• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10, as decided by users in the Trophy Difficulty Rating Thread.
  • Offline trophies: 14 (11, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 0-5 hours, as decided by users in the Estimated Time to 100% Thread.
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Less than 1.
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: n/a
  • Do trophies stack?: n/a
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes - Cheat codes will disable trophies, saving, and leaderboards. Face skin coupon codes will not and are okay to use, although are completely unnecessary for getting 100%.

Special Thanks to bobsnotmyuncle for his trophy guide for the original version of Retro City Rampage.

Welcome to a much easier to 100% version of Retro City Rampage. The hardest trophies of the original game have been removed and replaced by new, easy trophies, and all glitches related to using the Cross Save and Replay Stage features have been fixed which means you can use them this time around. All this considered, the difficulty is around a 3 for newcomers and a 2 for people who played the original. There's very little here to challenge you. It should also take less than 5 hours to 100% the game. The most time consuming trophy is Tool Time, but you don't even have to finish the game's story to unlock it. The other potentially time consuming trophies, Master of Your Domain and Bike Bounce, should unlock before you get Tool Time.

Step 1: Play through Story Mode until you finish the "Doc Choc's Magic Clocks - Hit 88 Pedestrians for Power!" stage. Then start working on all the miscellaneous trophies in the game. The more of these you can do in Story Mode, the more points you'll rack up towards Master of Your Domain.

The trophies you should unlock in this step are:

  • You Broke The Law!
  • Broken Chain
  • Feeling Groggy
  • Pixel Me Rollin'
  • Killabunga!
  • The Cosplayer
  • 8-Blow
  • Rocky Road Tire Crunch
  • 8-bit Overflow
  • Big Money!
  • Eco-friendly Fire .

It's possible that you may also unlock Bike Bounce, but if not, don't worry about it yet and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Play through Story Mode until you unlock Tool Time. Your objective is to focus on just the blue M markers as these are the missions that focus on obtaining parts for the time machine. You can ignore all the side content and still get enough points for Master of Your Domain as well.

The trophies you should unlock in this step are:

  • Bike Bounce
  • Master of Your Domain
  • Tool Time

Step 3 (optional): If you managed to unlock Tool Time but not Master of Your Domain and Bike Bounce, this is where you'll mop up. You can either actively seek this out by farming points and driving around the city looking for bikes, or you can continue to play all the content left in the game you still haven't played at this point and let them happen naturally.

[PST would like to thank mjc0961 for this roadmap]

Retro City Rampage DX Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  )

  • Raise your threat level by committing a crime that attracts police attention

    You'll automatically be given a threat level as part of the first story mission, but it's likely you'll gain one even earlier than that just by running over a pedestrian on the way to the hideout.

  • Reach a 99X chain multiplier

    Chain multipliers are awarded for killing people or destroying vehicles without letting go of the trigger. By far the easiest way to do this is by getting a tank, as it has infinite ammo and takes quite a bit of punishment before being destroyed. You'll want to do this in Story Mode so the points you earn will be added to your total for the Master of Your Domain trophy. I also recommend going into "Help & Options" and changing both the In Vehicle controls to "Automatic" (so the car goes in whatever direction you point the analog stick; this lets you turn very quickly) and the HUD Mode to "Status Bar" so you can see your current vehicle's health meter and leave it for a new one when it gets low.

    Grab a large vehicle like a bus, garbage truck, or fire truck and drive around the city running over civilians. Keep doing this until you reach maximum threat level and the army sends tanks after you (this will take roughly 4 minutes). Once there's a tank after you, run over any military or police nearby, drive up next to the tank, and get out of your car and quickly steal the tank. Once you have the tank, you can fire the cannon with . Keep held down and drive around shooting other cars on the road. As long as you do not let go of your chain multiplier will keep rising until it hits 99 and the trophy unlocks.

    You should also easily get the 8-bit Overflow trophy while doing this if you don't have it already.


  • Get "sick" on "milk"

    This can be done immediately from Free Roaming Mode or after completing the first mission in Story Mode. Press or to bring up the map, and press to change the Display filter until it shows "MILK". You can go to any of these three locations to buy milk (or grog, which also unlocks the trophy). At two of the locations, you'll have to walk into the building at the orange down arrow and then press at the bartender to buy milk. At the grog stand, just walk up to the booth and press to buy grog.

  • Drive 65,536 pixels

    This trophy will unlock naturally as you play through the story. If you want to farm it to get it as soon as possible, just get in a car and keep driving.

  • Kill four green sewer dwellers

    The sewer dwellers appear in the first mission of the game. After you're tasked with robbing a convenience store, you'll fight your way down an alley and then head left down a street. Four green NPCs will appear from a manhole cover and run up to attack you with melee weapons (you'll also see a notification that you've unlocked "The Sewer Wrap"). Kill them to unlock this trophy.

    If you miss them, replay the stage "The Dark Bank Heist - The Imperfect Escape".

  • Play Free Roaming Mode as one of the guest stars

    As you play through the story on your way to unlocking Tool Time, you'll automatically unlock 2 guest stars. However, if you want to get this trophy as soon as possible, you can unlock one right after the first mission. Head to the location shown in the map below and jump into the warp pipe to unlock "Minecraft's Steve".

    Once you have a guest star unlocked, return to the main menu and select Free Roaming Mode. Choose any character other than "The Player" and the trophy will unlock.

  • Blow up 8 vehicles in 8 seconds


    This is very easily done at the end of the first story mission when you're given a tank during the dream sequence. Drive around holding down to continuously shoot the cannon and shoot at other cars. As you still have a low threat level during this sequence, there will be plenty of cars to shoot at and you should have no problem unlocking this trophy. If you miss it and need to try again, replay the stage "The Dark Bank Heist - Good Gosh, Doc Choc!"

  • Hit 25 pedestrians in a row with your car without stopping


    The description for this trophy is misleading; you need to hit 25 pedestrians in rapid succession to get a x25 Plow Through Chain. If you do it slowly, it won't count, even if you don't stop the car. Thankfully this has been made easier than it was in the original version of Retro City Rampage as your chain is no longer broken by hitting other objects such as hydrants and mailboxes.

    The best way to do this is still the method bobsnotmyuncle came up with for the original game: use the Delorean during the mission "Doc Choc's Magic Clocks - Hit 88 Pedestrians for Power!". This is the third mission in the game and will not take you long to reach. Once you've started the mission and are in the car, head out onto the road in front of you. Go up at the first intersection you come to, and then go right at the next. When you can't go right anymore, turn around and head left on the sidewalk. Speed along this road. Now that your chain isn't broken by random objects anymore, the only thing standing between you and the trophy is how generous the game is with pedestrian spawns. Drive all the way to the left until the road ends, and if you don't get the trophy, turn around and go right again down the same sidewalk. If you still don't get the trophy, go left and try a third time, although you'll likely finish the mission during this pass. If that happens, just save and quit to the main menu, then replay the stage from the Replay Stage option.

    Here's an updated video that shows how much easier this trophy is:


  • Kill 256 civilians within a single life

    This trophy will unlock naturally during a successful run of the Broken Chain trophy, or will unlock eventually if you play through story mode without dying for a while.

  • Match all cards in a single round of the casino game at the Spades To Steal Casino

    Do this in Free Roaming Mode as you'll start with $999,999,999 and not have to worry about money. Press or to bring up the map and press until the Display filter is set to Gambling. There will be two locations; Spades To Steal Casino is the one at the bottom of the map.

    Once there, head to the Easy table on the left and press to play. You have to flip two cards at a time, trying to match 2 of the same card. If you flip 2 cards that don't match 3 times, you'll lose and have to try again. Thankfully the game seems to repeat the same handful of boards over and over again, so eventually you can pick up on some of the patterns you've already started before to get farther and eventually clear one.

    Below are screen captures of every card pattern I've completed so far:

  • Hit 4 people with a single shotgun blast

    Complete the first mission of Story Mode so you'll have the shotgun unlocked for Free Roaming Mode. You'll want to do this in Free Roaming Mode as you spawn with 99 ammo for every gun in you have. Head to Beach Zone at the southern edge of the map, and run over some pedestrians to get a threat level along the way to get the police after you. You'll want to use police rather than pedestrians for this as pedestrians will run away from but cops are eager to chase you. When you get there, leave your car and jump around in the street avoiding gunfire from the police until 4 of them show up. Lead them down to the beach area where there is nothing in the way and wait until they all bunch up together to take your shot at them. It may take a few tries before you hit all 4 of them with the shotgun. If you need more cops, head back up to the road where more will show up in cars and on bikes.


  • Knock someone off their bike to ricochet another off theirs

    You need to have two NPCs driving bikes or motorcycles close to one another. You need to hit one of them with a car, which will launch the driver off his bike, and try to get that drive to fly into the other bike to knock that driver off his bike as well. You also need to be careful to stop or turn around after hitting the first bike so you don't keep going and hit the second bike yourself. And you don't want the bikes to be right next to each other as then the driver will fly right over the second bike before landing.

    The best strategy for this trophy is honestly to not think about it and play the game normally. It's very likely you'll unlock this trophy without even trying and not even realizing you've done it until the trophy pops as you zoom around the map going to the various objectives. At the moment I unlocked this trophy, I was going so fast that I didn't even see there were two bikes on the road. I just plowed through some traffic and the trophy showed up.

    However, if this is your last trophy, there's little you can do other than drive around the city looking for two bikes driving near each other and give it a try. There's no way to guarantee two bikes will be near each other and then there's no way to guarantee the driver of the bike you hit will fly in the direction of the second bike. This trophy is unfortunately quite luck based. The only other option is to keep playing the game, doing all the side content and the rest of the story missions you didn't need for Tool Time, and see if you manage to randomly unlock this without trying while enjoying the game.

  • Dethrone GLC's high score

    GLC's score is 860,630, a reference to "The Frogger" episode of Seinfeld. Beating this score will come naturally while going for the other trophies; when I unlocked my last trophy, my score was 898,913.

    If you need more points after unlocking all the other trophies, go into Story Mode and repeat the steps for the Broken Chain trophy. Having a large multiplier will allow you to easily increase your score. Alternatively, you could just keep playing the game, as there will still be a lot of story missions and side content left to play after unlocking Tool Time.

    Note that points earned during Stage Replays, Free Roaming Mode, and Arcade Challenges do not add to your score. You must achieve a score higher than 860,630 in Story Mode.

  • Collect all of the time machine parts

    While playing story mode, focus on doing the main missions, which are marked on your map and HUD as blue M icons. The trophy will unlock after completing the mission "Sweat Bomber". You can check how close you are by selecting "Records & Stats" from the pause menu and looking at the "Time Machine Parts Collected" statistic.

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