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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (personal opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 50 (40, 6, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 25hrs+ (personal opinion) (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3+
  • Number of missable trophies: Technically about half the trophies are missable, however the game is short and features New Game+ so progress for almost everything carries over
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, you must finish the game on every difficulty but the difficulty trophies stack.

Resident Evil: Village is the 8th numbered entry into the popular Resident Evil franchise. In this title you will once again take on the role of Ethan Winters who was introduced in Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Taking place shortly after the events of VII, Ethan is now looking for his kidnapped daughter which may have something to do with Chris Redfield and a strange village that Ethan finds himself trapped in. This entry once again brings first-person survival horror into the spotlight with some more emphasis on the combat aspects of the game. In terms of trophies, you're looking at a relatively simple Platinum with a few tricky trophies here and there. However, with enough practice and persistance, the list is easily doable.


Step 1: Play through the story on Casual while making sure to find all documents, outhouses, goats of warding, weapon attachments and most trophies related to miscellaneous tasks

While I would encourage you to play and enjoy the game in itself, for the sake of this guide, I'm going to base the walkthrough on the idea that you are looking to get the platinum as fast as possible. If you do decide to enjoy the game the first time without worrying about trophies, you'll be perfectly fine since everything carries over to New Game + and an extra playthrough gives you some more money to work with anyway.

For this step, you are going to want to select Casual difficulty to make things smoother and you are going to use this playthrough to learn the layout of the areas and understand the game itself. You will also be getting all collectibles out of the way so you won't have to worry about them later. You can look under each repective trophy for more information on how to obtain it and and any necessary locations. As a quick note, I would suggest you take the time to locate all the key treasures (treasures that the Duke eventually marks on your Village map with a big treasure chest) because they are decent money and will take you to necessary areas required for Mapmatician. 

In this step you will earn:

Great Dad trophy_bronze.png 
Push Comes to Shove trophy_bronze.png 
Trick Shot trophy_bronze.png 
Strategist trophy_bronze.png 
Medium Rare trophy_bronze.png 
Fast Reflexes trophy_bronze.png 
Leader of the Pack trophy_bronze.png 
Crafter trophy_bronze.png 
Repairer trophy_bronze.png 
Patron trophy_bronze.png 
Gunsmith trophy_bronze.png 
Petty Thief trophy_bronze.png 
When You Gotta Go... trophy_bronze.png 

Hooligan trophy_bronze.png 
Quit Hanging Around trophy_bronze.png 
Mapmatician trophy_bronze.png 
Hunter trophy_bronze.png 
Get the Ball Rolling trophy_bronze.png 
Goooaaal! trophy_bronze.png 
Squawk Shot trophy_bronze.png 
Photographer trophy_bronze.png 
Cynic trophy_bronze.png 
Heretic trophy_bronze.png 
Bookworm trophy_bronze.png 
Not Lycan This… trophy_bronze.png 
Four Lords trophy_bronze.png 
That Sucked! trophy_bronze.png 
Got No Strings trophy_bronze.png 
Fish Out of Water trophy_bronze.png 
Up Urs! trophy_bronze.png 

Temporary Measures trophy_bronze.png 
Iron Giant Down trophy_bronze.png 
The Root of the Matter trophy_bronze.png 

Step 2: Play through the story on Casual under 3 hours while only close quarters weapons, healing less than 4 times and spending less than 10,000 Lei

For this step you are going to load up you Completed Game save and start New Game +. This step sounds like a lot but it's actually very simple. The key is to purchase the Karambit Knife from the Extras menu after beating the game once. The Karambit Knife deals significantly more damage than the regular knife and kills most enemies easily on Casual. Spending should be scarce since your using the knife anyway so you won't need to buy guns or ammo. You should only need to buy the Karambit Knife from the Duke when you meet him. The game also has automatic healing at certain points in the story which do not contribute to the 4 you are allowed so you should be okay as long as you are somewhat efficient at blocking and dodging attacks. As for the 3 hour trophy, you are allowed to pause the game to pause the timer. So feel free to use this to your advantage if you want to take a moment to remember a puzzle or look a solution up. There is also no limit on saving so you can utilize the numerous save slots and restart from a certain point if you felt like a segment took longer than it should have. After this playthrough you will have a bulk of the Story related trophies done and quite a bit of CP you can spend. There are moments where you will have to use a non-close quarters weapon to progress but these will not void the trophy. However, if you want to make sure of this, you can pause the game and look under the "Knives Out" challenge. If the challenge reads 0 non-close quarters items used, you are fine. You can look under each respective trophy for more information on their requirements.

In this step you will earn:

Don't Trust That Snake Oil trophy_gold.png 
Dashing Dad trophy_silver.png 
Frugal Father trophy_silver.png 
Knives Out trophy_gold.png 

Step 2.5: Play through the story for money until you have roughly 2,200,000 Lei to buy and upgrade the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum

This is sort of a preparation step to get ready for Village of Shadows difficulty. You can make the difficulty significantly easier if you take the time to upgrade the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum as it can put down most enemies in 1-2 hits with exception of bosses which it still deals massive damage to. If you do need money, load up your Completed Game save and make sure you are taking whatever drops from enemies along with picking up any treasures you find. All attachments for the S.T.A.K.E. can be bought from the Duke. Make sure to make a save in any available slot BEFORE spending the money. Once you have the money, simply buy the S.T.A.K.E. along with its attachments and all upgrades then exit to the main menu. You should unlock the Infinite Ammo option from the Extras menu which you can easily afford from all the CP you have accumulated. After that, go back into your save before buying everything for the S.T.A.K.E. and only purchase the power and fire rate upgrades. You can buy the reload speed but the base speed is decent enough so you should have no issues. Capacity is completely unnecessary so avoid spending anything on that. Once you have purchased the upgrades, finish the story up so that you have a completed game file with all of these S.T.A.K.E. upgrades.

Step 3: Play through the story on Village of Shadows difficulty

With your upgraded, infinite ammo S.T.A.K.E. Magnum, you have everything you need to breeze through Village of Shadows difficulty. You may wanna pack some extra First Aids but that should be it. For this step, you should only need to worry about completing the game. Enemies hit hard but they go down easily with the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum. After speeding through the story once more on Village of Shadows, you should be done with all of your Story playthroughs.

In this step you will earn:

Timber trophy_bronze.png 
Best Dad Ever trophy_bronze.png 
World's Best Dad trophy_silver.png 
Universe's Best Dad trophy_gold.png 

Step 4: Purchase all necessary Extras with CP, buy all attachments and recipes from the Duke, plus craft all recipes

Before you load a save, take this time to buy everything you need from the Extras menu. This includes the WCX assault rifle, the rocket pistol, all Concept Art, all Figures and Mercenaries Mode. If you still have your save next to the Duke, go ahead and load that up. If not, it's fine, just play through the story until you meet the Duke again. You should already have any attachments found through the story which only leaves the ones you purchase from the duke. You should have more than enough money at this point to buy any remaining attachments. Also make sure to buy the WCX Rifle and Rocket Pistol. After buying these weapons, exit then re-enter the shop and you should have ammo recipes available to purchase. Buy these recipes, exit the shop and craft at least one of everything. Also, take this time to craft enough rifle ammo to have 111 to sell. This is because rifle ammo is worth 7 Lei when sold so go ahead and spend all of your money on upgrades, items and whatever until you have nothing left, then sell 111 rifle ammo to net yourself a total of 777 Lei to unlock Lucky Number 7 trophy_bronze.png. After all of this, you should be done with the Story.

In this step you will earn:

Lucky Number 7 trophy_bronze.png 
Veteran Gunsmith trophy_bronze.png 
Tinkerer trophy_bronze.png 
Artisan trophy_bronze.png 
Doll Collector trophy_silver.png 
Art Collector trophy_silver.png 

Step 5: Play Mercenaries Mode and earn at least an S rank on all levels

This is the last step towards the Platinum and requires the most effort. For this step you are going to have to obtain at least an S rank on each level in Mercenaries. This is nothing incredibly difficult but it's likely going to take some practice and knowledge of the map layouts. There are a total of 8 levels and S ranks are not that hard to get. You just need to make sure you are capable of keeping the combo multiplier going. There are really only 4 maps since levels 1 - 4 are kind of a "normal mode" and 5-8 are kind of like a "hard mode". Both level sets feature the same map layouts and enemies but levels 5-8 only let you buy the grenade launcher and magnum for a somewhat hefty price. This means you'll mostly be reliant on the LEMI pistol. Much of the trouble in getting an S rank can be alleviated with proper perks you get from the blue item pickups you find in each area. Some perks let you move faster, some let you recover health easier and others increase your damage. If you find yourself getting lucky with perks, you'll see that getting an S rank is not that bad. You can look under Legendary Cowboy trophy_silver.png  for some tips on Mercenaries mode that will help make getting S ranks a bit easier. Once you S rank all 8 stages of Mercenaries, you should be done with the mode and have your new Platinum as well.

In this step you will earn:

Combo King trophy_bronze.png 
Legendary Cowboy trophy_silver.png 
Ethan Winters trophy_platinum.png 

Resident Evil: Village Trophy Guide

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57 trophies ( 45  15  )

  • Obtain all Trophies.

    Congratulaions! You have finished another chapter in the strange, horrifying life of Ethan Winters.
  • Finish the story on at least Casual difficulty.

  • Finish the story on at least Standard difficulty.

  • Finish the story on at least Hardcore difficulty.

  • Finish the story on the Village of Shadows difficulty.

    You will obtain this trophy after completing the story on Village of Shadows difficulty which is the hardest difficulty in the game. On this difficulty, more enemies appear, enemies act more aggressively and deal a lot more damage.

    To make this trophy extremely easy, I suggest beating the game on Casual and playing the story enough to save roughly 2,200,000 Lei. Start new game + on casual, make a save next to the Duke, then use your money to purchase the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum on New Game+ along with all attachments and upgrades. Doing this will unlock the Infinite Ammo extra for the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum in the Extras menu which you can purchase for CP. Then, reload the save prior to buying everything and only buy the S.T.A.K.E. Magnum along with the Power and Rate of Fire upgrades. Reload Speed is ok as well but not really needed. Go ahead and finish that story playthrough to make a new Completed Game save file. Load this file for New Game+ and select Village of Shadows difficulty. You should now start the playthrough with a max power, infinite ammo S.T.A.K.E. Magnum. This will be able to kill almost all non-bosses in 1-2 hits and take down bosses easily. I would recommend purchasing some First Aids as well just to be safe in case you take some hits. I would also recommend focusing solely on beating the game and not mixing any other trophies with this playthrough. Once you defeat Miranda, skip the credits and cutscenes to unlock this trophy.
  • Craft an item in the Crafting menu.

    Early on in the game, you will receive a tutorial on crafting items. You are given Handgun Ammo and First Aid recipes so this is practically unmissable.
  • Purchase something from the Duke in the story.

    Before entering Castle Dimitrescu, you will encounter the Duke who sells and buys items for Lei. Simply buy anything from him to earnt his trophy. Hard to miss.
  • Unlock a simple lock with a lockpick.

    Throughout the game you will run into containers, cabinets, drawers etc. that claim they have a simple lock. To unlock these, you must have a lockpick in your inventory. There are many lockpicks you can find throughout the game so this should not be hard to do unless you are actively avoiding things to look through.
  • Combine a treasure into its complete form.

    Throughout the game there are a few treasures which will be labeled as "combinable". This means it can be combined with another treasure to form the item as a whole which will also be worth more when sold.

    One of the first combinable treasures you encounter is in Castle Dimitrescu. When you reach the roof and rooftop area, you will find a treasure map. This treasure map displays a drawing of a path through the basement that leads to a door locked by the insignia key. Go ahead and find that door and solve the puzzle inside involving the breakable wall and lanterns. You should receive an eye which is one piece of the combinable treasure. The second piece is found in a drawer in the room containing the 4th mask you need to escape (The one you use an animal skull to replace). Inside the drawer you will find the ring, combine this ring with the eye you obtained earlier to complete the treasure and earn this trophy.
  • Hunt an animal during the story.

    As you go through the game you will encounter animals such as fish, goats, pigs, birds and chickens. If you kill these animals, they drop meat that you can pick up and give to the duke to make meals which offer perks. There are tons of animals throughout the story so you should not have any problems killing one for this trophy.
  • Solve a Labyrinth.

    In every area containing one of the four lords, there is a labyrinth. A labyrinth is a miniture maze that requires a specific ball item found in that area. One of the easiest ones to find is after escaping the Beneviento house. The ball can be found in one of the houses off the main path as you make your way back to the village. The labyrinth for it is found up the hill across from the area where you find the ball. Once you acquire a ball for a labyrinth, solve the puzzle to earn a vaulable treasure and this trophy.
  • Shoot down five flying crows in the story.

    Throughout the game you will see crows on the ground that fly away if you get too close. As long as you remain conscious of this trophy and take note of the crows, you should have no issues. There are plenty of opportunities to earn this. Just be aware that the last group of crows you encounter are before you enter the Stronghold.
  • Open the door to every outhouse in the village in a single playthrough.

    There are a total of 10 outhouses to be found throughout the game. 2 of them are missable since they are in areas that get blocked off after defeating the lord of that area. Here are the locations of each outhouse:

    1 - Village - In an opening between West Old Town and the Workshop, near the well
    2 - Village - Between West Old Town and Maiden of War, Northwest of #1. It's a small dead end area that's west of the chicken icon south of Fallow Plot
    3 - Village - In the back of the building directly east of the words "Maiden of War" on the map. Next to the Fallow Plot area.
    4 - Village - In the south end of the Luiza's House area. North of a well.
    5 - Village - Across the street, to the west of the house with the Luthier's treasure. Next to a door that requires the Insignia Key.
    6 - On the path leaving Castle Dimitrescu - As you leave Castle Dimitrescu, you will see a house to your right before going through a gate to head back to the village. Make sure to look in the backyard area to find this outhouse. Can come back here after
    7 - On the path leaving House Beneviento (MISSABLE) - As you make your way back to the village from House Beneviento, you will now be able to visit the houses to the left and right of the main path. If you visit the house to the left, up the hill, you will find an outhouse on the west side of the house.
    8 - Village - In the south of the yard of the Luthier's house. The yard of the house containing the Maestro's treasure. Located slightly northwest of the words "West Old Town" on the map.
    9 - Village - In the small alley behind the house directly under the "M" of "Maiden of War" on your map.
    10 - Resevoir Area (MISSABLE) - South, behind the building that has the control panel to drain the resevoir. Make sure to open this outhouse before goign to fight Moreau.

    If you prefer videos, here is a video by Gamer Guru that shows all outhouse locations:
  • Break every breakable window in Castle Dimitrescu in a single playthrough.

    This trophy is missable since you cannot re-enter Castle Dimitrescu after escaping and defeating the mutated Dimitrescu. There are approximately 19 windows that can be broken in the castle. Many of them are found in the southern area after going through the courtyard. However, do not forget the windows on the balcony you arrive on prior to obtaining the Dimitrescu Key, the kitchen windows where you fight the first sister and the windows in the dining area of the main castle next to the doors that connect to the courtyard. They are not too hard to find and you have infinite time to search, providing you don't escape the castle by using the 4 masks. If you are having trouble finding any windows, here is a video by Maka91Productions that shows all of their locations:
  • Push away an enemy after guarding in the story.

    Similar to Resident Evil VII, you can guard yourself by holding l1.png. When you do this successfully, you get a prompt to press l1.png again to push away the enemy that attacked you and give yourself some space. Do this one time to earn this trophy.
  • Defeat an enemy from long range with the sniper rifle in the story.

    You can earn this trophy after obtaining the F2 Sniper Rifle from the rooftop area of Castle Dimitrescu. When arrrive at the roof and make your way to the rooftops, youll see the Sniper Rifle on a chair right before you go outside. Take it, equip it, then move outside where you will see some Samca (flying enemies) flying around. Go ahead and use your newly obtained sniper rifle to kill one of these enemies and earn this trophy.
  • Defeat at least three enemies with one attack in the story.

    There will be plenty of moments where you will be swarmed by enemies and have to take them out. For this trophy you'll need something like a Pipe Bomb, Mine or the Grenade Launcher. Simply wait for 3 or more enemies to group up, then kill them all at once. Personally, I did this in the dungeon area of Castle Dimitrescu.
  • Set fire to a Moroaică in the story.

    If you are going for all of the key treasures, then this will be required to solve one of the puzzles. You can obtain this after receiving the crank from Moreau's territory. If you go to the Lone Road area, go to the river and you should find a boat. Use this boat to head north toward the Riverbank Treasure. To reach the treasure you will have to solve another puzzle involving swinging lanterns. In the final portion of the puzzle, the lantern is too far away to hae another lantern swing to. The trick involves the endlessly spawning Moroaică enemy. You must hit them with the lantern to set them on fire, then lure them to the final unlit lantern. After setting them on fire, you will earn this trophy.
  • Knock a flaming arrow out of the sky with a close combat weapon in the story.

    Your best chance of earning this is when you are making your way through the Stronghold. You will encounter plenty of lycans using fire arrows to attack. When you see them, just pull out your knife and try to time your swing so it knocks away an arrow. The timing is very lenient so you should have no trouble with this.
  • Take down the Vârcolac Alfa in the story.

    You can earn this at any point after defeating Moreau and before placing the Giant's Chalice in the designated spot. After defeating Moreau, if you visit the Fallow Plot area (cornfield area) you will encounter the Vârcolac Alfa which looks like a giant version of the enemy you encountered in the river area of the Village before heading to Moreau's territory. Make sure you pack a decent amount of firepower since this enemy has a bit of health. It's not hard to kill since you can do things like stun it with high powered weapons such as the magnum or grenade launcher.
  • Use Photo Mode.

    You can access Photo Mode from the start menu. Just start it up then exit to earn this trophy.
  • Have 777, 7,777, or 77,777 Lei in your possession in the story.

    To earn this trophy, you will have to beat the game once then purchase the WCX assault rifle from the Extras menu. When you purchase the weapon from the Duke, you'll see that the ammo sells for 7 Lei a piece. This is the key to getting this trophy. I recommend making a quick save, making at least 111 assault rifle ammo, then spending all of your Lei. Once you do this and have 0 Lei, you can sell the 111 rifle ammo for exactly 777 Lei to earn this trophy then reload then save afterwards and keep your money.
  • Complete the village map.

    The majority of the map is found through story progression but there are a few spots that you have to visit in order forthem to register. If you take the time to complete the key treasures (the ones the Duke marks on your map) you should automatically visit every necessary area. For example: One location is the underground area where you obtain the Riverbank treasure. Another spot is the area you can visit when you ride the boat in the opposite direction, towards the caves. You do not need to actually pick up all of the maps in the game, you just need to fill out the main village map by going to the areas. If you did everything correctly, the trophy should pop once you play as Chris and get to the cliffside overlooking the village itself.
  • Destroy a Goat of Warding.

  • Destroy all the Goats of Warding.

    Goats of Warding are little wooden goat collectibles found scattered throughout the game which means some are missable due to locations being blocked off. There are a total of 20 and any that you find will carry over to New Game+. You can check how mmany you have found through the Challenges tab in the pause menu.

    Goat #1: In the small shrine after surviving the lycan attack and going towards the church
    Goat #2: On the roof of the church to the left of the small tower
    Goat #3: In Fallow Plot, go all the way to the left side where you should see a small stairway. Follow it to a dead end with a goat of warding sitting on the wall.
    Goat #4: When arriving at vineyard in front of the castle, look near the rocks towards the right to find this goat. This is the area where you first meet the duke.
    Goat #5: When you climb the ladder to go down to the wine-flooded rooms, turn around to spot a got next to the wall with soem candles.
    Goat #6: After climbing the ladder up to the attic, turn around to find a goat on top of a box
    Goat #7: On Lone Road there are a set of stairs you can do down next to the drawbridge. There is a small room nearby that contains this goat
    Goat #8: When entering the cemetary using the Insignia Key, look towards the right behind a mausoleum to find this goat.
    Goat #9: There is a small alley between the Luthier's house (House with the Maestro's treasure) and a shack. On top of a roof above some firewood, you can spot this goat.
    Goat #10: On the path leading to the Beneviento house, you will encounter a wooden bridge.Look to your left to spot another wooden bridge with this goat on it.
    Goat #11: Before entering the Beneviento House, look to the left near the fence to spot this goat
    Goat #12: In the resevoir area, at the deadend next to the first windmill by some firewood
    Goat #13: When running from mutated Moreau, when you get to the colored bridges, turn around to see some wood sticking out of the water in front of a wrecked windmill. This goat will be sitting on one of the pices of wood sticking out.
    Goat #14: After draining the resevoir, go back to the area where you used the boat. You should now be able to enter a broken windmill. Once you go through the exit on the other side, look to the left by some rocks to find this goat.
    Goat #15: Before entering the path to the stronghold, go left to find Otto's Mill. Underneath the building is a shrine that has this goat.
    Goat #16: In the stronghold, you'll escape a group of lycans and go down a spiral stairwell. Once you get to the bottom look to the left to spot this goat on the wall.
    Goat #17: In the factory, after you get sucked in and destroy the fan in the ventiliation shaft, go to the edge opposite of the path you need to go. You will find this goat along the wall of metal bulldozer blades.
    Goat #18: In the factory, after you call the elevator to B1 (the elevator with the Duke) go ahead and press B3 to ride down. On the open door side to the left of the Duke, you will spot some red girders. One of these girders has a goat on it as you ride down. You'll have to be quick to hit it. If you miss, it's fine since you can keep riding the elevator.
    Goat #19: Once you defeat Sturm (propeller enemy), you'll eventually enter a room containing Heisenberg's Diary and a cigar. Look around this room to find a small vent you can crawl through. When you do, you'll enter a small room that contains this goat.
    Goat #20: During the section with Chris, after you find the Megamycete and plant the bomb, turn around to see some roots sticking out from the snow in the darkness. There is a goat around there in front of a statue. (You may want to turn up the brightness to see it better)

    If you would like a video of the locations, here is one by Gamer Guru:
  • Equip a gun with a customizable part.

  • Equip every gun with their customizable parts in the story.

    Throughout the game there are several customizable parts for many of the weapons. Some are found and others are bought from the Duke.

    Guns that feature attachments include:
    • LEMI Handgun
    • M1897 Shotgun
    • F2 Rifle
    • M1911 Handgun
    • W870 TAC Shotgun
    • M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum
    • V61 Custom Handgun
    • SYG-12 Shotgun
    • WCX Rifle (Bought from Extras)
    • S.T.A.K.E. Magnum (unlocked in New Game+)

    Attachments you have to find include:
    • LEMI Handgun - Recoil Compensator - In a briefcase found after leaving the kitchen where you fought Bela, the first of Lady Dimitrescu's daughters
    • F2 Rifle - High Capacity Mag - After finding the key to the Luthier's house in the house on the left hillside coming from the Beneviento House, enter the Luthier's house to find this briefcase after solving the padlock puzzle. (This is the Maestro's treasure)
    • M1911 Handgun - High Capacity Mag - After draining the resevoir, follow Moreau as he runs and go into one of the first wrecked houses you see. You should spot a briefcase with this attachment.
    • W870 TAC Shotgun - Foregrip - After obtaining the crank from Moreau's area, go to the Lone Road and lower the drawbridge. You will find a boat you can ride. Ride it south, then follow the path to enter a cave. At the end of the cave are some crates with this briefcase.
    • M1851 Wolfsbane Magnum - Long Barrel - In the factory, after you restore the power. Go to the area labeled "Operating Room". You should find this briefcase in there.

    All other attachments are purchased from the Duke.

    If you would like a video that shows the locations of the attachments, here is a good one by Playstation Gaming:
  • Create every type of item available in the Crafting menu.

    For this trophy you just have to create at least one item from each recipe in the game. All recipes involve a certain amount of Herbs, Chem Fluid, Rusted Scraps and Metal Scraps. See Artisan trophy_bronze.png for the list of recipes.
  • Collect every crafting recipe.

    There are a total of 11 crafting recipes in the game. Some are unlocked after you find the item in the world and others are unlocked after you buy/locate a specific weapon. However, all recipes must be purchased from the Duke (except the 2 you start with). Here is the list of recipes:

    First Aid - Given at start
    Handgun Ammo - Given at start
    Shotgun Ammo - Unlocked after finding the Shotgun
    Sniper Rifle Ammo - Unlocked after finding the Sniper Rifle
    Mine - Unlocked after finding a mine
    Pipe Bomb - Unlocked after finding a Pipe Bomb
    Explosive Rounds - Unlocked after finding the Grenade Launcher
    Flash Rounds - Unlocked after finding the Grenade Launcher
    Magnum Ammo - Unlocked after finding the Magnum
    Assault Rifle Ammo - Unlocked after buying the WCX Rifle from Extras
    Rocket Pistol Ammo - Unlocked after buying the Rocket Pistol from Extras
  • Read every single file in the story.

    As with every Resident Evil, there are numerous files you can find that give backstory into the world and lore of the game. For this trophy, you will have to find and read all files in the game. There are a total of 47 to find and while most of them are easy to see, there are a few tricky ones that you might miss. You can check your progress during New Game+ by looking at the appropriate challenge. Also, to check which files you have exactly, you can press dpad_down.png while looking at your map. If you are having trouble locating any files, here is a video by Gamer Guru that shows all File Locations:
  • Finish the story within 3 hours.

    For this trophy you must complete the story under 3 hours. This is another trophy that is very easy to do once you have beaten the game once or twice. The game can be easily done in 2 and a half hours which offers plenty of leeway. Considering how you can do this on New Game+ with all of your previous equipment, this should be a piece of cake to do. To save time, I recommend combining this with a playthrough featuring the knife only, spending less than 10,000 Lei and using 4 or less health recovery items.
  • Finish the story without spending more than 10,000 Lei.

    For this trophy you must complete the game while spending no more than 10,000 Lei at Duke's Emporium. If you combine this with your knife only, limited recovery item, 3 hour speedrun then you will have nothing to worry about. Since you can only use the knife and you won't need recovery items, it's very easy to save money.
  • Get a combo of at least 30 during The Mercenaries.

    In Mercenaries, every time you kill an enemy, your combo counter will go up. This combo acts as a bank that you store more points into as you keep it going. After a certain amount of time not killing an enemy, the timer will run out, the combo will end and you will cash in your points. In order to earn this trophy, you must kill 30 enemies within a single combo. Getting a combo of 30 is very easy to do on later levels like Castle and Mad Village and practically required if you want the S ranks for Legendary Cowboy trophy_silver.png.
  • Achieve at least an S Rank on all stages in The Mercenaries.

    This is probably the most difficult trophy in the game since it requires some effort and even a tiny bit of luck. However, it's easily doable once you understand how Mercenaries works and what you should be doing. To earn this trophy you are going to have to earn an S rank on all 8 stages of Mercenaries. While there are 8 stages, there are only 4 map sets. This is because stages 1-4 act as a kind of "Normal" mode where enemies dont hurt too bad and you get a decent amount of weapons to choose from, while stages 5-8 act as a "Hard" mode where enemies hit a bit harder and you only get the LEMI Handgun with the option to purchase the Grenade Launcher and Wolfsbane Magnum if you want. The way Mercenaries works is that you start in a prep area where you can buy any weapons, items, upgrades, etc. you want for an amount of Lei. You can also check the nearby book for the score requirements for each rank. Once you enter the stage, you will have to kill a number of enemies in a time limit to rack up points and contribute to a combo. If you take too long between killing enemies, the combo runs out and you cash in your points. You will also find yellow orbs which extend the timer and blue orbs which grant you perks like damage up, increased speed, health regeneration etc. The idea is simple, maintain the combo as long as possible to rack up more points. Any money you collect can be used in the prep area between combat areas. The maximum rank you can't get is SSS rank but for this trophy, you only need an S rank. Here are some tips:
    • For stages 1-4, only buy the M1897 shotgun, pipe bombs and the Power/Reload/Fire Rate upgrades for the LEMI and shotgun. Personally, I would always try to max out reload speed on the shotgun ASAP since it's that strong. Believe me when I tell you that the shotgun is strong enough to take down everything you'll encounter, especially if its power has been upgraded. You will find enough ammo pickups for it to be sustainable and this also allows you to sell the rifle ammo for extra Lei towards whatever else
    • The combo is the most important thing. Your primary goal is to keep that combo going for as long as possible. To do this, I recommend first prioritizing a speed perk over a damage perk if you get one. If you see the perk Agile, get it. This considerably increases your speed overall which should make it easier to move around the map between enemy groups. Once you have the Agile perk, you should be set in terms of speed. Now you want to focus on damage perks like pistol mastery, shotgun mastery, execution etc.
    • If you notice that it's taking you a bit to get to the next mob, pull out the shotgun so you can one shot the first weak enemy you see to reset the combo timer. You don't have to be stingy with the shotgun ammo but just remember to be careful because you'll want it mostly for enemies like Soldats and other enmies that are a pain.
    • Once you reach levels 5-8, only buy the magnum. Pour the rest of your money into upgrading the LEMI, especially the power. You'll only need to buy the magnum, LEMI upgrades (except capacity which is useless), pipe bombs and First Aids. First aids and pipe bombs come after the LEMI is upgraded. Use the Magnum for large lycans (the ones with metal claws), any Soldats that are taking you too long, any mini boss type enemies like the Dimitrescu sisters, Sturm and Varcolac. Use the LEMI pistol for everything else. Pipe bombs help against strong enemies too if you dont want to waste magnum ammo or the pistol is taking too long.
    • Always try to kill everything in a level. Having a fast time is good but you get a flat out 50000 points for killing everything in the area so if you have the time, backtrack and make sure everything dies before clearing the area. Be mindful of animals since things like birds will fly away if you get too close which could lose you your bonus.
    • Learn map layouts and enemy routes. 90% of your success is going to depend on you knowing the best route to take through the map. You want a route that allows you to get to each enemy group as fast as possible. This means you'll have to take some runs to learn which way to go and figure out where the enemies are.
  • View all character and weapon models.

    After beating the game, you will unlock the extras menu which features bonus weapons, weapon modifications, figures and concept art. For this trophy, you must purchase all figures, then view them in the museum. Things are purchased from the Extras menu with CP which is earned by completing challenges in the game. Figures are very cheap and if you are going for the Platinum, you will definitely earn way more than enough CP to buy them along with the necessary guns, concept art and even weapon modifications.
  • View all concept art.

    After beating the game, you will unlock the extras menu which features bonus weapons, weapon modifications, figures and concept art. For this trophy, you must purchase all concept art, then view them in the museum. Things are purchased from the Extras menu with CP which is earned by completing challenges in the game. Concept art is very cheap and if you are going for the Platinum, you will definitely earn way more than enough CP to buy them along with the necessary guns, figures and even weapon modifications.

Secret trophies

  • Survive the lycan attack.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after surviving the lycan attack upon entering the village.
  • Escape the mine.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after meeting the Four Lords and escaping the trapped mine.
  • Defeat the mutated Dimitrescu.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after escaping Castle Dimitrescu and defeating the mutated Dimitrescu boss.
  • Defeat Donna and Angie.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after defeating Donna and Angie and escaping the Beneviento house.
  • Defeat the mutated Moreau.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after visiting the resevoir and defeating the mutated Moreau boss.
  • Defeat Uriaș in the stronghold.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after making your way through the Stronghold and defeating Urias boss.
  • Place the Giant's Chalice in the ceremony site.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after collecting all flasks and moving the Giant's Chalice to the ceremony site.
  • Defeat the mutated Heisenberg.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after escaping the factory and defeating the mutated Heisenberg boss.
  • Find the Megamycete in the underground ruins.

    Story Related

    You will obtain this trophy after fighting through the village as Chris and locating the Megamycete.
  • Move the ball from the Winterses' bedroom into the study.

    This trophy is earned in the beginning of the game when you are putting Rosemary to sleep. In the same room as Rosemary's crib, there is a yellow ball ont he ground. You should see a study that connects directly into Rosemary's room. Just move Ethan enough to kick the ball into the study and earn this trophy.
  • Shoot down a Soldat hanging from the production line in the Factory.

    Early on in the factory, after escaping Sturm (the propeller monster) and climbing out of the trash area, youll enter a large production area where you should see a bunch of Soldats hanging and moving. To earn this trophy just shoot one to have it fall off the production line.
  • Defeat Uriaș during the first lycan attack when you enter the village.

    You'll likely not be able to earn this until New Game+. When you start a New Game+ you keep everything you had in your previous playthrough such as money, weapons, etc. and can use them right away upon entering the village. To earn this trophy you must defeat Uriaș (the giant, hammer wielding enemy) during the initial lycan attack you have to survive in the village. Using things like the grenade launcher, shotgun or any high powered weapon will put him down easily.
  • Finish the story only using four or less recovery items.

    For this trophy you must complete the story while using 4 or less First Aids. This is extremely easy to do on Casual difficulty after you learn the game, especially because there are moments in the story where Ethan will use a First Aid and it will heal you while not counting against you for the trophy. I recommend combining this with a playthrough using the knife only, spending less than 1,0000 Lei and under 3 hours since it saves time and it's not hard to do at all. Remember that you can block with l1.png to significantly reduce any damage you take. If you are concerned about this trophy during a run, you can look under the appropriate Challenge to see how many First Aids you have used in a playthrough.
  • Not including some boss fights, finish the story using nothing but close combat weapons.

    For this trophy you must complete the game while only using close quarters weapons which includes the Knife and the Karambit Knife. I recommend beating the game once, then purchasing the Karambit Knife from the Extras menu. This is because the Karambit Knife deals a lot more damage than the standard knife which makes things easier. Keep in mind that there are moments where you must use a weapon or item to progress but this should not affect the trophy. As long as you don't harm an enemy, you should be fine. You can check your progress under the appropriate Challenge. If it reads "0 used" then you are still eligible for the trophy.

    As a quick reference, here are moments where you have to use another weapon other than the knife:
    • When you reach the room with the 5 bells in Castle Dimitrescu, you must use a gun to shoot the bells since most of them are too far
    • When fighting Cassandra, the third sister, you must use a pipe bomb to blow a hole in the wall
    • When running from Moreau, you must use a gun to shoot the wood on the metal tower to knock it down and cross
    • When moving up in the room with the giant fan, you must shoot the 4 lights to destory the fan above
    • When sucked into the ventilation shaft in the factory, you must use a gun to shoot and blow up the fan
    • When fighting Miranda, you must use a gun to destroy the giant ball of mold when she holds you down. However, remember to swap back to the knife after the ball of mold is destroyed!

DLC: Winters’ Expansion

7 trophies

  • Finish Shadows of Rose on at least Casual difficulty.

  • Finish Shadows of Rose on at least Standard difficulty.

  • Finish Shadows of Rose on Hardcore difficulty.

  • Craft every type of item in Shadows of Rose.

  • Complete the Bloody Village in Additional Orders.

  • Complete the Bloody River in Additional Orders.


Secret trophies

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