Self Sufficient Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Self Sufficient


    Craft 30 unique items in Story Mode.

    How to unlock Self Sufficient

    This may come naturally while playing, as many of the challenges required for Best in the West involve a lot of unique crafting. Crafting trinkets/talismans from Legendary Animal parts (via Fences) counts towards this trophy, as well as any clothing crafting you have the Trapper do. I also highly recommend going for the Legend of the East Satchel, as not only is it an excellent item to have to help out with challenges and post-game stuff but it will also add another seven unique crafted items towards this trophy.

    To craft satchels and camp decorations (via Pearson), you must first buy the leather tools from the camp ledger for $275.

    [Credit to themindisacity]

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  • What are unique items?
  • You can get this trophy by crafting ammunition (counts as one per type), weapons, horse items, tonics, etc. I got this trophy very quickly by crafting items at the Trapper (hunting Legendary and Pristine animals) and then making the clothes that I've unlocked. Also, I think going to the Trapper and crafting the clothes you've unlocked via challenges works as well. So: Trappers, Fences, and crafting from your satchel are the quickest ways to get this
  • Items that are unique.
  • Your camp upgrades count for this just got the trophy today upgrading John’s tent

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