Brave one Trophy in Reflection of Mine

  • Brave one


    Defeat first boss.

    How to unlock Brave one

    The "boss"-related trophies are very deceptive. There is no such thing as a boss. You will earn this trophy once you have completed all 12 levels in Chapter 1: The Forest. See my Solutions Guide [LINK] for a full walkthrough.

    Chapter 1 Mechanics:

    In this Chapter, these are the following mechanics that you'll be using and/or will learn via the memories in between levels:
    1. Starting from Level 6, you'll be introduced to spring traps. When Lily steps on one, it will trigger the trap for the corresponding trap over on Emily's side and vice versa.
    2. Starting from Level 9, there will now be enemies (owls and two-headed dogs) roaming in a set pattern in the map. There will be many moments where you'll have to make your steps very fast & run past them quickly, because if one touches you, you're dead.

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