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  • Series Major


    Red Dead Online: Take part in a Series.

    How to unlock Series Major

    You'll be able to access a series at any point after the introduction to multiplayer has concluded. Series matches can be found in one of three ways. First, tap to bring up the Free Roam menu. Next, select Quick Join from the list to bring up an assortment of Series events. A second method is by pausing the game and going to Online. From there, you can navigate to the Series match of your choice by clicking its relevant tile. A final way to access Series matches can be done upon booting the game up from the main menu. Tap to switch from the Story screen to Online, if need be. From there, simply click on the Series tile of your choice. There are three types of series in the game, which include the following:
    • Showdown Series: A range of modes for up to 16 players including Battle royal, Team Deathmatch, Territory Capture, etc.
    • Showdown Series Large: A range of modes similar to the regular Showdown Series, except lobbies can reach a maximum size of 32 players.
    • Race Series: Includes a range of standard point to point and open races.
    Note the match you join, either from the start or in progress, must be completed in order to obtain the trophy. Showdown and Showdown Large can be joined in the midst of a match so long as it isn't a Battle Royale mode. Horse races must be spectated if you join in the middle of an event.
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