Trusty Steed Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Trusty Steed


    Reach max bonding level with a horse.

    How to unlock Trusty Steed

    As you play the game, your trusty steed will gain levels through bonding and taking care of your horse. As you level your horse up, it'll improve its health and stamina as well as affect its reactions in fight/flight situations (such as a firefight). There are four levels total and they're not universal. Meaning, you'll need to keep using the same horse until you reach level four. Providing you aren't constantly changes horses, you'll likely earn this during the course or normal play.

    There are numerous ways to increase the bond with your horse:
    • Calming your horse down when it's getting irritable (this is done with )
    • Feeding your horse
    • Grooming your horse (this requires a horse brush, which you will obtain early in Chapter 2).
    • Traveling. You increase your bond the more you travel with that horse
    This trophy is also obtainable online if you're tackling the online portion first.

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  • Trophy will probably come natural during the story, but here are a couple of tips. Don't let your horse die and if you lose it get it back from the Stables. When going to missions or other activities set a Waypoint and use the Fast Travel with your horse by using the Cinematic Camera. Brush, Feed and Pat your horse from time to time by standing next to it and pressing L2. When your horse gets agitated you can also pet your horse to calm it down by pressing L3. You can track your Bonding progress in the Player Menu under Horse. To the point and easy to follow video tutorial:
  • Video guide:
  • Can be obtained online!

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