Western Stranger Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Western Stranger


    Complete 10 Stranger mission strands.

    How to unlock Western Stranger

    Credit to PowerPyx for the map.

    Stranger missions are denoted by white ?s. Once you track down the Stranger and talk to them, they will give you a mission that will often span multiple parts and chapters. There are 26 Strangers in total but only 22 of them count towards this trophy (the others are short and will give you honor points and also count towards Best in the West). They are listed below in order of the chapter in which they first appear.

    CHAPTER 2:
    • A Fine Night For It – an old man in the Bayou asks you to check out the Night Folk (you need to have encountered them first; they'll be a grey dot on your minimap and are creepy voices, lights, etc).
    • A Test of Faith – a woman in the Heartlands wants help finding 30 dinosaur bones. Will also unlock Collector's Item but there's a better one for that. This can't be completed until the Epilogue, but is required for 100%.
    • American Dreams – a murderer has decapitated three bodies and left pieces of a map in the heads. Find all three pieces to track him down. Look for an X on your large map when in the areas to help you find the bodies – one is near Braithwaite Manor, one is near Valentine, and one is near Wallace Station. The murderer himself is in a cabin south of Valentine.
    • Arcadia for Amateurs – a man near Strawberry wants help taking pictures of wildlife (5 parts)
    • Geology for Beginners – a man near Strawberry wants help finding 10 rock face carvings. This is a great one to do, as it will also unlock Collector's Item. This is required for 100%.
    • Smoking and Other Hobbies – a man in the Heartlands wants cigarette cards. All 144 of them. This one is best avoided early on; it's too time-consuming and is much easier after the story, but if you do decide to go for it, you will unlock Collector's Item. This is required for 100%.
    • The Noblest of Men, and a Woman – a man in Valentine will ask you to take pictures of famous gunslingers. This is a great one to do because you get several unique weapons which will help with Best in the West (4 parts)
    • The Smell of Grease Paint – a traveling sideshow at the Van Horn Trading Post needs you to track down its missing members (2 parts)

    CHAPTER 3:
    • A Fisher of Fish – a man near Flatneck Station wants you to catch all 13 Legendary Fish. You should at least start this quest in order to get the Legendary Fish to spawn – catching them is helpful towards a few trophies. This can't be completed until the Epilogue, but is required for 100%.
    • He's British, of Course – a wrecked circus caravan needs help finding its missing animals (5 parts). This is a good one to do because it gives you the opportunity to craft the Lion's Paw Trinket, which ups the XP you gain on your stamina meter.
    • No Good Deed - a man in Rhodes wants you to get his missing medicine wagon back.
    • The Iniquities of History – a man in Rhodes wants you to sneak into his repossessed house and get his valuables back.

    CHAPTER 4:
    • A Bright Bouncing Boy – see Artificial Intelligence for more details, as this is required for that.
    • Duchesses and Other Animals - a man outside of Saint Denis wants exotic plants and bird plumes. This is another time consuming one that you may want to avoid early on, but is required for 100%.
    • Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners – the mayor of Saint Denis needs your diplomacy skills (3 parts). You first need to have received a letter from him at the post office so make sure you're checking the post office icon from time to time.
    • Oh, Brother – two brothers do stupid things to try to impress a woman (3 parts). You need to actively find these guys to advance their strand – they will always show up as ?.
    • The Artist's Way – an artist in Saint Denis needs your help to stay out of trouble (4 parts)
    • The Mercies of Knowledge – an inventor in Saint Denis wants help building and testing his electric chair (7 parts). Despite the number of parts, this one is pretty quick.
    • The Ties That Bind Us – two prisoners need help staying out of jail (5 parts). Make sure you burn the posters they ask you to collect in the first part to keep their quest line going. Like Oh Brother, you need to actively seek these guys out (they always show up as ?)

    CHAPTER 5:
    • The Wisdom of the Elders – helping a man near Van Horn starts to unravel a weird mystery of a nearby town (5 parts). This can only be started and concluded in Chapter 5.

    CHAPTER 6:
    • The Veteran – in Grizzlies East, at the Veteran Homestead on the large lake, a veteran needs your help (4 parts).

    • The American Inferno, Burnt Out – midway between Strawberry and Blackwater is a familiar author (5 parts).
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  • My in-game statistics showed that I've done 10/10 stranger missions, and then I did three more to see if it mattered what stranger missions I chose to do. Still, this trophy hasn't popped and I'm not sure why. If/when it does pop, I'll make note of what mission it was for and then go back to see if there are 9 more like it that I've done. Either way, slightly confused at this point.
  • same issue, its not popping for me yet
  • Are you sure that you really completed them? There are 4-5 parts to every stranger.
  • you need to complete their complete questline for this to count. Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion > Strangers - maybe counts the first encounter and not the completion of questlines as the trophy does
  • This is glitched for me too. I’ve done 11 stranger mission strands, still won’t pop up. Yes, I’ve done all five parts. It even says 10/10 on social club and there’s a checkmark on my progress.
  • Trophy finally unlocked for me at my 12th stranger mission
  • Bugged for me as well. I have completed 11 or 12 now.
  • This trophy popped when i completed the "Artificial Intelligence" trophy. Both came up! My progression also said 10/10. When I got back to Marko Dragic's place this mission probably ended. Because there are some dialogue and you can pick up the the high tech lamp thing beside his body (maybe missed it first time). Anyway, try that.
  • well i've done 10 exactly, yet total progression for doing 10/10 is ticked and yet the social club shows me at 40% which means 6 haven't even counted properly.
  • Bugged for me as well, this fucking sucks dicks rockstar.
  • In the progress tab on the pause menu you have to complete an individual mission for 10 different strangers to "Leave your mark". For this trophy you have to complete 10 strangers mission strands in their entirety. I hope this helps some of you.
  • {#} Duchesses and Other Animals Critical Tip {#} Don't go out venturing for ANY Exotic plants before the mission is even initiated. RockStar thought ahead and put in a failsafe. You cant go collecting most of them for the requiered quantity because the game won't spawn that last "exotic" (in my case: 5th Ghost Orchid, 5th Night Scented Orchid). This feature FORCES YOU to collect them in order and in Request Sequence! Sooo... Initiate Mission-> Do Request 1-> do request 2-> request 3-> request 4-> 5-> Continue Main Story Mission...

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