Strength in Numbers Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Strength in Numbers


    Red Dead Online: Complete a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members.

    How to unlock Strength in Numbers

    For this trophy you can either create your own posse and invite everyone on the server (or a friend) or you can join a random posse that already exists. You can join a posse by pressing Options, Online and then Posse Up. If you want to create your own: Whilst online, go => Posse => => Form a Posse. Click "Invite to Posse" to send invites and hope that randoms join or press to invite a friend.

    Once you are in a posse with at least one other person complete any free roam mission. These are marked by a black figure with an orange background.

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  • Anyone wants to these trophies hit me up message me please friend requests wont work: andres74
  • Was in posse with 2 friends. Riding to story mission when we ride past gang hideout. We clear the hideout and we all get trophy for cleaning out gang hideout.
  • You don't need to team up to boost this one. Just 'Posse up' and it will come naturally.
  • Video guide:
  • One easy way to do this solo is to find a gang hideout and before attacking it join a public posse with 2 members and clear it yourself, it does not matter if the other memember are not there.
  • Looking for someone to posse with. Need help with Strength in numbers and All's Fair. PS4 Gamer tag Gusboto.
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  • Need help as well Psn: sidhu602
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  • WizardFarrellV2, need this and alls fair (counter rival posse)
  • Need this and all is fair
  • Need this and all’s fair as well. HMU PSN: Brobear1026
  • I need one player that help me for Strength in Numbers and All’s Fair My psn ID: DAVIDEMARCUS My time: Rome (UTC+1)
  • Ugh... i would have never even bothered picking this game up if I had known about the multiplayer trophies
  • If there is anyone out there willing to help me out with this one I would greatly appreciate it.
  • I am available to help if anyone needs it! Just add me on PSN Stupefaction4 and we'll get it.
  • Looking for someone to do this trophy and all’s fair trophy as well. Hit me up
  • Need help with this add me Richard_Trickle9
  • Hi. Looking to boost online trophies. I’m in the UK and my PSN is
    A-NICHOLSON-16 (in caps)

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