Gold Rush Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Gold Rush


    Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.

    How to unlock Gold Rush

    There is a total of 104 Gold Medals you can achieve. You can replay missions by going to => Progress => Story, there you can select any chapter you want and replay it. You can see what medal you previously got in the chapter by looking at the medal next to it. See below for some info by ilRASli:
    Some information you need to know before starting:

    - You can restart the last checkpoint or abandon the mission by going: => => hold , you will have the option to cancel the mission or restart the last checkpoint.

    - You can track the challenges you complete during the mission by going: => => =>

    - Don’t restart the last checkpoint on a mission with healing, accuracy, timing challenges, if you do, you will fail and you will have to replay the whole mission again.

    - Dead Eye & Stamina tonics are not healing items and can be used.

    As of the latest patch, your gear will carry over to mission replays, making them much easier than at launch of the game, and meaning you can play through the game normally without worrying about getting gold medals on the first run. You still have the choice whether to retry missions immediately after you complete them for the first time while they are still fresh in your mind or to work through them post story.
    Unlike in GTA V you can't get the Gold Medal by replaying the mission multiple times and getting different objectives in each run. In this case you have to earn everything in the same playthrough. For missions that have objectives such as "Complete the mission in X", "Get X headshots", "Compete with X% accuracy", you can't fail the main objective or die because it will lock out the objectives. If this happens you have to leave to free roam and replay the mission from the pause menu again.

    Under each story related trophy is a mission list with their difficulty rated from 1 to 5 based on different guides.

    For more information on each mission you can check the following links:

    - Spreadsheet with info on every mission: LINK. This spreadsheet has a list of every mission in the game, the objective for each mission and a few tips for some missions (credit: to Akrioz).

    - List of 70 of the easier missions to get a Gold Medal in: LINK

    - Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Medal Walkthrough Videos: LINK. (Credit to GTA Series Videos)

    [Credit to Jvaferreira]

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  • Would’ve thought this was gonna be a gold trophy. Seems like a ton of work (if it’s like the GTAV one) for just a silver
  • do you know if you can do the check list one at a time or do you have to do them all on the same go?? pls help
  • Ruralbudha u can go back and replay story mission by selecting it from the start menu and view ones that are not gold and also see what requirements are there for getting gold
  • yeah but do can you do them one at a time or do you have to do them all in one go??
  • I think like GTA 5 just one at a time
  • Mission 2 seems glitched for me, when i kill all the wolves 1 hit, 80% accuracy wont check!
  • ok so ive had a quick play through of mission 1 and can confirm all 3 tasks need to be done in 1 attempt
  • Going be tough to get these all on the same attempt as the challenges don't stack like in gtaV
  • Video guide:
  • If they won't make it stackable it's gonna be hell. I spend a day trying to change some bronze into the gold but there was no suc?ess. For some missions you have a weak and slow horse so you cannot do mission in time, in others you have so many options at the same time and it's really hard to do everything in one run
  • this is stupid you got to do them all in one they dont stack
  • Checklist by powerpyx for all gold objectives! Ingame you cant check the objectives before your first attempt. by reading these you can aim for them on your first try. you dont need to get gold on every mission. there are way more missions than 70
  • BEST TIPS- Any missions that require *headshots *accuracy *time limits(mainly the ridiculous ones) Should all be done on first playthrough as when you replay your not given your current horse or items. SNAKE OIL AND CHEWING TOBACCO DO NOT COUNT AS A HEALTH ITEM SO ABUSE THIS AND KILL AS MANY ENEMIES IN DEADEYE WITH HEADSHOTS!!
  • Well, I thought that would be much difficult than it actually was and now finally I got this trophy. Some missions was real challenging and some just annoying. Like many other people I'd really recommend you to make gold in your first run. Make manual saves before every mission and if you fail something, use your save, not replay.I started to work on that when I was in the chapter 3 (and spent about 2 days to replay passed missions). I got the trophy in the "epilogue 1" chapter but for unknown reason the trophy pops after 72 gold medals, not 70. Good luck everyone with that.
  • The nightmare challenge. However I have some guides here, be sure to check them out:
  • Good luck trying to pass "An American Pastoral Scene" That mission is a bitch to beat on time... (6 min)
  • Played "An American Pastoral Scene" about 20 or 30 times and still can't get it to gold. Because of that 6 minute B.S...
  • Nvm... Did a mission and got fast at killing them at the end. And got gold. But it stll a pain in the ass to beat on time.
  • If anyone's still having trouble with this and provided you got friends who don't mind helping, then try ps4 play share system (requires a good internet connection). Simple Host your game and pass control over to your friend and let them aquire gold medals for you. I've been helping a friend using this method and gained him another 25 golds. He started with 9 and is now sat on 64 golds.
  • For those facing a hard time in "An American Pastoral Scene", there is a gold tip to beat this mission in 6 minutes: DO NOT SHOT THE DRIVER OF THE STAGECOACH EARLIER. Shot him in the forest section, just BEFORE the point where he drives off the stagecoach and fall from a cliff. Micah drives the Stagecoach reeeeeealy slow, so if you take the driver too soon, you will not beat the the clock in the end. ANOTHER TIP TO SAVE PRECIOUS SECONDS: In the very start of the mission, when mounting on your horse, press "triangle" and quickly press "X". You will run like crazy in front of Micah and then stop (damn locked slow walking sections). Then, press "Square" and keep jumping with the horse until you leave this section. You can save a little time doing this and will have more room for
  • I started a new game. 27 golds left. It's much easier, use a miracle tonic before starting a mission and stay well stocked in snake oil/chewing tobacco, dead eye makes it so much easier. I'm currently half way through chapter 4. From memory the ones I've skipped so far are: The Sheep & the Goats American Pastoral Scene Good Honest Snake Oil - had too low honour New South Short Walk Pretty Town
  • So I got 70 golds and no trophy has popped. Social Club shows me at 98% despite having 70 golds. Means I might have to push for a couple more. Frustrating!
  • Popped on no. 71. Onto online :(
  • ….well this sounds cancerous lol...fuck
  • Got him!! I had to do 62 missions on replay, which was very annoying at some times. Now only need to complete the MP!
  • Anyone know if the online story gold medals count towards this? Difficult to achieve with MP gun blazers but I have 5, so just wondering. Can’t find out anywhere, and can’t see the point of them otherwise

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