Grin and Bear it Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Grin and Bear it


    Survive 18 bear attacks and kill the bear each time in Story Mode.

    How to unlock Grin and Bear it

    This must be specifically grizzly bears. Black bears will not count. A straightforward trophy but can be a little grindy and frustrating to get bears to spawn consistently if you try and farm it in one go so I would recommend that you do this every so often during your playthrough, perhaps at the beginning and/or end of each gaming session.

    Before you start make sure you equip a powerful weapon. Either a shotgun or repeater and with express bullets for maximum damage.

    The most consistent spawn point is halfway between Wallace Station and Watson's Cabin (click here for a map, courtesy of PowerPyx: LINK). Ride near to this location but get on foot before you get too close. Run around the area and with any luck, a grizzly will spawn. Let the grizzly charge at you and knock you to the ground. As soon as it does, quickly spam the button to fight off the bear. When it climbs off you will be given the chance to shoot it with your equipped weapon. Quickly do so until it dies and you will be one step closer to the 18 required for this trophy.

    You must kill the bear in this fashion, where it knocks you to the ground and the button prompt shows for you to fight it off and then shoot it whilst you’re still lying on the ground. Killing a bear in any other way will not count towards this trophy.

    If you want to farm these kills, ride away for about a minute after a kill and set up camp. Sleep for a day or two and when you re-load, hopefully another bear will spawn when you ride back. If not, you may want to carry on doing something else and come back later.

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  • Does it count if the bear charges at you, but you use dead eye to kill the bear before it manages to actually jump on you?
  • I think you have to let it attack you first and then slam O to break free. Note: it would be wise to fill the bear with bullets while it charges (without killing it) so that it's super low-health when you break free. But my guess is that you have to let it actually attack you before killing it
  • You will have to let 18 Grizzly Bears attack you. After that break free and kill them. Here is a to the point and easy to follow video tutorial with respawn information and very detailed map locations:
  • can a single area not be farmed for this? do the bears need to be from differing areas?
  • ~~~~~~~~ EASIEST& FASTEST METHOD ~~~~~~~~ Took me less than 30 minutes.
  • Problem: I started with sawed-off shotgun with slugs. Killed more than 18 fer sure. Kills not accumulating on Rockstar social club... had 83% when I noticed. If you don't kill the bear when you are down on the ground it wont count. If I didn't kill it in 2 shots, my character would stand up to reload with sawed-off shotgun. I would still kill the bear after. But if you don't get the bear in 2 shots on the ground it wont count. I switched to Springfield rifle with express ammo. No problem after that. 3 more kills and it popped.
  • Make sure you refill your health, fully, before you let the bear attack you. With full health the bear will take you down to about 15% health before you are able to get it off you. If your health isn't full you will be killed before you get a chance to shoot the bear. Also, there is a cabin in Big Valley with a grizzly bear inside. It is south of the area between Wallace Station and Watson's Cabin. When you open the door the bear will run out through a hole in the back of the cabin. Follow it out and let it attack you. There's also a pipe inside this cabin which can help you complete "Errand Boy."
  • For some reason I was able to get this to pop with only 17 grizzly kills.

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