I Prefer Them Alive Trophy in Resident Evil 6

  • I Prefer Them Alive


    Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral.

    How to unlock I Prefer Them Alive

    During Chapter 2 - Leon's Campaign, you will enter a cathedral. In here, you will have to complete a set of puzzles in order to open the secret passage behind the altar. Once you do this, a new B.O.W - the Lepotitsa - will emerge. In order to get this, you simply need to kill him faster than he can kill the civilians. Use heavy weaponry such as shotguns, rifles or explosives, and if on a second playthrough, magnums. If you're having difficulty with this, then playing on Amateur is recommended. If playing in co-op, both players will receive this. If done correctly, this will unlocking during the cutscene, or after it.

    For a video demonstrating this method, please see below. Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

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  • This was annoying, but got it after a few attempts
  • This wasn't TOO difficult to get, but I did it on Recruit difficulty so I could damage the Lepotitsa (gas spewing B.O.W.) quickly before it infected too many of the survivors.
  • Also, used Helena as opposed to Leon to have the advantage of the Hydra shotgun.
  • * lol meant Amateur difficulty
  • Got it first try!
  • This game is better when you play it online with someone. Gets dull fast when you play it alone.
  • i got this with leon with the magnum, a few shoots to the head was enough on amateur
  • what chapter is this?
  • This is easy to get with the Lightning Hawk. Either save up the magnum rounds or wait till you can get the Infinite Magnum skill. Just a few relentless shots to the head and the Lepotitsa is done.
  • i seriously had no idea this was gonna be a trophy and got it on accident playing through my 1st time
  • Like #10 I got it without even trying. I was just killing the thing when it popped up and I'm wondering what the trophy was for, lolz.

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