Love Those Weapons Trophy in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

  • Love Those Weapons


    Find the treasure trove of weapons.

    How to unlock Love Those Weapons

    Near the end of the second Dark Legacy side-mission, you'll enter a maze. Which directions you take are entirely up to you, but to get this trophy you'll need to take specific ones. Either way, you'll need to go to this room anyway to get an Archive File.

    The directions in the maze for the second Dark Legacy scenario are as follows:

    • Take the middle
    • Straight ahead
    • Left
    • Straight ahead
    • Left

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  • I'm guessing the requirements are to just find every weapon in the game or something?
  • You get this in Dark Legacy part 2. When you get to the room where you have to select which doors to go through use this sequence and youl find the treasure trove 1. Middle doorway. 2. Doorway right infront. 3. Left doorway. 4. Doorway right infront. 5. Left doorway. then you find this awesome room.

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