Best in the West Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Best in the West


    Attain 100% completion.

    How to unlock Best in the West

    To attain 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2 you don’t have to really do everything in the game, instead there is a checklist in-game that you have to complete in order to reach 100% completion. Some of those items are tied to trophies while some of them require you to go beyond 100% such as the animals trophy, for which you need to study all animals not just 50.

    The list of things you need to do to attain 100% completion is below:

    Missions and Events:
    • Complete All Story Missions
    • Complete 10 Stranger’s Missions Strands
    • Collect 5 bounties
    • Have 25 Random Encounters
    • Get Bushwacked
    • Complete All Gang Hideouts

    • Find one point of interest
    • Find 9 graves
    • Collect a Complete Card Set of cigarette cards
    • Collect 30 Dinosaur Bones
    • Catch 13 Legendary Fish
    • Complete All Exotics Tasks
    • Collect 10 Rock Carvings
    • Complete All Hunting Requests
    • Complete 1 Treasure Hunter Strand
    • Collect 20 Dreamcatchers

    • Study 50 Animals
    • Collect 10 Pieces of Equipment
    • Catch 10 Species of Fish
    • Discover 6 Gangs
    • Discover 10 Horse Breeds
    • Collect 20 Types of Plants
    • Collect 48 weapons

    • Reach Maximum Health, Stamina and Dead Eye
    • Reach Horse Bonding Level 4
    • Complete All Challenges

    • Find 5 Shacks
    • Kill 5 Legendary Animals
    • Play 4 Table Games
    • Interact with 5 Special Characters
    • Take a Bath
    • Watch a Show
    • Visit a Theater
    • Craft 6 recipes from different categories
    • Complete 4 Robberies (Coach Robbery, Home Robbery, Shop Robbery, Train Robbery)
    [Credit to Jvaferreira]

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  • I hope there are no bugs like in GTA V when I was stuck at 99,8%
  • I hope this won't be challenging compared to GTA V's 100% checklist.
  • does anyone know if we can do the check list one at a time or do u have to do them all in one go? pls help
  • I hope this is challenging LIKE GTAV!
  • As far as I know, 100% doesn't actually require 100%! For example you only need 50 animals and not all of them & you only need 10 Legendary animals.
  • Do the missable honor missions affect this?
  • If you have completed the story and struggle with weapons master dynamite kills here's a vid for you:
  • Do I need missable honor missions? I missed some of them. So should I doing this trophy?
  • the missable honor missions are NOT needed or the 100%
  • Camp upgrades like boat or cosmetics changes are needed?
  • Anyone know if all challenges are needed?
  • @Fuzymunky Yes, you must complete all the challenges for 100%.
  • Has anyone got this? I reached 94% just playing through with no guides (I did a lot of exploring and tried everything I could find in terms of side missions, studying animals etc.) The Exotics collectible is a pain (I'm still doing this and it would be horrid without a guide), have around 18 challenges to do and also need to max my stamina, health and dead eye (anyone got any tips here?). This is a really fun trophy to go for though and you really can appreciate everything in the game.
  • One tip you will find it a lot easier to do the survivalist challenges before you complete all the legendary fish quests. I didn't do this and spent well over an hour searching for and then catching a very large fish for one of the challenges.
  • @markandsona If you view the level and points of your stamina, health and dead eye you'll see you're maxed out (probably on level 8). I understand this goes max as and when you complete the challenges and buy the perks from the trapped.
  • The gambler challenges are ridiculous! It’s pure chance. I’ve played for hours st length trying to hit enough times to have 5 cards and win at blackjack. And nothing. Worst challenge ever
  • Just got this bad bot this morning. Real Grind. I thought "Skin Deep" & "Zoologist" would have been the worst, but I actually enjoyed it. Next up, for me, is "Gold Rush" - some people recommend a fresh game for this due to limited items/consumables etc. Anyone have any advice on that for "Gold Rush"?
  • I've missed Errand boy and friends with benefits! Am I correct in believing that these aren't required towards the 100% trophy? I'll just need a re-run to get them two trophies unfortunately

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