Burned one Trophy in Reflection of Mine

  • Burned one


    Defeat second boss.

    How to unlock Burned one

    The "boss"-related trophies are very deceptive. There is no such thing as a boss. You will earn this trophy once you have completed all 12 levels in Chapter 2: The Hotel. See my Solutions Guide [LINK] for a full walkthrough.

    Chapter 2 Mechanics:

    In this Chapter, there is one new mechanic that you'll learn via the memories in between levels:
    1. In the Hotel Chapter, you'll be mainly focusing on Lizzy (blue-haired) and Emily, the dark version you already know. However, after you complete Level 5, a third personality will be introduced, forcing you to control all 3 in each level but that's not all; unlike the norm, instead of taking the 3rd one to the end with the other 2, you'll instead have to take her to Lester (the man with red eyes) to kill her prior to reaching the end of the level with Lizzy & Emily.

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