Zoologist Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Zoologist


    Study every animal across all states in Story Mode.

    How to unlock Zoologist

    In your inventory is a pair of binoculars and equipping them will allow you to study animals (as long as they're mostly visible) by holding down . You can actually study many animals if you're close enough to them when you're aiming at them; the binoculars just make it easier. You can check your progress on this via Progress => Compendium => Animals. If the picture of the animal has a full white bar under it, you've done everything you can with that animal – i.e. studied it, tracked it, killed it and skinned it. If there's not a full white bar, select the pictured animal and see if "studied" says "yes" under it. Although you will ultimately want to have a full white bar under the animal, due to Skin Deep.

    NOTE: Any animal that is unique to Guarma Island, visited in Chapter 5, doesn't count towards this trophy – this includes the Carolina Parakeet, the Blue and Yellow Macaw, the Green Macaw, the Scarlet Macaw, the Red-footed Booby, the Red Boa, the Rainbow Boa, the Sunglow Boa and the Fer-de-Lance Rattlesnake. Also not required are Rufus the dog (found in the Epilogue) and all Legendary animals.

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  • Does the animals on the island of chapter 5 count towards this trophy?
  • Its unconfirmed if these animals (like the parrots there) count towards the trophy or not, so to be safe I would study them before leaving the island.
  • possible workaround(?) if you missed an animal here is to replay a mission of chapter 5 to return there and do some animal spotting.
  • So guys, I was wondering can I still get this trohpy after finishing the game? In note, i saved every chapter for the missables.
  • Chapter 5 the island animals don't count towards either trophy. Confirmed by users on Powerpyx's guide.
  • I found the cuban land crab between annesburg and van horn next to a boat and a dead body. in the compendium it says that it is native to guarma but i found it in the states soo
  • And theres also an interesting note next to the body that is linked to the first game if anyone wants to have a looksee :)
  • all animals read description for important info https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOCtiHMXbLI
  • I’ve been searching for over 5 hours and I can’t find the Rio Grande Wild Turkey anywhere
  • I finally found that turkey near the W of New Austin
  • Spreadsheet with all animals and locations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Vuiw8MowI4eUtckdVoF7PGx5EDahxRhYNv67bniYuUs/edit
  • Any ideas how to get Florida Panther?
  • Florida Panther: I got it when i slew the Legendary Panther ;)
  • Florida Panther is North/Northeast of the Catfish Jackson's cabin. If you see herbivoures running for their lives and it's not from you, that's the direction the puma's in. If it's your first time hunting one of these, wear a diaper! :p I always enter from the east, a little south of the fork in the road, if you follow the coast towards Catfish Jackson's...
  • I don't think I have the patience for this and the skin deep trophy...
  • For this trophy and Skin Deep and maybe 100% completion. Do you also have to track them?
  • I don't think you need to track them Red2186. I don't have the trophy yet (it's 0.1% completion so very very people do) so I cannot say absolutely but I'm fairly confident. Just by playing the game I'm just missing 38 animals, my tip is use binoculars regularly and always look at birds in the sky this I found quite a lot more recently. I'm going to finish the 100% trophy first then mop this one afterwards probably using a guide for anything I have outstanding.
  • I just got the trophy. The animals from Guarma or NOT needed (the same goes for the Skin Deep trophy) and you only need to study the animals, no need to track or skin them. If needed I can post all the animals that are needed for the trophy.
  • I am only missing 8 animals from the compendium and seven are from Guarma I believe so only have to get the Florida Panther now to get this. I've not tried it yet but I saw someone online suggest using potent predator bait to attract the Florida panther as it's extremely rare. One question, do you have to pluck birds to count as skinning or not? I have two birds I need to pluck/collect in my compendium but I have studied them.
  • Yes they count as skinned when they are pluck markandsona. And the animals that i found on Guarma where birds. (Scarlet Macaw, Blue and Yellow Macaw, Great Green Macaw, And Red-Footed Booby). They really don't matter for this trophy. But this youtube video should help little bit if your wanting to study all of them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jemxWdKBvIA Here's another one that help me alot too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=issbslLNbnY
  • is there anyway to re-hunt a legendary animal? for some reason i killed the legendary wolf without studying or skinning it! any way to save this trophy??
  • *Guarma Snakes* Check out this video by Asian Sinner Gaming on YouTube, all the snakes ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AZ4FMz86Qg

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