Legend of the West Trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Legend of the West


    Legend of the West

    How to unlock Legend of the West

    Collect all other trophies to become the Legend of the West and unlock this trophy.

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  • Another Rockstar platinum ill probably never get Woohoo
  • BTW: right now no online to finish, but i check stats on platunim i see 0,1% have finished it. ???!!!!???
  • That has to be a dev who was testing the trophies or something who is the 0.1%. You know, I wish Rockstar had put the Red Dead Online trophies in their own separate folder, like most games do with DLC that comes at a later date.
  • Looking forward to playing it. Another difficult platinum to get but having online trophies just entices me to try harder. Every game is possible to platinum providing you are willing to put the work in. Took me 5monthsto finish Rayman for example!
  • Got Platinum on GTA V for PS3 and PS4,gonna get Platinum for this one as well :D
  • there are missable trophies!!! check powerpyx roadmap http://www.powerpyx.com/red-dead-redemption-2-trophy-guide-roadmap/
  • hey guys hope youre enjoying Red Dead 2 im nighthawk and we just now started filming our trophy guides for red dead 2 heres a link to our first one more will come in the following weeks please enjoy our other trophy guides in the links provided Red Dead Redemption 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXn-m25hsm0 Nicktoons Kart Racers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBFme2peduU Our Original Trophy Hunting Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Aovotwx77E Happy Trophy Hunting Everyone Game On!
  • The story mode trophies are coming along quite nicely for this platinum. The only ones I'll have a problem with are the studying and skinning all animals trophies. They'll take more than a minute.
  • I wish all games didn't have online trophies and if they did, i wish it didn't affect the platinum trophy
  • @4 No, no amount of work will give you plat for Fifa 10 (or any other game that is closed down). Sorry, but I'm just frustrated by games that will not be possible to plat in 100 years. How cool will it not be to plat your favorite game from your youth when you're 90?
  • Has anyone actually got this yet? I've not started multi-player but closing in on the 100% story trophy (I reached 94% without using a guide) then going for Squirrel trophy, animal study (I've got 38 to find with a guide later) and skinning. Then on to multi-player. I reckon I am weeks away from this being optimistic.
  • @markandsona ive currently got one trophy left to do and then i get this platinum! > reach lvl 50 in RDO < grinding that and :3 i got it
  • I 100%'ed RDR because I loved and enjoyed playing it. For this one I'll just play the Story and be done with it. Wish I didn't spend the full price for it. Rs is lazy -and greedy- now by diverting so much of the game into Online. I miss the GTA IV days where Online was a Bonus, because the Story and everything in Single Player was so packed with content. But with GTA V they watered down the story by moving missions and too much unique content to Online. But made then over a billion, so they aren't getting back from it.
  • @markandsona Yea, I have the platinum. Trophies aren't that difficult, just a grind some of them. I had the game since it's release and work a 50 hr a week job, so took me about 2 months. Good Luck
  • I would rather they didn't have trophies online. Online trophies ruin it for me as i'm not much of an online person. It's ashame that most games tend to force people to need either the internet or to play online to get platinum. They should make it 50/50 where you can still get online trophies but via offline methods like Bioware did with Mass Effect 3.
  • I only need the "Rank 50" trophy in multiplayer and i get the platinum. Great game, but i almost destroyed a controller trying to achieve the platinum ! :))
  • @erdvilla That doesn't even make any sense. Rockstar obviously spent at least 5 years working on the story for RDR 2. The singleplayer for this game probably has the most content in it than any other game they released. There is not much to do in online. So how is Rockstar lazy and greedy?
  • Such a pain in the ass this platinum
  • Where is the Trophy Guide???
  • Online shit again...Another one I can't Plat.
  • This platinum will be well earned and for the committed. I'm doing the Gold Rush trophy now to finish everything story mode. 27 golds left. I would then have three online, thankfully I messed about with it when I started and at level 16 so I won't be completely starting from scratch but those ones are going to be a massive grind.
  • idk why anyone is complaining about this plat just because theres onlinetrophy's atleast its not like cod where 3/4 of the trophys are mp
  • 11 golds left now. Should be done in next few days. Then the online grind will commence. Jason, COD is better as online is enjoyable, RDR2 online is just dull, slow and repetitive.
  • Need help with getting online trophies PSN TheWildJ
  • DONE!!!
  • Did it
  • Yeet
  • Quick question does anyone know. The only missable trophy that I didnt pick up on my original playthrough was errand boy. If I get that trophy on another playthrough and save can I still get everything on my original playthrough to save time?
  • This is the one. If you get this platinum... YOU ARE --- NO ----- JOKE.
  • And this comment right here: "Comment #14 by wickedclownx @markandsona Yea, I have the platinum. Trophies aren't that difficult, just a grind some of them. I had the game since it's release and work a 50 hr a week job, so took me about 2 months. Good Luck" Is the most stupid and arrogant thing I've seen regarding the trophies for this game. If anybody tells you that getting this platinum isn't extremely hard, or even worse, they say something like this guy, rest assured you're dealing with an annoying, arrogant, embellishing, lying jerk who just wants to make everybody feel like crap. Saying that this platinum isn't very difficult is like saying it would be easy to be a professional athlete.
  • Add me for all online trophies boosting PSN: Dr_Vinodh_U
  • Easy trophy, just took some time.

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