Road Map

Estimated Platinum Difficulty: 5.5/10
Offline Trophies: 51 (38, 11, 1, 1)
Online Trophies: 0 (While there are no online specific trophies, all trophies can be achieved in a co-op game.)
Estimated Time to Platinum: 30+ Hours
Minimum Playthroughs Required: 2 (3 recommended)
Missable Trophies: None (Chapter Select)
Glitched Trophies: None
Does Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes. There are four difficulty trophies.
Do Difficulty Trophies Stack?: Yes

Step One - Amateur Playthrough (Optional)
Completing the game on amateur first is entirely optional as all difficulty trophies stack. If you're feeling braver or want to achieve the platinum in two playthroughs instead, you can attempt this step on veteran instead. Lesser skilled players will want to play through amateur first and then attempt veteran once you have unlocked unlimited ammo.

During the course of the game you may come across cases, sparkling objects and chests. These contain weapons, treasures and gold respectively. Make sure to collect them to reduce your workload later on. Every time your partner heals you or you request an item, make sure to press to build progress towards Who Do You Trust? It is very unlikely that you'll unlock it during this playthrough, but you'll be well on your way.

There are four chapter specific trophies in the game. Some may come naturally, while others will take more effort. These are as follows:

  • Drive By - Kill one of the truck drivers in 2-3
  • Heart Stopper - Knock a Licker on it's back and complete the QTE in 5-1, 5-2 or 5-3.
  • Masters of Removing - Remove the device in the second boss fight of 5-3 while she is standing.

The fourth trophy, Bad Blood, which can also be obtained in 5-3 is best left until you acquire the infinite rocket launcher. As always, refer to their trophy descriptions for more information on obtaining them.

Completing the game will net you a minimum of 17 trophies, one for beating each chapter and completing the game on amateur. You will likely have unlocked a few more basic trophies without trying such as 20 headshots, 20 melee kills, saving your partner 10 times and killing multiple enemies with explosions. This should put you at roughly half way towards the Platinum.

After completing the game, you'll want to focus on getting your overall completion time down to five hours or below to unlock the infinite rocket launcher. Beating the game will also enable you to use infinite ammo on any weapon that you have fully upgraded. Refer to War Hero for more information and tips about infinite ammo and the infinite rocket launcher.

Step Two - Veteran Playthrough
Note: If you choose to start the game on Veteran, please refer to step one for instructions on tackling this playthrough.

On veteran difficulty, a few hits will put you in dying status, however, your new infinite arsenal should eradicate this problem. If you find yourself taking too much damage from gunfire especially, pick up a bulletproof vest from the store for $10,000. As with the first playthrough, remember to press whenever your partner heals you or you request a weapon. You should unlock Who Do You Trust? and Lifeguard early on.

During 5-3, make sure to take your infinite rocket launcher as it will make one trophy far easier. Firing at the boss two times in quick succession while he has your back to you will earn you the Bad Blood trophy. After completion of this playthrough, you'll unlock professional difficulty. You should now have around 70% of the trophies.

Step Three - Professional Playthrough
On Professional, every shot counts! One hit from most enemies can send you into dying status. Infinite ammo is essential to survive. Stay close to your partner at all times as you will both bleed out in mere seconds and the AI will be too slow to reach you otherwise. Chapters 2-3 and 5-3 are the most brutal and can make or break your run. Once you've made it past them, it'll be smooth sailing to the end. For tips on making it through Professional, refer to the strategies underneath each chapter and War Hero. The Platinum is almost yours now.

Step Four - Collectibles
There are 107 collectibles in the game in the form of Weapons, BSAA Emblems and Treasures. I've created a separate thread detailing all the details and locations you'll need to know here. As well as collecting all weapons, you'll also have to fully upgrade each one apart from explosives and the launchers. Even if you play through the game four times you will not have nearly enough money, you have no choice but to grind it out. There are three good ways where this can be done listed under Take it to the Max. Pick a strategy that suits you or mix and match.

After obtaining all emblems, you'll be able to unlock a further two trophies via purchases at the bonus features menu; All Dressed Up and They're ACTION Figures! For the latter you will also need an S rank in each chapter. Information about obtaining S ranks can be found under it's trophy description.

Step Five - Clean Up
The Platinum is on the horizon now. Deflecting a bow arrow, killing a jumping majini with a headshot, performing the maximum amount of combo's and perhaps the kill x amount of enemies with certain weapons should be your only remaining trophies. Refer to each of their trophy descriptions for strategies and in most cases a video guide too. Congratulations on your Platinum!

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Versus Pack DLC:

The Versus DLC of Resident Evil 5 introduces a competitive online component to the title and includes four game modes as well as a range of unlockable characters, all of which can be played on a variety of maps from the story missions.


- Estimated Trophy Difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: None
- Online: 7 3
- Approximate Time To Complete: 25-35 hours
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: N/A
- Missable Trophies: None
- Difficulty Affects Trophies: No
- Glitched Trophies: None

All of these trophies must be earned online and you will need a partner in order to obtain four of them. Most are simply time-consuming rather than difficult however there are a few which may give you a few problems, the details of which are listed below in the trophy guide. Because this is an online DLC, there isn’t really a set way of approaching it so you can obtain these trophies in any order that you wish.

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Lost In Nightmares DLC:



  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10
  • Offline Trophies: 5
  • Online Trophies: No but trophies can be boosted.
  • Estimated Time To 100%: 2-5 hours
  • Minimum Number Of Playthroughs Needed: 2 (however 3 is strongly recommended)
  • Number Of Missable Trophies: None
  • Difficulty Affect Trophies?: Yes, the trophy Night Terrors requires the player to finish the story on Professional Mode.
  • Do Cheat Codes Disable Trophies?: No known cheat codes.

Important Links Used In The Guide:

Soon after Resident Evil's début onto the PS3 with Resident Evil 5, two DLC chapters were released for purchase on PSN - Desperate Escape; a chapter explaining what happens to Jill Valentine during Resident Evil 5's climax, and Lost In Nightmares; a chapter explaining what happened to Jill Valentine when she disappeared a few years before the story of Resident Evil 5, as well as detailing previously unexplained plot points in this sequel to the franchise.

DLC price (Lost In Nightmares) - €4.99 / 500¥ / $4.99 / £3.99
If you purchased Resident Evil: Gold Edition or Resident Evil: Move Edition, you will get both DLC chapters for free. For Lost In Nightmares, you must finish Chapter 3-1 and it should unlock. For Desperate Escape, you must finish the game and it should unlock.

Lost In Nightmares will feel like a trip down memory lane for most long-time fans, as it focuses heavily on puzzles and horror elements, with many references and locations which will be reminiscent of the original Resident Evil. It's much easier than Desperate Escape trophy wise and can be completed in a much shorter time. In regards to the trophies; they hold little challenge and boosting can tone everything down, so you should find no trouble as long as you follow the guide.

Important note before you begin:
Something worth noting about Lost In Nightmares is there seems to be a difference between the Gold and Move editions of Resident Evil 5. If you have the Gold Edition, Jill is unlocked from the get-go and you can earn the Wish Upon a Star trophy in your first playthrough. However, with the Move edition, you unlock Jill after clearing the mini-story once. So, if you have the Move edition, collect all eighteen BSAA Stars in your Professional mode run (Step II).

I - Play through for the first time on Veteran Mode, collecting all BSAA Stars
Play through the story of Lost In Nightmares and enjoy it! Although pretty short, it packs a bunch of content into the time you play it, and the replay value is very high. You'll need to complete Lost In Nightmares on Professional Mode for a trophy sooner or later and Professional Mode is only unlocked by completing the scenario on Veteran Mode. To save yourself a playthrough, pick Veteran Mode for your first playthrough.

Something worth noting is that Lost In Nightmares has collectibles and you must collect all of them for one of the five trophies that accompanies this DLC chapter. There are 18 collectibles in total; so it would be good to just deal with that trophy now. Locations and further details all detailed under the respective trophies.

Trophies unlocked:

Must've Got Lost
Wish Upon a Star

Although unlikely, it is possible that you may also unlock:

It's Just A Bad Dream!
Kung-Fu Fighting

II - Play the game in Professional Mode
Now that you’ve got the BSAA Stars and the first play out of the way, it's time to quickly rush through the game and beat Professional Mode. The noteworthy thing about this difficulty is that practically one hit can kill you, ammo is more limited, and the crank puzzle near the end of the chapter is longer (meaning more enemies). Take your time and go slow; there's really no rush. Don't attempt going for It's Just A Bad Dream! in this playthrough. It'll be pretty difficult. If you are playing the Move edition of Resident Evil 5, then you must collect the BSAA Score Stars now.

Trophies unlocked:

Night Terrors

III - Get an S rank in the chapter and pick up the last two trophies
Now that the bulk of your trophy hunting is finished, it's time to get an S rank in Lost In Nightmares and inflict enough damage on Wesker at the end of the chapter to get Kung-Fu Fighting. There are multiple requirements to be met in getting an S rank score, which are all detailed under It's Just A Bad Dream! Difficulty recommendations, tips and recommended routes are all detailed under the respective trophies.

Trophies unlocked:

Kung-Fu Fighting
It’s Just A Bad Dream!

IV - Clean Up (if necessary)
Missed a trophy? Time to pick it up now and finish off the trophies for this DLC chapter. Now that wasn't very hard, was it?

Compared to Desperate Escape this is drastically easier in terms of trophies and story, regardless that it is the one that focuses on puzzles more so. For the price at which it is available it's worth every penny in my eyes and the fact it has trophies is an added bonus.

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Desperate Escape DLC:

-Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 5 (1, 4)
-Online: None
-Approximate time to Platinum: 3-6 Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs: In theory, just 1 if you can join someone’s Professional difficulty session.
-Number of missable trophies: 2 ("Way of the Warrior" & "Shoot the Messenger" – see below)
-Glitched trophies: None
-Do cheat codes disable trophies: To my knowledge, there aren’t any cheats.
-Does difficulty affect trophies: Yes, you must complete the game on the Professional difficulty.

Although most likely impossible, you could obtain all trophies in one playthrough by joining someone's Professional difficulty while online. Personally I was able to enjoy the game and get the five trophies in four playthroughs.

First Amateur Playthrough
Simply enjoy the game and don't worry about trophies.
You'll unlock "Getaway".

Second Amateur Playthrough
Request Josh's weapon at the beginning and kill all zombies on your own. Also be sure to spawn the three Agitator Majini. You'll unlock "The Great Escape", "Way of the Warrior" and "Shoot the Messenger".

Veteran Playthrough
Complete this difficulty level in order to unlock Professional.

Professional Playthrough
You'll unlock "Run the Gauntlet".

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Further resources:

Resident Evil 5 - All Melee Finishers

Resident Evil 5 Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

71 trophies ( 16  53  3  )

  • Complete Chapter 1 - 1 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 1-1 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Chapter 1 - 2 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 1-2 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Uroboros
    You'll start the fight by falling back to a room containing an incinerator. Stay on the left side of the room and don't move too fast or Uroboros may move down the right side instead or split and re-spawn. Once you're locked in the room run through the incinerator to the other side of the room. There will be a lever that will close the incinerator doors and fire it up, however, the doors close slowly, so you'll want to activate it before Uroboros gets inside or it'll get out before the doors close. It may take a few attempts to get the timing right.

    If you decide to take the guns blazing approach instead, which is not recommended at this point in the game, Uroboros will drop a Gold Ring.

  • Complete Chapter 2 - 1 on any difficulty setting.

    Beat 2-1 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Chapter 2 - 2 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 2-2 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Popokarimu
    Popokarimu is coated in heavy armour with the exception of a weak spot on it's tail which is only exposed whilst flying or knocked down. There are various barrels scattered around the area which contain ammo and most importantly, proximity bombs. Equip a bomb and place it roughly in the middle of the path. Your next objective is to lure the beast over it, they won't explode if you make contact with them so feel free to walk over them. Once it's knocked down by the explosion, run closer to the weak spot and pump it with your best weapon until it gets up again. Rinse and repeat a few times and the B.O.W will fall.

  • Complete Chapter 2 - 3 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 2-3 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Ndesu
    Your only weapon for this fight is the truck's gun turret. As you use the gun, the red on it's radar will rise. Don't let it reach the top from prolonged fire or you'll be a sitting duck. Start the fight off by firing at Ndesu's head. If he gets too close he will attempt to punch you or stomp on the truck. The punch can be evaded by pressing a button when prompted. The stomp cannot be dodged, instead you'll need to keep firing at him to stagger him.

    After he has taken enough damage, two parasites will grow out of him. A couple of Crossbow Majini will appear at the far right. A Molotov Majini may also appear to your left. If you kill all of them, they will all respawn so keep one of the crossbow Majini alive. During this phase Ndesu will try and ram the truck, this will either kill you or cause critical damage. You'll know when he's about to start this attack by your partner's phrase, 'There's something wrong with him!' or 'I don't like the looks of this!' depending on who you are controlling. Like with the stomp, continually firing at him will stagger him. While you're shooting at the two parasites he may turn around, walk away and pick up a boulder. You can prevent this happening by shooting the barrel nearby. If you fail, you'll have to pump some rounds into the boulder to crack it before it hits the truck. Once the two parasites have been destroyed, a much larger one will emerge. Focus all of your fire into it until it disappears.

    As you did at the beginning of the fight, fire at Ndesu until you have dealt significant damage. This time, four parasites will emerge from his body. The same strategy from the previous phase applies here. As well as picking up and throwing boulders, he will also pick up the pylons near the truck. If you fail to get him to drop it by shooting a barrel, you will need to pass a QTE to dodge the hit. He'll then try to smash you with it, continuous gun fire will make him drop it. Watch out for him smacking his fists into the ground, this will send a shockwave to the truck which requires a QTE success to evade. If you're firing while the prompt appears, it may disappear in the blink of an eye. After destroying all four parasites, the big one will pop up again. Unleash hell again to end the fight. If you're playing on professional, you may have to repeat this a third time.

  • Complete Chapter 3 - 1 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 3-1 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Chapter 3 - 2 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 3-2 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Chapter 3 - 3 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 3-3 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Irving
    The boat is equipped with four guns, two gun turrets and two launchers, so there is no need to use your own weapons. He'll start by swimming alongside the boat, hit the weak spot on his head a few times and he'll go under and four tentacles will emerge. They will regularly try to crush you on the boat, if you're in range you'll need to press a button to dodge it. After destroying each tentacle twice, Irving will return to the surface again. At various points during the battle, he'll race towards you and attempt to eat you which can only be dodged with a successful button prompt to prevent instant death. Keep shooting the weak spot and he'll eventually disappear only to resurface and grab onto the boat initiating phase two.

    The beast's mouth will open revealing Irving inside. Get onto one of the turrets and fire at him until he goes under and then attempts to eat you again. This time when he opens up again, he'll be supported by the tentacles. Man the turret and start firing at Irving again, you can even dodge the tentacles while firing. Rinse and repeat this phase, it won't take long to defeat him from here.

  • Complete Chapter 4 - 1 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 4-1 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Popokarimu
    Popokarimu returns to the fray! Fighting it head-on is actually completely optional. If you prefer you can run up the stairs and engage a QTE to escape and complete the level. By doing this, however, you miss out on the chance to obtain the soul gem treasure worth $10,000. Don't worry, you can come back for it later.

    If you fight it head-on, the fight will be identical to your first encounter with the exception of a different environment and your more powerful arsenal. Start by placing proximity bombs on the ground or lobbing grenades at it. Once it's down, let loose on the weak spot just like before. Simple. Pick up the soul gem before venturing up the stairs.

  • Complete Chapter 4 - 2 on any difficulty setting.

    Beat 4-2 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Chapter 5 - 1 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 5-1 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - U-8
    Before you can even move you'll have to complete a button prompt to roll out of the way. Now that that's taken care of, you'll need to crack it's shell. This can be accomplished by throwing grenades inside it's mouth, but it must be weakened first. Aim your gunfire at it's mouth while open or the weak spots on it's legs. Occasionally, U-8 will attempt to swipe you, a QTE may be required to avoid this. After enough damage has been dealt it will temporarily fall down. You'll want to quickly run up to it's mouth and press to toss in a grenade.

    During the fight U-8 may climb to the top of the elevator and release a flurry of henchmen. One shot is all it'll take to down them and you'll receive ammo and/or herbs for your effort too. Keep firing at the weak spots, but don't get to close to the boss or you'll find yourself in a QTE sequence. After enough damage has been sustained, it'll temporarily fall down again. Like before, run up to it's mouth and lob a grenade inside. It's shell will now start cracking away and you can aim at the weak spot on it's head. You're in the final stage of the fight now and U-8 will become much more aggressive by regularly slamming into the elevator. Keep firing until it falls off the elevator completely.

  • Complete Chapter 5 - 2 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 5-2 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Uroboros Mkono
    Your foe from 1-2 returns, but there is no incinerator to lure it into this time. In order to defeat this boss you need to destroy it's weak spots which are only exposed when damaged by fire. There are a few ways to achieve this:

    Flame Rounds - You may have picked up some flame rounds on your way to this fight. If so, combine them with your grenade launcher and fire away one at a time.

    Incendiary Grenades - Don't worry if you don't have any on you as there are two in the area. As with the flame rounds, use them one at a time.

    Gas Canisters - There are three canisters in the room. Run over to them and press to knock them onto the floor. Your next objective is to lure Mkono over them which will cause it to become tangled within him and will eventually explode revealing the weak point. You can also shoot it yourself to make it blow up faster.

    Flamethrower - You can't use this at the very beginning of the fight but at the back of the room a flamethrower will be on charge. When it's ready for use an announcement will sound out. The downside of using the flamethrower is it's short range which can be very dangerous at times. On the plus side, it holds tons of fuel and can be constantly recharged throughout the fight.

    Rocket Launcher - If you're feeling cheap or just cant defeat the boss, restart the checkpoint and purchase the rocket launcher for $10,000. One hit will cause instant death. The launcher only holds one rocket though so make it count.

  • Complete Chapter 5 - 3 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 5-3 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Phase One
    This fight has a seven minute time limit, so you could spend the time running around avoiding death.

    Don't waste your ammo on Wesker from the front, you'll want to take him out from behind instead. To the right of your starting position is a door, run over there to investigate. It's locked, but this will prompt Wesker to kick you through it. Run all the way through the area, drop down and run through the busted door again. Continue running until you see Wesker walking away with his back to you, if either his or your partner is too close to him do not fire yet. Fire a rocket at his back and he'll turn round and catch it. Before it runs out of steam, fire a shot at it to end this fight and also unlock the Bad Blood trophy.

    Boss Fight - Phase Two
    It's a two-on-one battle now. This fight is quite unique, you don't want to kill her or you'll initiate a game over screen. Start by circling around her pressing to distract her, watch out for any kicks. Either you or your partner should grab her from behind to temporarily restrain her. Once restrained, you have two options - attempt to tear or shoot the device off.

    To tear it off, press the button prompt when close enough and then mash the button until she breaks free from your partner's grip. If you were the one to restrain her, your partner will shoot it instead. Shooting the device will send a shock through her body and your partner will flip her onto the floor allowing another opportunity to tear the device off. Once she recovers you'll have to successfully press a button to evade an attack unlike when ripping it off while standing. Continue restraining, tearing and shooting and you'll eventually rip the device off and end the fight.

    A tip mentioned by Overtkill21 to make this phase easier is to use flash rounds. Fire a flash round at her feet and the AI will grab her allowing you to shoot the device. The battle will be over in minutes with no health lost. On professional, roughly 10 flash rounds are required.

  • Complete Chapter 6 - 1 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 6-1 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

  • Complete Chapter 6 - 2 on any difficulty setting.


    Beat 6-2 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Uroboros Aheri
    Uroboros returns again and it's even deadlier than ever. Start the battle by using the key card on the panel to receive a new weapon, the Laser Targeting Device. You can choose to attack from your current level or the level above, I prefer up-top. Aim at the weak spot on either tentacle, you'll need to be locked on for a few seconds before you can fire. Unfortunately, after firing you will not be able to use the weapon for a minute while it recharges. Due to the recharge time of the LTD, bringing a powerful weapon such as a magnum into the battle will greatly cut down the length of the battle. After you destroy each weak spot, Uroboros will spit out some underlings. A couple of shots will take care of them and will reward you will ammo/herbs or you can ignore them completely, but they will quickly multiply as the battle progresses. After both weak spots have been destroyed, a larger one will temporarily emerge. With your magnum and the LTD deal as much damage as possible. Unless you're carrying a rocket launcher, you aren't going to be able to defeat it first-time.

    Four tentacles will appear this time. If you aren't already on the top level, head up there as it will make shooting the weak spots easier. You'll have to be more precise when locking onto the tentacles this time. If you take too long, they will swerve and attempt to crush you which can be evaded by passing a QTE. Like against Irving on the turrets, you can still pull off QTE dodges while aiming. Once you've destroyed all four bulbs, the larger one will reveal itself again. Hit it with everything you've got to hopefully put it down. If it's still standing, repeat this step again until it dies.

  • Complete Chapter 6 - 3 on any difficulty setting.

    Beat 6-3 on any difficulty to unlock this trophy.

    Boss Fight - Wesker
    In the corners of the room there are four levers which control the lighting, one of which is broken. As you may have found out in 5-3, shooting him head-on won't do anything, he'll just dodge it, but turning off the lights will help you immensely. By the broken lever is a glass case which contains a rocket launcher. Smash it open to obtain it. Now you'll want to turn one or more levers to encase the area in darkness. Bare in mind that Wesker can turn the lever again to restore the light. Despite it being dark, Wesker will still dodge any frontal hits. During the battle, he may throw some rockets at you himself. A cutscene will play out when this is about to happen, so you won't be unprepared. Run for cover!

    When he isn't paying attention to you, fire a rocket at him. Quickly switch to another weapon and fire at it which will temporarily stun him. You'll want to run up to him and press the button prompt to restrain him while your partner injects him. If you missed or the injection failed, you can find roughly five rockets in a glass case on one of the top levels. Repeat this step until you get it right. Some cutscenes will play out requiring you to pass several successful QTEs which ultimately lands you in a Volcano.

    The second part of this battle won't play out until you take a few steps forward, so take the time to heal yourself and collect the supplies from the crates. After the fight is initiated, you'll need to fall back over a bridge which will ultimately collapse. You'll now want to head for higher ground, jump over the lava and head up the path. As Wesker walks up the path a weak spot on his back will be exposed which Sheva will shoot at. After a while he'll jump up to Sheva's level and go after her instead who will run backwards and slip on a collapsing bridge. To prevent her death you'll need to shoot at Wesker to slow him down. He'll then throw rocks at you which must be dodged with a QTE prompt. Continue shooting at him and dodging the rocks. Next run down the cliff and over to the boulder where you'll have to pull off a few QTEs to knock it into the lava so that Sheva can cross. Head back up to higher ground.

    Shoot at his weak spot a few times once it is revealed. Don't stay close to Wesker or you may get caught in his tentacle whirlwind attack. Once the attack is over restrain him by pressing a button once close to his back and continuously tap it. This will prompt Sheva to stab the weak spot. Some final cutscenes will play out, but do not put your controller down yet. A final QTE must be completed to prevent your death. Congratulations on beating the game!

  • Complete all chapters on Amateur.


    See War Hero.

  • Complete all chapters on Normal.


    See War Hero.

  • Complete all chapters on Veteran.


    See War Hero.

  • Find all 4 types of eggs.

    There are four different eggs in the game; white, brown, golden and rotten. White, brown and golden eggs can be found around the coops in chapter 3-1. For the golden egg you'll want to venture around the middle island where the concentration of chickens is highest. If you do not find a golden egg there get back into the boat and drive around for a minute. Keep repeating the process.

    Rotten eggs can only be dropped by enemies later in the game. I found the best spot to obtain one was by defeating the spiders at the beginning of level 4-1. On average I would obtain one every three runs. Another spot where I obtained a few was by killing the Majini in chapter 5-3, the area where three reapers can drop down. In order to unlock the trophy, you must be holding all four at once. If one or more is located in your storage, it will not unlock until you access the item management menu.

    If you're having trouble finding any of the eggs, head over to the Egg Duplication Thread for help.

  • Purchase all available alternative costumes in Bonus Features.

    There are four costumes available for purchase in the bonus features menu. Unlike figurines, they cost 0 exchange points, but a requirement must be met before you can purchase them. These are as follows:

    Chris (Safari) - Complete the game.
    Sheva (Clubbin') - Complete the game.
    Chris (S.T.A.R.S) - Obtain 25 BSAA Emblems
    Sheva (Tribal) - Obtain 30 BSAA Emblems.

  • Obtain all available weapons.

    There are 27 weapons in the game. These can be found during the game and/or purchased in the store.

    Hand Guns
    M92F - $2,000 - Received in 1-1
    H&K 98 - $4,000
    SIG P226 - $4,000
    M93R - Bought for $30,000 after maxing out the M92F

    Ithaca M37 - $2,000 - Found in 1-2
    M3 - $3,000 - Found in 3-3
    Jail Breaker - $4,000 - Found in 6-1
    Hydra - Bought for $30,000 after maxing out the M37.

    Machine Guns
    VZ61 - $2,000 - Found in 1-1.
    AK-74 - $4,000 - Found in 5-1
    H&K MP5 - $2,000 - Found in 2-1
    SIG 556 - $4,000 - Found in 5-2
    Gatling Gun - Bought for $50,000 after maxing out the VZ61

    S75 - $2,000 - Found in 2-1
    Dragunov SVD - $4,000 - Found in 2-2
    H&K PSG-1 - $4,000 - Found in 5-3
    Longbow - Bought for $50,000 after maxing out the S75

    S&W M29 - $4,000 - Found in 3-1
    L. Hawk - $5,000 - Found in 5-3
    S&W M500 - Bought for $30,000 after maxing out the S&W M29

    Grenade Launcher - $10,000 - Found in 4-1
    Rocket Launcher - $10,000 - Found in 3-1
    Stun Rod - $3,000 after completing 2-3
    Proximity Bomb - $1,500 - Various locations, prominently in 2-2.
    Flash Grenade - Various locations
    Hand Grenade - Various locations
    Incendiary Bomb - Various Locations

    For an in-depth guide on weapon locations, refer to this post.

  • Completely upgrade all weapons.

    For this trophy you need to completely upgrade every stat on each weapon. Explosive weapons, stun rod, gatling gun and the longbow cannot be upgraded which cuts the list down quite a bit. There are a couple of areas in the game you can farm for cash along with the egg duplication trick.

    This was my preferred method of farming. When you go up the ladder at the beginning of the level, take the left path. This will take you to a room with a safe which contains a treasure worth $3,000. Continue on your normal path to the room where the Reapers drop down. Before getting too close to the Reaper nest, you'll need to deal with any Majini in the vicinity. Not only are they armed with guns, but the reapers won't drop if they are still around. Reapers drop a Power Stone when killed which is worth $5,000. When replaying the level, select it again via chapter select instead of choosing to continue or you won't be able to collect the treasure from the safe again. Cash per run ~ $8,000-$18,000

    There is a U shaped hallway in this level which contains almost a dozen Lickers. Once killed they may drop a Lion Heart worth $2,500. After you've killed and collected all the hearts exit the game and choose the continue option instead of chapter select. By doing this you will spawn at the beginning of the hallway preventing the trek to this part of the level again. Cash per run ~ $7,500-$12,000.

    Egg Duplication
    Before beginning this process you will first need either two players or two controllers.

    • Go to the chapter select screen and pick any stage
    • At the item management screen remove everything from your inventory apart from the eggs
    • Player 2 should give you all of their eggs
    • Now quit the game and choose to save your progress
    • Player 2 quits the game, but must not save their progress or they will lose the eggs.

    If you're in need of a partner one can be found in this thread.

  • Obtain all treasures in the game.

    There are 50 treasures in the game. These can be found in the environment, inside chests or obtained by defeating specific enemies. Once you have found a treasure, feel free to sell it on as it will still remain in your collection. Holding all treasures at once is not necessary for this trophy.

    If you prefer a text guide, one can be found here.

  • Find all the BSAA emblems.

    There are 30 emblems which must be shot down throughout various chapters. During the course of the game you may have unintentionally shot some down while firing at enemies. The number of emblems collected in each level can be viewed at the chapter select screen.

    A video guide can be found below:

    If you prefer a text guide, one can be found here.

  • Collect all the figurines.

    There are 46 figurines to purchase from the bonus features menu. Excluding the first two which are free, each figurine costs 500 exchange points. Exchange points are earned based on your performance during the story and mercenary mode. Note: Mercenary mode is not available until beating the game.

    Before you can purchase any of the premium figurines, you'll need to unlock them. 43 of the figurines will be unlocked once you beat the game and obtain every BSAA emblem. The final figurine will be unlocked once you obtain an S rank on every stage. You do not have to obtain an S rank on the same difficulty, it can be spread out among all four.

    There are four stats that contribute to your rank at the end of the stage; accuracy, kills, deaths and completion time. In many of the stages you can just run past the majority of enemies securing an S rank for both time and deaths. As long as you don't fire wildly at the air, this should also give you a overall rank of S. It's a common misconception that in order to obtain an S rank on 6-2, you need to kill dozens of the enemies that the boss spits out. This is not true by any means. I obtained the S rank on that level despite only killing 11 enemies. Finishing the level fast without dying which is simple on amateur with the rocket launcher should secure the S rank.

  • Save partner 10 times when HELP is displayed.


    When your partner is grabbed by an enemy they will call out for assistance and help will flash inside their health circle. Before they break free from their grasp, run up to your partner and press to attack the enemy. Repeat nine more times to unlock the trophy.

  • Save partner 10 times when DYING is displayed.

    After your partner has lost the majority of their health, they will start bleeding out and dying will flash on the screen. Quickly run over to them and press to resuscitate them before they perish. Repeat nine more times to unlock the trophy. This should come naturally on higher difficulties.

    If you're having trouble with this trophy, you can farm it in 1-2. Have your partner stand right next to the transformer and shoot it until they go into dying status. Heal them quickly and repeat until the trophy unlocks.

  • Pull off 20 headshots.


    Aim for the head, after twenty kills this trophy will be yours. This will likely come naturally in the first chapter of the game.

  • Defeat 5 enemies with the Knife.

    Press to equip the knife, to adjust the angle and to strike. You can not move forward while aiming with a weapon which can make getting kills more difficult. In chapter 4-1 you can find spiders on the wall which are an easy target and count towards the trophy. Unfortunately, enemies killed with the knife while pressing to rescue your partner do not count towards this trophy.

  • Defeat 30 enemies with the Stun rod.


    The Stun Rod can be purchased from the store for $3,000 after completing 2-3. An easy place to farm the kills is in chapter 1-1 after you jump out of the window. Once you turn the corner, an infinite amount of enemies will come after you. Keep hitting away until the trophy pops. Kills accumulated in Mercenaries Mode also count towards this trophy.

  • Defeat 30 enemies with the Gatling gun.

    The Gatling Gun can be purchased for $50,000 after fulling upgrading the VZ61 machine gun. An easy place to farm the kills is in chapter 1-1 after you jump out of the window. Once you turn the corner, an infinite amount of enemies will come after you. Keep firing away until the trophy pops. Kills accumulated in Mercenaries Mode also count towards this trophy. Only Chris can wield the Gatling gun.

  • Defeat 30 enemies with the Longbow.

    The Longbow can be brought for $50,000 after fully upgrading the S75 rifle. Unlike the majority of weapons, the longbow has no targeting laser. An easy place to farm the kills is in chapter 1-1 after you jump out of the window. Once you turn the corner, an infinite amount of enemies will come after you. Keep firing away until the trophy pops. Kills accumulated in Mercenaries Mode also count towards this trophy. Only Sheva can wield the Longbow.

  • Defeat 20 enemies with physical attacks.


    After staggering an enemy either by shooting them a few times or by lobbing a flash grenade, you can run up to them and press for a melee attack. Defeat twenty enemies like this to unlock the trophy. Enemies defeated with a melee attack while pressing to rescue your partner also count for this trophy.

  • Chain the maximum number of combos together in one go.

    The maximum amount of combos consists of three melee attacks after staggering the enemy with either a flash grenade or shooting it several times. A good area to attempt this trophy is in 2-1 in the area just before the armoured truck attempts to run you down. Remove your partner's weapon from their inventory before starting the level to stop them killing the target.

    Once you make it to this area kill all the enemies in the vicinity apart from the Fat Majini. Once they're taken care of throw a flash grenade at the Majini, quickly run up to it and press with your partner close to initiate the combo. Your partner will hit the enemy with a physical attack after which you'll want to press again to end the combo. Here's a video showing how it's done:

  • Defeat a Majini with a headshot while it's jumping.

    This trophy is a lot easier than it may sound. The best level to attempt this trophy is 3-2 with a shotgun, I used a fully upgraded Hydra. Take away your partner's weapons to prevent them screwing it up for you. As soon as the level starts run to the area where you need to jump over the gap killing any enemies that get in your way. Aim your shotgun just below the rope and fire away once they jump. There will also be a Crossbow Majini who you may want to take care of first. If you fail to get a headshot, restart the checkpoint and try again.

    Other good areas where you can attempt this trophy are as follows:

    1-1: This is in the timed area at the end of the chapter. After the executioner busts the gate in, you can run out and climb upon the bus which will force the Majini to jump over to you. They can also jump from behind, so watch your back..literally.

    5-3: After dispatching the first reaper and moving forward sightly, several Majini will come out of the door further down the walkway. In order to reach you, they'll need to jump across.

    Here's a video showing how it's done in 3-2:

    Note: The Majini does not necessarily have to be jumping when you score the headshot. If, for example, you kill a Majini that is falling in the air with a headshot, you will also obtain the trophy. Thanks to Asher1985 for this information.

  • Shoot an enemy Molotov cocktail, dynamite stick, or hand grenade.


    During the course of the game you'll encounter a range of enemies attempting to lob one of these at you. At the end of 2-2 before the boss fight, you'll find yourself in a canyon area. Near the furthest end of the canyon a lot of Majini will be throwing dynamite. I obtained this trophy completely unintentionally in this area.

  • Deflect a bow gun arrow with your knife.

    This trophy can be slightly tricky. The area where the armoured truck tries to run you down in 2-1 is a good spot to attempt this trophy. As with a few of the other trophies, you'll want to take away your partner's weapons to prevent them from killing everyone. Once you've taken care of the truck driver, pop out and snipe every enemy that isn't carrying a bow, more will soon arrive from the back area so take care of them too. There will be a total of three Crossbow Majini standing once you've dealt with everyone else. It's best to keep at least two of the Majini alive or the sole survivor may fire at your partner the majority of the time instead.

    Press to equip your knife and to adjust the angle. Just before the arrow hits you, press to deflect it. Here's a video showing how it's done in this level:

  • Defeat 3 Majini with one grenade or proximity bomb.


    There are various points in the game where there will be several Majini close together. The first chapter contains a couple of sections with infinite enemies where you could easily achieve this.

    The first area is quite early in the level after you jump out of a window. Once you turn the corner an onslaught of zombies will come after you, ignore your partner's whining and lob a hand grenade into the crowd. The second area is the timed section at the end of the chapter. Enemies will keep spawning and coming after you until back-up arrives which lasts a few minutes. If you stay in the house, they may stop spawning eventually so move around a bit.

  • Defeat 2 enemies with one flash grenade.

    The easiest enemy to obtain this trophy against are the spiders which are mostly prominent in chapter 4-1. If you're not currently equipped with a flash grenade, smash one of the vases on the shelf at the beginning of the level to obtain one. As you venture through the caves, a group of spiders will pop out of the ground. Lob the grenade into the group. Simple.

  • Defeat a Majini using the electric current from a transformer.

    There are two elevated transformers in the timed area in chapter 1-1. One rests on a pole near the bus while the other is further down by the steps in the stall area. There are actually two ways to kill an enemy with the transformer. You can either shoot the transformer while an enemy is underneath it to instantly kill it or you can shoot it to the ground and fire again once an enemy is close.

    Here's a video showing how it's done:

  • Defeat 3 Majini at once by setting oil canisters on fire.

    Your first encounter with these canisters is the timed area at the end of chapter 1-1 after the Executioner breaks through the gate. Unlike the regular barrels, these will catch fire instead of exploding once shot. Stand a good distance behind the barrels and wait for the crowd to come close before firing. If you find that not enough perish in the flames, fire off 1-2 body shots beforehand.

  • Defeat 3 Majini at once with a drum or gas tank explosion.

    These barrels are prominent throughout the game, but there is a large concentration of them in 2-1 in the area just before the Chainsaw Majini attacks you. While being attacked by the Chainsaw Majini, the lesser Majini will spawn indefinitely making getting three together no problem at all.

  • Work together to save someone special.

    The someone special is the the second battle that occurs at the end of chapter 5-3. Your objective is to remove the device from her chest, however, it must be removed when she is standing. If you remove it while she's on the floor you will not unlock the trophy since you aren't working together with your partner.

    To remove the device, you or your partner need to press the prompted button while behind her to temporarily restrain her. If you are controlling Chris you can press to distract her which will make this process easier.

    Once restrained you can either shoot the device which will send her to the floor or mash the prompted button to attempt to tear it off. On amateur you can get away with a couple of tearing attempts while she is on the floor without it coming off, but do not go over that. You'll want to shoot the device every now and then instead of just tearing or you could be looking at 10+ attempts before it comes off.

  • Stop an armored truck by taking out the driver.

    During chapter 2-3 you'll be manning a gun while defending the truck from Motorcycle Majini. Every now and then a truck will come speeding down from the distance. Your camera will pan either direction slightly when they first appear. To kill the driver you need to shoot through the boarded side window before they get too far ahead of your gun range. There are 3-5 trucks in this level which gives you a decent margin for error.

    Killing the truck driver in 2-1 will not net you this trophy.

  • Defeat a Majini with a rotten egg.

    Rotten eggs can be dropped by enemies later in the game. Farming the spiders at the beginning of chapter 4-1 is the best place to obtain one. The best chapter to attempt this trophy is 1-2. The first enemy you'll encounter will be a woman crouched over a body. Press to aim and to splat her in the face. On higher difficulties you may have to shoot her first.

  • Defeat a certain enemy by stabbing it in the heart.

    The enemy in question is the Licker which is only present in 5-1, 5-2 and 5-3. The first encounter in 5-1 is the easiest place to attempt this trophy as you will only be facing two. While up close with your shotgun keep shooting at one of the Lickers until it's knocked onto it's back. Quickly run up to the downed Licker and press to stab it's heart. It can get back to it's feet very quickly, so no slouching!

    Here's a video showing how it's done courtesy of wacokid97:

  • Build up a certain level of trust with your partner.

    Your partner's trust level increases when you press to thank them for performing certain actions such as healing you or giving you items. If you started the game on amateur or normal it is very unlikely that you will unlock this on your first playthrough unless you purposely injure yourself a lot.

    In the unlikely event that you still haven't obtained this trophy after completing professional difficulty, you can purposely attack the transformer at the beginning of 1-2 with your knife to drain your health. Before starting the level, fill your partner's inventory up with herbs. Swipe at the transformer by pressing and until your health hits critical levels and wait for your partner to come over. After you've been healed, press to thank them. Rinse and repeat until the trophy is yours.


Secret trophies

  • Congratulations! You've overcome all your fears in RESIDENT EVIL 5!

    Unlock all other trophies for the Platinum. DLC trophies are not required.

  • Complete all chapters on Professional.


    Professional difficulty can be unlocked by beating the game on Veteran. You can also attempt it on your first playthrough by joining a co-op partner who has unlocked Professional (Thanks Terminator!), however, this is not recommended due to the lack of unlimited ammo. All difficulty trophies stack.

    On professional difficulty, one hit from almost everything will send you into dying status and you will bleed out very quickly. The real difficulty for this trophy comes from the AI you need to protect whom will rarely return the favour. The majority of the time while you're bleeding out, they either won't make it in time or will just stand there watching you die. Finding a competent partner will eliminate this problem: Co-op Partners Thread.

    A bulletproof vest can be purchased for both characters in the store for $10,000 a piece which can prove vital in the later chapters. A melee vest can be worn with it for the same price, but I found it pretty useless. Infinite ammo will be critical to a successful professional completion. There are a few requirements that must be met before you can obtain infinite ammo:

    • Complete the game
    • Fully upgrade the weapon you want to add infinite ammo to
    • Purchase infinite ammo for that weapon in the bonus settings menu. It requires exchange points acquired throughout the story, not cash
    • Turn infinite ammo on in the special settings menu.

    The Grenade Launcher cannot be upgraded and thus infinite ammo cannot be used. Despite not being able to upgrade the rocket launcher either, you can unlock infinite ammo for it by having an overall completion time of under five hours. In many levels you can avoid the majority of encounters and just run past everything cutting down your time significantly. You can view your completion time for each chapter along with your total completion at the chapter select screen. 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 5-1 are all quick levels that can be completed in 5-10 minutes. Focus on getting those out of the way first, an infinite weapon will further help with this. If your time is still over five hours, try tackling 5-3. You'll likely be able to complete it in half of your original time.

    Before starting the first chapter you'll want to give your partner an infinite weapon preferably a magnum or they will be completely ineffective. A second infinite infinite weapon for yourself for any close range battles would also be helpful, but it is by no means necessary. If you're interested in how the AI will act with different weapons, BerserkerBR has compiled a guide for it here.

    I would recommended playing as Sheva throughout this playthrough for a few reasons. 1 - The turret that she uses throughout chapter 2-3 is superior to Chris'. 2 - You'll be the one hoisted into areas where only you can access instead of having to protect the AI. 3 - With the exception of 4-2, 5-3 and 6-3, Chris' AI is quite capable.

    On the higher difficulties there are a couple of differences in the gameplay:

    Chainsaw Majini - After killing them keep your guns locked onto their body for a minute as there is a high chance they will awaken. Of the four Chainsaw Majini's I killed on professional, three awakened.

    Quick Time Events - These will become more complex. On the raft section on 3-2 you will have to alternate between pressing , and , instead of just pressing , each time. Any QTE prompt that pops up could switch between buttons unlike the sole button on amateur. If you die from a QTE, it may necessarily be the same button once you reach it again. If you're having trouble pressing the right button in time you can try the pause trick - pause the game just before the prompt appears, so that you'll know exactly which to press, no pressure involved.

    The two toughest points in the game are without a doubt the battle against Ndesu and the second 'fight' in chapter 5-3. For the battle against Ndesu you'll want to be playing solo as you'll both have to succeed at the QTE which can really screw things up for you. If you fail a single QTE, restart the checkpoint. Barring a complete miracle, you will not be able to survive throughout the rest of the battle. When Ndesu isn't right up close, focus on taking out all but one of the Majini firing at you, especially the Molotov Majini. You will not survive the fight if you leave them all standing.

    For the second fight in 5-3 it would probably be better to control Chris since you can distract her by pressing . Always keep a close distance between the two of you or she will get out her machine guns and let loose. It's best to rip the device off solely by tearing while standing and/or shooting at it. If you attempt to tear it off while she's on the ground, you'll have to eventually pass a QTE which will put you in a dying status if you fail. Unless your partner revives you the instant you stand up, you will probably perish.

  • During the first fight with Wesker, damage him a set number of times.

    The first fight with Wesker occurs at the end of chapter 5-3. To the right of your starting position is a door, run over there to investigate. It's locked, but this will prompt Wesker to kick you through it. Run all the way through the area, drop down and run through the busted door again. Continue running until you see Wesker walking away with his back to you. Fire at rocket at him and he'll catch it. With another weapon or another rocket if you have the infinite launcher, fire at him again. The fight is over and the trophy is yours.

DLC: Versus Pack

10 trophies

  • Defeat 100 players using physical attacks in Versus.

    When you deplete all of an enemies’ health, they will begin to stagger. When this happens, an option will appear allowing you to perform a finishing move. Get in close, press and your character will perform some sort of physical attack (the type varies with each character) and kill the enemy. This is another trophy which will come over time so be patient - you’ll most likely earn this whilst going for the match wins trophies.

  • Unlock all selectable characters in Versus.

    In order to unlock a character, you must purchase them using your points from the in-game Bonus Content area. There are a total of eight to unlock and you can buy them in any order you wish. Points are obtained either by completing story missions in single player or by finishing online games, however I would recommend that you participate in online games as you will gain considerably more points from this as well as be working towards the other trophies. You'll need a total of 134,000 points in order to unlock all characters. Thanks to lerodemmy for this information.

  • Score at least 80,000 points in Team Survivors.

    A partner is required to earn this trophy. You score points either by shooting your opponents with various weapons or by killing them. If you can, try and perform a finishing move on a wounded enemy for bonus points. The RPG will provide you with the most points, however ammo for it is scarce, so I would recommend trying to pick up a Shotgun instead. They are far easier to find and killing an enemy with them grants a decent amount of points, not to mention the fact that they can be very powerful at close range.

    Make use of your radar as it’ll show you the locations of your enemies. The Public Assembly map is probably the best place to try for this just because it is so small and therefore easier to find the enemy. If you’re having trouble with this trophy or just can’t find a decent partner, feel free to visit the Versus Partners Thread

  • Score at least 40,000 points in Survivors.

    See the description for There’s no "I" in Team. The only difference here is that you don’t need a partner for this.

  • Chain a 40-defeated combo in Team Slayers.

    This is probably one of the most difficult trophies to obtain in the DLC set. The aim of this game mode is to build up your points by constantly killing enemies in quick succession, which in turn raises the combo meter. You are not allowed to have any breaks in the chain otherwise you’ll have to start over again.

    A Shotgun or Sniper Rifle makes this much easier as it has a decent amount of firepower and ammo and will kill most of the enemies in a single shot. The best place to earn this trophy is the Temple map - make sure that both of you go all the way up to the second floor and stay around the bridge area. The enemies always spawn here so you should always be able to find some to help build your combo meter up. Make sure that you check the cave on the other side of the bridge and then the stairs leading down to the first floor. Constantly alternate between these two areas and you should be able to kill enough enemies to maintain your combo streak.

    Be aware that there is also another team playing the game so be careful as they may be out to kill you and break your combo chain. If you’re having a difficult time trying to earn this trophy then you can check out the Versus Partners Thread.

    If you would prefer a visual example of the strategy, then feel free to watch this video kindly provided by ZekeVIII:


  • Chain a 20-defeated combo in Slayers.

    When attempting this on your own, follow the guidelines in It Takes Two to Tango except make sure that you only stay around the bridge area to meet the constantly respawning enemies.

  • Win 30 matches in Team Survivors.

    See the description for Eye of the Tiger. You will need a partner in order to earn this trophy.

  • Win 30 matches in Team Slayers.

    See the description for Army of One. You will need a partner in order to obtain this trophy.

  • Win 30 matches in Survivors.

    This is not technically a difficult trophy to obtain, just a very time consuming one that will come over time. A Survivor match lasts for at least 5 minutes, however this is likely to increase as many players tend to smash the time bonuses scattered around the map to extend the game. Based on the 5 minute mark, this trophy would take you a minimum of two and a half hours of match time to obtain it, assuming that you win every match. Seeing as this is extremely unlikely to happen (unless you’re boosting) then you’re probably looking towards the 15-20 hour mark to obtain it. Please note that there is no in-game counter showing how many wins you have so you’ll need to keep track of this yourself. If you would like to speed this process up however, then you can check out the Versus Partners Thread

  • Win 30 matches in Slayers.

    Again, this trophy will come over time so be patient. A Slayers match lasts for 3 minutes so it won’t take as long to earn as the Eye of the Tiger trophy.

DLC: Lost in Nightmares

5 trophies

  • Complete 'Lost in Nightmares' on any difficulty setting.


    You'll earn this as soon as you finish the story of Lost In Nightmares for the first time. For strategies and solutions to the puzzles in the story, refer to Night Terrors.

  • Complete 'Lost in Nightmares' with an S rank.

    You must have an overall score of S when you reach the score screen at the end of the story. I recommend playing the DLC on Amateur difficulty when going for an S rank. S ranks in Resident Evil 5 and its DLC are based on 5 criteria:

    AIM: How well you are at aiming. Headshots in RE5 are what can boost your score in this criteria but in Lost In Nightmares since Guardians of Insanity are the only enemy you encounter, you must shoot them in the bulging eye that's on their backs.

    ENEMIES ROUTED: This is basically how many enemies you kill. It's best to fight rather than run when you encounter Guardians of Insanity, with the shotgun being the most effective weapon to use.

    DAMAGE TAKEN: Pretty self-explanatory. This is how much damage you receive from enemies. For that reason, you'll have to be swift when fighting enemies, trying your best not to get into the Guardian of Insanity’s clutches and move out of the way quickly when they slam down their weapon.

    SCORE: What your collected score is. Whenever you defeat an enemy, they drop a Score Star, usually with a score of about 1,000-2,000 points. If you're paranoid and feel that won't be enough, feel free to pick up all the hidden Score Stars (required for Wish Upon a Star), but it really isn't necessary. However, if you do happen to pass one on your travels, don’t hesitate to pick it up.

    TIME: How long it takes you to complete the chapter. For this criteria alone it is recommended that you do this trophy last; as you should then know the locations and areas good enough to know what to do without having to stop and think.

    Below I have given simple notes of where to go and what to get; considering Time is an important factor it can be easy to become stumped on what to do next.

    Recommended path to take:


    Difficulty: Amateur / Character recommendation: Jill

    > Lever behind the stairs on the ground floor (unlocks upstairs doors)
    > Go upstairs
    > Pass through previously-locked door on the right; to bedroom
    > Pick up weapon and 1st PASSWORD in book
    > Return to main hall, second floor
    > Ammo by dead bodies; use a partner leap over the broken walkway
    > Jill goes through door; unlocks door on the floor below
    > 2nd PASSWORD for puzzle in small room in back
    > To piano room
    > Play piano; pick up EMBLEM, Guardian of Insanity spawns
    > Back to main hall; use Emblem on opposite door
    > Ignore locked door; run to the end of the hallway, go through the door and pick up 3rd and final PASSWORD and weapon
    > Back to locked door; Jill unlocks it
    > Input all 3 PASSWORDS
    > Timed run to lever; partner in danger shoots the lock off the door through the bars; other partner runs to door, passes through and pulls lever
    > Now safe, partner in the room picks up CRANK in the safe
    > Back to area behind the stairs (main hall)
    > Use CRANK, go through door

    1st half finished~

    > Keep running; pass drawbridge into large room with 2 Guardians of Insanity
    > Grab first EMBLEM along the left path
    > Boost Jill up to grab 2nd EMBLEM in centre pillar
    > Ignore Guardians of Insanity; run to door
    > Insert both EMBLEMS
    > Run through *Cutscene*

    > Reunite with partner
    > Find cranks accordingly; if playing on Amateur as advised you should only need either the RED or BLUE crank; BLUE CRANK PUZZLE to the north-west of the map; RED CRANK PUZZLE to the north-east of the map, find whichever CRANK you need in the room atop the exit at north
    > Insert the EMBLEM you find from luring the Guardian of Insanity into the slot in the north of the map
    > Climb ladder
    > Run up stairs; pick up a HANDGUN; one for each character; there is also a FIRST-AID SPRAY  on the ground; continue onwards
    > *Cutscene* Boss fight: Wesker
    As to not harm your Aim and Damage criteria in this run, I recommend just wasting time by running away from him until the final cutscene ensues

    END - If you have S rank at the score screen, then you will unlock It's Just A Bad Dream!

  • Complete 'Lost in Nightmares' on Professional

    If you were to even consider this DLC chapter difficult, this is the trophy that would make it so. Unlike many games where "higher difficulties" only change how much you damage you take and how much damage enemies take, Resident Evil brings it to a new level. Enemies spawn in new areas. Puzzles require more components to complete or take longer in general. Ammo is limited. In Lost In Nightmares, the noteworthy differences are:

    - A Guardian of Insanity will definitely spawn after Jill plays the piano. It'll appear in the room moments after picking up the Emblem in the secret hallway.

    - A Guardian of Insanity will spawn after the player saves their partner from the spike ceiling trap. This can be the most dangerous new factor; it'll go straight for the player near the switch that stopped the trap and will come directly into the cobble hallway towards them. It always uses the grab attack so try to reunite with your partner as quickly as possible.

    - It may have just been a coincidence but I found that in Professional Mode, the Guardian of Insanity monsters use their grab attack (which is an instant-kill move) *much* more frequently, meaning you must stay close to your partner at all times.

    - The puzzle before encountering Wesker will require you to find all four puzzle pieces; this can be tough if you're not careful.

    - Unlike all other difficulties, the locations of Guardians of Insanity in the previously mentioned crank puzzle will NOT be available on the map. The music that starts playing when one notices you or simply the sound of them trudging through the murky water is your only indication.

    As you can see, these are the most noteworthy differences and are simply a heads up on the changes. Boosting can make this a lot easier, as you won't simply be working with computer A.I. To find a partner to boost any of the trophies in Lost In Nightmares, check the Resident Evil 5 Boosting Thread.

  • Inflict a set amount of damage to Wesker in 'Lost in Nightmares.'

    You must damage Wesker a set amount of times in his battle. There's no way to know the amount of damage you deal; you must simply pray you do enough by the battle's end. Every so often a quick cutscene will ensue when fighting Wesker which shows him preparing for an attack, thus initiating a QTE. If you successfully dodge and then approach Wesker, press the button, and you will inflict damage (Wesker sometimes blocks it, however it still counts). Sometimes no cutscene will play and the game will spring a QTE on you randomly. Whenever a friend is attacked by Wesker similarly and fails to dodge via the QTE. It is possible for the partner to approach Wesker and press to attack him. All these count towards inflicting damage.

  • Destroy all 18 of the Score stars found throughout 'Lost in Nightmares.'


    Score Stars are small hidden objects throughout the scenario. They're not intricately hidden per se, but it quite easy to miss them, especially in your first playthrough. They look like the Score Stars hidden around in the Resident Evil 5 story; a gleaming silver colour, which can make them quite obvious. Nonetheless, check the post below for the mini-guide of all the 18 Score Stars.

DLC: Desperate Escape

5 trophies

  • Complete 'Desperate Escape' on any difficulty setting.


    Simply beat the game. Obviously this is a whole lot easier on Amateur.

  • Complete 'Desperate Escape' with an S rank.


    Do this on Amateur. The ultimate goal is to obtain at least an aggregate score of 80,000. You’ll most likely get this trophy while trying to unlock “Way of the Warrior” since the 150+ kills will aid you tremendously. Other than that, fire accurately, collect all treasures whenever possible, and obviously avoid damage/death.

  • Complete 'Desperate Escape' on Professional.

    Without a doubt, the most challenging of the 5 trophies. While online you could join someone’s Professional game, but if that option isn’t available you must first beat the game on Veteran in order to unlock this difficulty.

    I’ve read posts saying that completing the game on Professional with an AI partner is impossible, but trust me – it’s not. I was able to do it in about ninety minutes and despite a few trouble areas, it is actually a pretty fun playthrough. Luckily AI Josh is not an absolute moron like AI Sheva, so that’s a big help.

    Below you will find specific tips for each area, but first here are some general rules:

    - Avoid unnecessary battles and run whenever you can

    - Whenever you hit a checkpoint, restart your game right away. This is a must since doing so will get rid of any enemies which were on your tail

    - In the very first section, you must absolutely obtain the shotgun. If it isn’t there, restart your game

    - Somewhere along the game make sure to pick up a magnum. If you don’t, the final battle will get very nasty

    Now here are my quick tips for each section.
    Note that I was playing as Jill along with AI Josh.

    Initial Area
    Make your way to the safe in the upstairs control room on the right. If the key is not in the safe, restart. If it is, avoid all enemies and quickly open the gate and keep running until you reach the checkpoint. Restart your game, then head back to the initial area to collect available weapons and ammo.

    Checkpoint # 1
    Nothing complicated here. Kill all enemies and open the door for Josh.

    Checkpoint # 2
    Now it gets a bit troublesome. Head to the middle of the area (by the bottom of the ramp) and have enemies follow you to the entrance area. Once no one else attacks, have Josh throw you up the ladder found on the right side of the map. Pick up the grenades quickly and rejoin your partner until the big machine gun guy appears. Use whatever is at your disposal, but preferably the grenades, gas canisters and shotgun. Might take a few tries, but once he’s down grab the dropped key right away and make for the exit.

    Checkpoint # 3 – Turret Area
    Start by taking out the three zombies who will head to the turret on the left. If you have a sniper rifle, great, but if not it’s doable with the machine gun or pistol. Make your way to the gap and have Josh toss you across. Watch out for the turret to the left of the door which you must open. Do your best to avoid its fire and wait for Josh. Head to the turret and blast the red door. If there are tons of enemies on your back, restart.

    Checkpoint # 4 – Turret Area
    Don’t stop, just sprint to the newly opened red door and go straight to the other door just past it. Open it with Josh and if things are hairy, restart.

    Checkpoint # 5 – Turret Area
    Explode the gas canisters and wait for the fire to burn out. Run past all the baddies and head up the stairs on the right to reach the turret. Quickly use it to blow up the red door in the distance. Restart your game.

    Checkpoint # 6 – Turret Area
    Sprint over to the demolished red door and head for the turret. Again, use it to blow up another red door found to the left. Pray that the safe next to this turret holds a magnum! Now sprint to said red door and restart your game.

    Checkpoint # 7 – Turret Area
    Take out as many of the zombies shooting flaming arrows at you. Eventually the game will throw a boss at you. If it’s that insect, you know how to take him out easily. If you are so fortunate to get the executioner, exit this area and head to the turret on the right. Luckily he won’t follow you all the way, but he will stay in your turret sight! Don’t forget to go to that shack in between the turrets for a bunch of ammo. Now go back to the checkpoint start and equip your shotgun for the rest of this area – it will make your life a lot easier. Climb up the stairs and take out that buddha Majini in the green tent. Stock up on ammo and grab that health can! Have Josh throw you up to the next level and simply sprint to the door which you must open for him. Head up the ramp and make sure that Josh is always right next to you as you head for the exit. Don’t go straight for the exit and wait for Josh – I guarantee you that while you wait on him a gang of zombies will kill you.

    Checkpoint # 8 – Rooftop
    Finally! Break all the crates which you see and stock up. Don’t forget those grenades either. If you’re lucky, you should have about 60 shotgun shells as well as the magnum. After the cut scene, head straight and go up the ladder. This is where you’ll spend the majority of this battle. Take out your shotgun and blast away. Easily defeat the big machine gun guy with 6 blasts from your magnum. Depending on which spawns for you, use your grenades on either the chainsaw guy or the insect. After the timer bumps back up to 2 ½ minutes, keep blasting with your shotgun until either the chainsaw guy or insect re-emerge. Now simply run for the rest of the battle. Head down the ladder and run behind the building all the way in the back and then return to the original area via the ladder on the opposite side. Rinse and repeat. Obviously be vigilant, but this should keep you out of harm’s way until the end!

  • Defeat 150 enemies singlehandedly in one playthrough of 'Desperate Escape.'

    Do this on Amateur. At the onset of the game, request Josh's weapon and make sure you are the one which inflicts all damage on the Majini. If Josh helps out in any way (via melee or knife) then that particular zombie will not count towards the goal. You can guarantee defeating the 150 if done in conjunction with “Shoot the Messenger” (see below) since that trophy requires you to hang around certain areas and continually kill enemies until the Agitator Majini shows up.

    As a reference, the trophy popped for me in the area right before the final rooftop battle.

  • Defeat 3 Agitator Majini in one playthrough of 'Desperate Escape.'

    The Agitator Majinis' are the guys dressed in black and white with the megaphones. If done correctly, there will always be a cutscene to announce their arrival. There are only three found in the game, so if you miss one you’ll have to start all over again. Check out the video below which nicely lays out the locations and requirements to make each one appear. Note that the video describes a glitch where the trophy is obtained after only killing two of the Agitators. Unfortunately I was not so lucky and had to deal with all three for the trophy to pop.

    ***Much thanks to the fellas at RoosterTeeth for creating this excellent video!***

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