The Real Deal Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • The Real Deal


    Red Dead Online: Achieve MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).

    How to unlock The Real Deal

    At the end of each competitive match, the MVP title is rewarded. You'll see a clip showing a character celebrating and the game identifying that character as the MVP. You need to win three MVPs yourself to earn this trophy. There are a few ways to go about this:

    Races: You automatically win MVP upon winning. I, personally, recommend this route as I find races less skill dependent than combat modes and thankfully there isn't much parity low and high level players. For standard races, I recommend sticking to the side at the start of the race, going around the group of players and reaching the front. From there, try to knock off the nearby players with . How you start these races are important as it's tough to come back when you've fallen behind and it's tough to lose a lead when you’re far ahead of the pack. For open races, you must hit each checkpoint scattered across the map. Upon doing so, make your way to the finish marker. The key to this is finding the right path. Typically, you want to start hitting the checkpoints along the outside and work your way in as the finish marker will be near the center of the map. Here's a link with images depicting the ideal route (Credit to LINK. If you have friends to help you, you can make this a little easier by having them kill the race leaders to help you overtake them. 

    Make-It-Count: You automatically win MVP upon winning. This is a Battle Royale type mode where you'll be going up against other players for the title of sole survivor. In this mode, you will only have access to a certain weapon (throwing knives, bow/arrow, tomahawk) with limited ammo. You'll need to be stealthy and sneak up on unsuspecting players. You can't stay in one position too long, because it will reveal your location on the map. You could use that to your advantage and lure other players your way. Be aware of your surroundings. Look every direction. Don't get too excited when you see someone. Focus and make every shot count.

    Standard Competitive Modes: The trick to winning MVP in these modes is to not die. You could have 0 kills and 0 deaths and win MVP over someone who went 30-5. In matches like these, find a place to hide. Maybe have a Shotgun on hand in case anyone stumbles upon you.

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  • easiest to do horse races to achieve this, you'll need to come first to get MVP, i just did it took about an hour.
  • Need help with this gt L—C—D
  • Willing to help PSN: Clayton0693
  • Need help with this trophy PSN: quinnerd23
  • I got it with randoms, I don’t think this one can be boosted.
  • PSN: xGaBBrYx
  • Games hardly been out and folk already wanting to boost this. Enjoy the game level up and earn it legit. You can't do it boosting anyway.
  • I found the races easiest to do.
  • The reason y people wanna do it so soon so it’s out the way then they can enjoy it well if u think fun is riding around bored out ur skull
  • Like the above mentioned easiest to do on the races Add me anyways to work on other trophies PSN: Enigma857
  • ATTENTION PLEASE I KNOW HOW TO BOOST THIS!!! Start a horse race up and get at least one, maybe two people with you into that race, you can just invite them through the menu. What you wanna do is, get yourself a gun and ammo. Then you just keep killing the other two people who are not doing anything. Do That for as the race lasts. Because of your amount of kills you'll get MVP guaranteed. You are welcome
  • You idiot. You single handedly ruined the horse racing. All because you're incapable of winning a race? You cant put the effort in to win the trophy legit? Wallopers like you give true honest gamers a bad name.
  • shut the fk up you little scumbag. I won multiple races easily but was only interested in the MVP trophy. Guess what you dumba$$? I won the races but didn't get MVP. I single handedly did NOT ruin anything. Just how about you use your brain for once in your life? There is a cleary seperation between two things: - only MVP three times - winning race So if you want the trophy but not interested in PvP or races, you do this and you are GONE. If you want to win races, you fking go ahead and do so, the fk is your problem? Stupid moron obviously
  • Aye whatever dude. Sure all the beginners will be grateful. Every horse race these days last 15-20 mins because of eejits floating about shooting each other. I'm all for helping folk, but these kind of solutions annoy me as it ruins it for others.
  • And that doesn't work anymore
  • Looking to boost this. We may need a group of people. 3-4. PSN: badassblue91 No blank friend requests
  • Need help with this trophy psn: itadakinezumi
  • i can help you all. psn: joop1984
  • Need help with this one because i'm bad at games PSN : buxsea
  • Edit: Managed to do it myself. I can not emphasise enough how much easier this trophy is if you only do racing. Other racers just constantly try kill each other and while they do that, you can just stroll on by
  • Below you will find fast routes videos for the Open Races. This will let you win (almost) all the time and you will get the MVP trophy in no time. Valentine Open Race: Blackwater Open Race: Tumbleweed Open Race: Saint Denis Open Race: Rhodes will follow soon.
  • If anyone wants to boost this lemme know my username is El_pichon714 no blank requests
  • Ive got MVP a few times but the trophy doesnt pop, whats wrong with this?
  • By point to point race its important to wait for starting. Le the other players first and wait a few seconds. The best place is in the beginning in the back. Let the other players kill each other and you can overtake.
  • Need to get this and other online trophies. So whoever wants to boost. My PSN Name is: BOSS_Bloodread21
  • Looking to do these. Message me on PSN imubik
  • need help with this one. please message me if you know how to boost. PSN patp7
  • nevermind, got it with races, just takes time
  • We can help each other with this trophy. PSN - thetrophiesgod
  • anyone wanna boost ? msg me psn - maxim778
  • I’ve already completed this troph my about a month ago. I did using the races gamemode took a while actually. I’d say don’t be a frisbee to kill ppl in 1st 2nd or 3rd place to get ahead. Good luck
  • I can’t get a single MVP for the life of me I just wanna pop this trophy and then just focus on finishing ranking up but it’s so hard the others seem to have better horses than me I wasted 10 gold bars on an Arabian chestnut I think that’s what it’s called and yet it slow compared to the others and when I do get into first place and think I might just win by playing in a good sportsmanship style some c#¥t always kills me it’s driving me nuts I’ve now got to the stage of saying sod it and play dirty by killing off the other racers if anybody wants to join/help me I’ll return the favour and the gladly be on my way for good as soon as I finally pop this nightmare of a trophy. PSN: C-J-S85
  • Need help add me psn:solid5886
  • i need help with this please help ;-; PSN : devil4sub
  • Update* I managed to nab this trophy last night after a week of trying but will be still boosting XP until I’m done with game.
  • need help please :[ PSN: Tojorei
  • won 3 races, didn't get the trophy. what a shitty game
  • Looking to get help with this. PSN is the same as username.
  • Looking for help. My PSN is leskal_gr
  • looking for help also thank you bindoyid_16
  • Anyone want to team up to get this - psn neeber, est
  • need help/will help - PSN: clonertime69
  • looking for / willing to help with boosting, PSN: juchem
  • Got the Trophy. For me 'Last Stand' worked just fine. It's a free for all where the last one standing wins the round. Win two rounds and you're guaranteed to get MVP. Good luck, folks.
  • looking for / willing to help with boosting, PSN: thabwoiabzz
  • Looking for help in boosting this trophy please. PSN ID: PixelLord94. Vancouver Canada Timezone (PST)
  • Easy to do is in "hostile territory", capture the flag and just stay in the zone of the flag. You dont have to kill anyone. The game counts the player mvp the player who stands the longest.
  • Looking for some people to boost this if its possible, send me a friend request with the message "rdr2". PSN ID: Mat5uyaMaPL
  • need help PSN ID granthercules
  • Can someone help me boost this please add me DOBZMAN95
  • Anybody still wanna boost this? Message xMelfinho on PSN :)
  • Anyone wanna get me 3 mvp medals tru shareplay? Ill give you a psn card in return :)
  • If you need help with this join my posse HERESNEGAN1
  • After getting all my MVP, my partner was having a hard time getting the last one. What I ended up doing was when we got into the horse race mode that you shoot the targets to progress, I ignored the targets in order to keep up with the person in the lead and kept shooting and knocking them off their horse to make sure my partner got a bit of a lead on them. Towards the last lap, I stayed behind at the race finish line and killed anyone who was in front of my partner or near them. Kind of messed up but it was the only boosting method we could figure out since there are no private matches and people kill you right before you win. I hope this helps some of you that are having issues getting MVP!
  • Hallo! Does anyone have to take this trophy? let's do it together. contact me: PSN ID= ROBIDJ
  • If anyone still need help add me Psn :Kafrotatos Cheers ????????
  • Add me if you need help with this trophy my PSN is Ghost2420-IV
  • Looking for a group of 3 players to boost this trophy. My kentucky sucks at racing and i can't buy a proper horse for the races. Also, i'm interested in "posse up" and "All's fair" trophies. iD: neclord / TZ: GMT+1
  • I need to boost this. I have a running groupchat for people who also need help with online stuff. Add me on PSN: DemianGaming (only need 3x MVP and reach rank 50, but I will return the help).
  • Got this trophy today and I will admit: the guide on here for this trophy is outdated. New method that really works in my opinion is that you open a posse and invite 3 members in and go do something that has zero player activity so you can kick randoms as soon one joins the match. Racing still has too many random people coming in and takeover seems empty until a lot of people start joining in. You want to play something like shoutout series (2v2 with your posse and just rotate who gets to make kills and complete objectives). Other players just need to make sure they don’t get kicked for being idle and not fire when it’s not their turn.
  • With that said, I no longer need help with this trophy and will no longer be available for boosting wins.
  • Still need this trophy. I'd love help getting it and would return the favour. PSN: PlagueDoggie UK timezone
  • Looking for help with this one please!
  • I still need this, so add me so we can get a group going PSN - Funk_You
  • Only two left, add me: sparkstanos
  • vRobWars
  • i need help boosting this. add me: badmon_spartan
  • Looking to complete this and help others achieve the same. rocky-YNWA UK based but will try and work to anyone's timeframe
  • Need help with this one. PSN: janissian
  • If anyone is looking for a relatively easy way to get this trophy, join a session of Hostile Territory. The MVP is based on time spent in the zone, not the leaderboard score. So as soon as the match starts just sprint to the nearest zone and camp for the rest of the game. I got 3 MVPs in 4 matches of Hostile territory. Highly recommended.
  • If you can help me in any way with this trophy, feel free to add me PSN: Ryaqn_
  • Anyone available to help? I’ve got 2/3 so irritating lol... JDR1729
  • Does this need to be done in series? Or are random free roam events included?
  • Update. Has to be competitive series not free roam events. Got two from Competitive and one from free roam, nothing popped.
  • Can someone help me with this?? PSN: Ryaqn_
  • Looking for 2 other players to boost this with add me if your interested PSN: GorillaZoo412
  • Hi I’m no longer boosting this, I actually got the trophy the same day I posted on here but if anyone needs this definitely check out comment #70 worked like a charm for me. The hard part about that is trying to get put in a hostile Territory match but when you do you should definitely get the mvp. That’s how I got the trophy, took me like 4 or 5 matches of hostile territory. Finished every match with 0 kills and still got it
  • Looking for players who can help me with this trophy. I only need 2 more mvp titles. PSN: DannyP043
  • Just play territory, grab the land and camp. Easy!
  • I finally got it and don't need help anymore. Comment #70 is the answer you're looking for.
  • can someone help me this trophy? psn: furkanseritci
  • Looking for help with the real deal trophy please, Ive played countless matches and no where closer then when I started, possibly the hardest trophy in the game, looking to boost this with 6 players if possible or even 16 so we can take turns. PSN: Dx_Enzoem I have a mic
  • Can confirm Comment #70 is the best course of action for this trophy now. Got it in only three attempts.
  • Need help with this trophy PSN: Dr_Vinodh_U
  • Also looking to boost this one and get it out of the way, so if you have a boosting match set up or need players, let me know. PSN: Creasy007
  • Need help with this trophy PSN: l-GOAT--PAPA-l Please~~~~~~~~~~
  • Need help with this trophy PSN: hshamlooh
  • Trying to get this trophy. Any help would be great and will be reciprocated. Psn: swissadobo
  • This trophy is still doable by simple horse racing alone. It is harder a bit now than the early era of the game because Rockstar has added new types of racing like the target racings. You only need to focus for the simple races where cannot be found shotable tables and only need to look for checkpoints. I needed around 30 matches (maybe 4 hours) for the trophy because half of the matches was target racing which is very skillful and also there were "pro" players which knew the track very well already even more than the Youtube guides. Prepare for the races, try to learn the tracks befoe you even go in to race and watch again the track before the match starts (you have around 1 mins and 30 secs each race when you have to wait for the start but you know which track will come). As I said I nee
  • As I said I needed 30 matches for the trophy, and I only had the starter horse with starter equipment. I used these races to farm gold aswell which helped me to reach the minimum requirement for the collector job. Focus on the checkpoint races and have fun at target racings without pressure.
  • psn yogmann75 for races boost if some one is stuggling just like me
  • Anyone down to try this? Hit me up! psn: Vaiboarder92
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  • I started playing the game last night and I'm started with online trophies.

    Thanks for the tips.
  • Is there a reliable way to boost this? I've tried for days doing races and PVP matches, and its just not happening. PSN is helloimthomas
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