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  • It's Art


    Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue.

    How to unlock It's Art

    While you can work on the bulk of this trophy during the game's story mode, you cannot earn it until after completing the game's Epilogue (you need access to the entire map).

    Whenever you're in a train station, keep an eye out on the notice board – you will eventually find a flier looking for hunters (I got it late in Chapter 3 at the Rhodes post office; I don't know if it was available earlier or elsewhere). The flier will request specific perfect animal carcasses, so make sure you have a Varmint rifle and lots of small game arrows. Once you've fulfilled the request, go to any post office and mail the carcasses off, then come back in another day or two to receive a reward and another request.

    With regards to the smaller carcasses (small mammals, birds etc.) it's worth remembering that once you have them in your satchel, they will not decay, unlike when you hang carcasses on your horse so for anything listed with an asterisk, if you happen to come across the animal while playing, take it out and store it until you are finally able to mail it out. Also, the star ranking on birds doesn't seem to matter - as long as you kill them the way the game tells you to (generally with small animal arrows), you will always get a perfect carcass.

    There's a great place where you can get nearly all of the birds required for this trophy. From Annesburg (the text), go up and right and you’ll see the river hooking up and right. This bend of the river has several boulders in it, and every required species of bird (except Cedar Waxwing) will land on the rocks here. Your best bet is to be there in the early morning - around 6-7 AM.

    For the small critters (except beavers), a good place to go is the Ringneck Creek (especially the left side), between the "E" and "M" of Lemoyne. Get there in the evening around 8-9 PM and you should get one or two of each species required to spawn. It's also a short ride to Rhodes from there, which makes mailing off your perfect carcasses quick and easy. Unlike the birds, the star ranking on the small critters does matter so make sure you’re only going for the three-star ones.

    If you're worried, craft the trinket you get from the Legendary Pronghorn Horn (not accessible until post-game), as it keeps animals on the horse from spoiling. The trinket you get from the Legendary Buck Antler may help as well.

    ROUND 1:
    • Rabbit
    • Squirrel

    ROUND 2:
    • Cardinal
    • Rat
    • Woodpecker

    ROUND 3:
    • Chipmunk
    • Opossum
    • Oriole
    • Robin

    ROUND 4:
    • Bullfrog
    • Skunk
    • Songbird
    • Sparrow
    • Toad

    ROUND 5:
    • Bat
    • Beaver
    • Blue Jay
    • Cedar Waxwing
    • Crow
    Once you've fulfilled all five requests, you will get mail at the post office which will spawn a mission marker near Strawberry. You will finally get the squirrel statue. Take it to Beecher's Hope and put it on the fireplace mantel. Go away for 24 hours and return to Beecher's Hope to start a week-long game of hide and seek with it. Every time you find the squirrel, put it back on the mantel, go away for 24 hours and return to Beecher's Hope.

    Harry94 has put together a video showing all of the hiding spots - skip to the 6min mark: LINK
    [Credit to themindisacity]

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  • So I’ve done all the hunting requests and when I go to to the invite location in strawberry the mission is glitched, the marker is there but won’t trigger the start, doin my nut in
  • Did you try both sides of the cabin? Both sides are locked but only the one opposite Strawberry triggers the mission.
  • I placed the statue in my home but NO trophy :(
  • @colan33 You need to retrieve this statue after Abigail hides it. I don't want to spoil so check internet.
  • If the hunting requests aren't showing up in town for you, check to see if you have the Mr.Black and Mr.White chain gang quest active where you have to remove the wanted posters from Rhodes. After completing that mission the posters started to appear for me.
  • Does anyone know if this is glitched at all?
  • @colan33 once you placed the statue, leave come back 24 hours later and find where Abigail hides it and continue this 6 more times (each hiding spot is different) and the trophy should pop!
  • #7 Thx!
  • I mailed the final animals and received payment but haven't received the invitation. I have advanced the days more that 48 hours. What happened? I did have a bat carcass at the beginning of challenge 5 that automatically got checked off my list so I just went and got the remaining 4. I've heard of a bug in this side mission. My currant save is at 98.3%. My previous manual save is way back at 83%. I would hate to go all the way back to that.?
  • Where do you find the Squirrel statue? I don't have it in my Satchel and I'm at 96.4% completion...
  • The following locations are where the Squirrel can be found: - John's Room inside a chest. - John's Room inside a Fireplace. - Uncles Room inside a chest in the attic which can be accessed by using the ladder in the kitchen. - Outside in a wheelbarrow in the sheep pen. - Outside in the barn in a chest on the upper level. - Up north on the top of Mount Shann. Have to wait outside the ranch for 24hours between the hinding spots.
  • LOL, that's a lot of work for a bronze trophy. I think I'm just aiming for completing the story on this one :)
  • I started this Red Dead Redemption 2 adventure April 2020, ...thank you Coronavirus Global Lockdown... I had read ahead on this game's trophies and took notice on this one. I made a manual save at just before mailing Hunting Request #3 WHILE having perfect animals (songbird, sparrow, bat, Blue Jay, ceder waxwing) in my satchel. No problem, I got the 4th Request, no problem. Then I hunted the remaining animals in Hunting Request #4 and mailed it successfully. At this point, the game told be the NPC was "taking a vacation," and it looks like the quest is but on hold until I continue to New Austin. I guess they fixed that glitch...
  • Strange, I had this one pop at the top of Mount Shann months ago but going through my trophy's it's no longer on my list, is this still a recognised trophy or has it been withdrawn... or has my award gone astray, perhaps?

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