The Fallen Tyrant Trophy in Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

  • The Fallen Tyrant


    Flatten an unstoppable enemy.

    How to unlock The Fallen Tyrant

    This trophy is storyline related, therefore it´s unmissable.

    You will get this trophy after your second fight with the Tyrant in the airplane.


    Depending on your strategy and your resources, this boss can be little or very complicated. If you have explosive bow gun bolts, it takes 24 explosive bolts to deal enough damage to the Tyrant so that it is ready to be pushed by the cargo box.

    Alternatively, you can kill him without spending a single bullet, dodging his attacks and pressing the button to release the cargo 5 times.

    Whichever strategy you choose, you will earn the trophy after pushing the Tyrant out of the plane.

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