid time in time trial and upload it into the leaderboards

    Head into the Time Trial mode from the main menu and complete a race. After completing a lap of a track, exit and then head to the leaderboards which can be found under Time Trial and then Leaderboards. Simply head to the leaderboards of the track and then you will be able to upload your time trial, select upload.

  • Unlock your first Ride Bonus

    Rider bonuses are special advantages (almost like cheats) that can be unlocked and used in races which vary from the position you start on the circuit to additional credit bonuses from winning races. These need to be unlocked by acquiring tokens which are received when completing the weekly and daily challenges. Simply acquire enough tokens to unlock any bonus and then head into the Ride Bonus menu which is found under “My Rider”. Purchase one of the bonuses and this trophy will unlock.

  • Unlock 10 Ride Bonuses

    See Slightly Better for an explanation on Ride Bonuses.

  • Unlock all Ride Bonuses

    See Slightly Better for an explanation on Ride Bonuses.

    This is the mammoth grind of the game and will ultimately soak up all your time. You will need to unlock all the bonuses which equates to over 340 tokens!

    You can only unlock 6 tokens at most per day through - 6 for completing the 3 daily challenges

    In addition, each week you can complete the weekly challenge (much more difficult) and unlock a further 6 tokens.

    You will need many weeks and potentially up to two months to acquire all the necessary tokens for unlocking all the bonuses. A few tips for acquiring this trophy:

    • When you are getting through the career, check the daily challenges every day and attempt the races that you can but don't worry about the races that you can’t complete if you don't have the bikes.You can buy these later.
    • Unlock the Credit to Token bonus that transfers 20,000 credits to 1 token as soon as possible. This can help you use your money to buy tokens even at a high price.
    • Calculate how much all your bikes are worth because towards the end, you can sell many of them to acquire a lot of money and then buy tokens using the credit to token bonus. Note: Don't sell your bikes until you are close to having enough tokens to unlock everything but you will also only receive half its stated value.
  • Reach first place in the World Tour Rider Leaderboard

    This requires you to be ranked #1 on the global leaderboard in career part of the game. You will have to complete many races and championships to reach the top spot, so keep playing and winning as many races in the career as you can and you’ll get there eventually.

  • Finish first in a World Tour championship

    You need to win a World Tour Championship which can be found under the World Tour Events menu. All you need to do is win the first championship which is also the easiest and shortest championship to unlock this trophy.

  • Collect a total of 10 bikes

    This should come throughout the career mode and in natural game progression but if not, you can spend your credits at the dealership to buy bikes. Buying the same buy over also counts.

  • Collect a total of 25 bikes

    See 20 wheels.

    You should receive this towards the end of your career but once again, spend your credits at the dealership if you need to fill your garage.

  • Collect a total of 50 bikes

    You will probably be 20-30 bikes short of this trophy at the end of your career. I would recommend focusing on the other trophies as you can win bikes from doing different championships. You can also purchase bikes from the dealership if need be. Purchasing the same bike also counts so find a cheap bike under 10,000 Credits and purchase a bunch of them.

  • Race a total of 62 miles (100 km) with any bike

    This should come naturally throughout the career mode as you will unlock better bikes and find one that is great at winning or maybe you will use a particular bike as it's your favourite. In any case, race 100 km with the same bike – can be any class or manufacturer.

  • Race a total of 155 miles (250 km) with any bike

    See Good Start.

  • Race a total of 310 miles (500 km) with any bike

    See Good Start.

  • Use the Rewind for the first time

    Rewind is a way to reverse time if you've had a crash or taken a corner horribly and want to go back to before it happened. In order to rewind and unlock this trophy, simply use . You can unlock this trophy any time and anywhere when in a race or event. As soon as it starts, press and this trophy will unlock.

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