• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Personal Opinion) (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 35 (29, 4, 2)
  • Online trophies: 17 (15, 1, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 150-200 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, plus numerous mission replays for gold medals
  • Number of missable trophies: 5 - Lending a Hand , Breaking and Entering , Errand Boy , Give to the Poor and Friends With Benefits
  • Glitched trophies: 1 - Breaking and Entering
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty settings
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: Yes. There is a Cheat menu and using any of the included cheats, will disable all trophies in the game.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No but PS Plus is required if you want to play online.

Saddle up, boys and girls! We got ourselves a new Red Dead game! The long awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed western series, Red Dead Redemption II is actually a prequel, taking place before the events of the previous game. The game will put you in the boots of outlaw Arthur Morgan, a member of the infamous Van der Linde Gang led by Dutch Van der Linde. You'll reunite with familiar faces, and make new friends and enemies as you explore the ballad of Arthur Morgan.

To Platinum this game you're going to need some time. A lot of time. The requirements for this platinum are really beefy. While not overly difficult, it will test your patience and mental fortitude. You are going to be everything from bird watching to playing blackjack, not to mention an online mode on top of it all and waiting for you at the end of your long journey is a very rewarding Platinum trophy to send you off into the sunset.

[Introduction by mcolwander]

Walkthrough: - [by danc]

: Play through the game, making sure to obtain all missable trophies

For the most part, you'll be able to play the game however you like. However, there are a few missable trophies you'll have to look out for. If you're doing a lot of exploring and side stuff on your adventure, you may get all of them without trying but if you opt for a more direct route through the story, you might miss some. In short, you’ll want to:
  • Do at least one companion activity per chapter until Friends With Benefits pops.
  • Donate at least $250 to the gang tithing box by the end of chapter 4 for Give to the Poor
  • Complete at least five companion fetch quests by the end of chapter 4 for Errand Boy
  • Do at least 4 home robberies, making sure to fully loot each house for Breaking and Entering .
These are all fairly hard to miss now you know what you’re aiming for, but Lending a Hand requires more careful attention, as there are numerous missable missions you must complete. If you’re worried, check the main guide for a list of missions to complete but as long you keep your honor high, you can also just check your map for white mission markers after each mission and reliably get them all. Aside from having to keep your honor high and having to do certain optional missions, you’re free to enjoy the game however you want. However you do it, navigate through the 8 chapters of this epic game.

If you wish, you can also work on Gold Rush while playing through the game, either by looking up gold medal requirements on your first run through (at the risk of spoilers) or by replaying missions right after you finish them so you can get the Gold Medals while the missions are fresh in your mind. This can negatively affect your overall experience of the game however, so I'd suggest holding off on Gold Medals for now, but the option is there.

Gold medals (if not done in step 1)

It should be noted that from here, the order you do things isn't really important. After completing the story, even if you spent a lot of time doing side stuff, you still have a long way to go. If you opted to just play through the story without stop-starting after every mission to get gold medals, you should probably go for them now while the missions are fresher in your mind.

In the mission lists in the main guide are difficulty ratings for each mission so you have a general idea of what missions to go for. Alternatively, the gold medals aren't tied to anything else for the Platinum so if you wanted, you could just start a new game and do the save and reload method, it's up to you.

: In-game 100% completion

There’s a bunch of stuff you need to do for in-game 100% completion, and a lot of things not encompassed within the requirements. Therefore, you can focus on one particular part of the platinum, or mix it up a little. For this part, you'll likely be spending the majority of your time on the challenges, collectibles and the hunting requests but there are a lot of other things you'll need to do so see the main guide for a full list. Some of the requirements are linked to other trophies so you'll knock out a few along the way.

: Studying and skinning every animal in the game

Another long and annoying part of the Platinum, you must track down and study every last animal found in the game world, skinning the eligible ones. There is a lot so it gets its own step. Depending on how much you studied and hunted throughout the other steps and your luck, this can take any amount of time. More info can be found in the main guide.

: Miscellaneous single player trophies

All this effort so far and you're still not done with single player! There are a couple of trophies you likely haven't earned unless you specifically went for them, most notably Bountiful and Grin and Bear it plus a couple of other ones that aren't technically required for other trophies but you may still need so get anything else that doesn’t specify Red Dead Online in the description!

: Starting out Red Dead Online and getting the simple trophies out of the way

In an ideal world, we'd be done after the insane amount of time we've put into the game so far but unfortunately, we're not really close. Additionally, the best part of the game is over, as Red Dead Online hasn't been getting the best reception but alas it's required for the platinum so let's get to work. There are a good number of trophies that can come fairly quickly with concentrated effort so see the Guide for the fastest methods. If you need to partner up for any of these trophies, see the Trophy Boosting Thread: LINK

: The Online Grind

This is the final step and it’s by no means a short one. You must reach rank 50 and if you have experience with GTA Online, you know that Rockstar won't make it quick or easy. RDR Online is constantly evolving so as time goes on, there will be more ways to gain XP. There are also some exploits you can use (which always get nuked by Rockstar so don't rely on them), though any way to rank 50 will be a grind. There are some other trophies that take time to unlock or are directly tied to rank progression so make sure to get those when you have enough money or xp to do so. The best way nowadays is through grinding collectibles, see Notorioustrophy_gold.pngfor more details on that. Once you hit rank 50, it'll finally be over! Congratulations!
[PST Would Like To Thank mcolwander and danc for this Roadmap]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Trophy Guide

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52 trophies ( 44  12  )

  • Legend of the West

    Collect all other trophies to become the Legend of the West and unlock this trophy.

    Guide Contributors:
    • Ashtimus Prime
    • ImStylinOnYaBro
    • jvaferreria
    • mcolwander90
    • danc
    • themindisacity
    • VersionII
  • Complete all optional Honor story missions.


    There are some chapter-specific missions that you can undertake. Some will be added to your quest log upon completion (you can replay them to try to gold medal them for Gold Rush) and some won't. Some only spawn if you're playing with high honor so take care to keep your honor level as high as you can! These missions can only be started and completed in their respective chapters. Every time you finish a mission, check your map to see if these have spawned (they'll be initials in white circles instead of yellow) and make them a priority if they show up, as they may disappear if you play too many regular missions. If you miss one and play it via replay, it won't count. Some of these require previous honour missions to unlock.

    CHAPTER 2:
    • Good, Honest Snake Oil – Valentine Sheriff's Office
    • Money Lending and Other Sins – Strauss (camp) (3 parts)
    • Pouring Forth Oil – Marston (camp) (4 parts)
    • We Loved Once and True – letter in Arthur's tent will spawn this (3 parts)

    CHAPTER 3:
    • The Course of True Love – Rhodes (3 parts)
    • Money Lending and Other Sins – Strauss (camp)

    CHAPTER 4:
    • Brothers and Sisters, One and All – Saint Denis – must be high honor
    • Fatherhood and Other Dreams – letter in Arthur's room will spawn this (2 parts)
    • Help a Brother Out – Saint Denis – must be high honor
    • Money Lending and Other Sins – Strauss (camp)

    CHAPTER 6:
    • Archaeology for Beginners – Wapiti Indian Reservation – you must agree to help Monroe during this mission to spawn another needed mission for this trophy!
    • Do not Seek Absolution – Annesburg – must be high honor (2 parts)
    • Honor Amongst Thieves – Wapiti Indian Reservation - this only spawns if you agreed to help Monroe during Archaeology for Beginners!!
    • Money Lending and Other Sins – Strauss (camp) (2 parts)
    • Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow – Sadie (camp) (2 parts)
    • Of Men and Angels – Saint Denis Church (2 parts)
    • The Course of True Love – letter in Arthur's tent spawns this (2 parts)
    As of the 1.22 patch, there is an exploit you can use: If you replay the epilogue mission Home Improvement for Beginners and/or Old Habits, this trophy will pop when you've finished the replay.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Attain 100% completion.

    To attain 100% completion in Red Dead Redemption 2 you don’t have to really do everything in the game, instead there is a checklist in-game that you have to complete in order to reach 100% completion. Some of those items are tied to trophies while some of them require you to go beyond 100% such as the animals trophy, for which you need to study all animals not just 50.

    The list of things you need to do to attain 100% completion is below:

    Missions and Events:
    • Complete All Story Missions
    • Complete 10 Stranger’s Missions Strands
    • Collect 5 bounties
    • Have 25 Random Encounters
    • Get Bushwacked
    • Complete All Gang Hideouts

    • Find one point of interest
    • Find 9 graves
    • Collect a Complete Card Set of cigarette cards
    • Collect 30 Dinosaur Bones
    • Catch 13 Legendary Fish
    • Complete All Exotics Tasks
    • Collect 10 Rock Carvings
    • Complete All Hunting Requests
    • Complete 1 Treasure Hunter Strand
    • Collect 20 Dreamcatchers

    • Study 50 Animals
    • Collect 10 Pieces of Equipment
    • Catch 10 Species of Fish
    • Discover 6 Gangs
    • Discover 10 Horse Breeds
    • Collect 20 Types of Plants
    • Collect 48 weapons

    • Reach Maximum Health, Stamina and Dead Eye
    • Reach Horse Bonding Level 4
    • Complete All Challenges

    • Find 5 Shacks
    • Kill 5 Legendary Animals
    • Play 4 Table Games
    • Interact with 5 Special Characters
    • Take a Bath
    • Watch a Show
    • Visit a Theater
    • Craft 6 recipes from different categories
    • Complete 4 Robberies (Coach Robbery, Home Robbery, Shop Robbery, Train Robbery)
    [Credit to Jvaferreira]
  • Earn 70 Gold Medals in Story missions.

    There is a total of 104 Gold Medals you can achieve. You can replay missions by going to => Progress => Story, there you can select any chapter you want and replay it. You can see what medal you previously got in the chapter by looking at the medal next to it. See below for some info by ilRASli:
    Some information you need to know before starting:

    - You can restart the last checkpoint or abandon the mission by going: => => hold , you will have the option to cancel the mission or restart the last checkpoint.

    - You can track the challenges you complete during the mission by going: => => =>

    - Don’t restart the last checkpoint on a mission with healing, accuracy, timing challenges, if you do, you will fail and you will have to replay the whole mission again.

    - Dead Eye & Stamina tonics are not healing items and can be used.

    As of the latest patch, your gear will carry over to mission replays, making them much easier than at launch of the game, and meaning you can play through the game normally without worrying about getting gold medals on the first run. You still have the choice whether to retry missions immediately after you complete them for the first time while they are still fresh in your mind or to work through them post story.
    Unlike in GTA V you can't get the Gold Medal by replaying the mission multiple times and getting different objectives in each run. In this case you have to earn everything in the same playthrough. For missions that have objectives such as "Complete the mission in X", "Get X headshots", "Compete with X% accuracy", you can't fail the main objective or die because it will lock out the objectives. If this happens you have to leave to free roam and replay the mission from the pause menu again.

    Under each story related trophy is a mission list with their difficulty rated from 1 to 5 based on different guides.

    For more information on each mission you can check the following links:

    - Spreadsheet with info on every mission: LINK. This spreadsheet has a list of every mission in the game, the objective for each mission and a few tips for some missions (credit: to Akrioz).

    - List of 70 of the easier missions to get a Gold Medal in: LINK

    - Red Dead Redemption 2 Gold Medal Walkthrough Videos: LINK. (Credit to GTA Series Videos)

    [Credit to Jvaferreira]
  • Complete a Companion Activity in each camp.

    In Chapters 2, 3 and 4 there will be numerous events in the campsite that you can complete, for this trophy you need to complete only one in each chapter/camp. Activities like Hunting, Fishing and Robberies will be marked on the map while table games will require someone to be seated at the table and you join them. Some missions will only be available at certain times of the day. If activities aren't showing up be sure to keep checking the camp and your map to make sure you don’t miss it before the chapter is over.

    Below is a list of the activities available in each chapter:

    Chapter 2:
    • Robbery - Javier
    • Hunting - Charles
    • Table Games - Poker, Dominoes and Five Finger Fillet

    Chapter 3:
    • Robbery - Bill and Sean
    • Fishing - Javier and Kieran
    • Table Games - Dominoes and Five Finger Fillet

    Chapter 4:
    • Robbery - Micah, Lenny and Uncle
    • Hunting - Pearson
    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Play all mini games.

    You will get this naturally while going for Best in the West, thanks to the Gambler challenges. There are four mini games – Poker, Five Finger Fillet, Dominoes and Blackjack.

    If you're lucky, someone at your camp will want to play one of these games with you – playing one of the games through with them will count towards this as well as Friends With Benefits.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Recover the stash from 4 homesteads.

    Missable and Glitched!

    There have been reports that this trophy has glitched unless you pick up every single lootable item in the homestead. It is highly recommended that you make a manual save in Chapter 2/Chapter 3 before starting on this trophy, as well as doing all four in one sitting to minimize chances of this happening.

    There are seven homesteads that can be robbed. Six of them can be accessed late in Chapter 2/early Chapter 3, while the seventh appears in Chapter 6.
    1. Aberdeen Pig Farm
    2. Chaz Porter – only do this when Javier brings it up as a sidequest in Chapter 2/3. It may not count otherwise, and also counts towards Friends With Benefits when you do.
    3. Catfish Jackson – make sure you only threaten one of the enemies – i.e. don't kill everyone!
    4. Lonnie's Shack – make sure you only threaten one of the enemies – i.e. don't kill everyone!
    5. Watson's Cabin
    6. Willard's Rest – only available from Chapter 6 onwards
    7. Van Horn Mansion – some players have reported this not being available if not done early on in the game.
    If the trophy does glitch on you, then reload that manual save and try again.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Discover the fate of Marko Dragic.

    Marko Dragic is a stranger who will start giving you missions early in Chapter 4. You can first find him at the large lake in St. Denis, left of the horse stable, during the day. His first mission will involve you piloting a prototype submarine around the lake.

    The second part of the mission is in the far north of New Hanover. This involves setting up conductors for Marco's Lab.

    The third and final part of the mission will trigger several days later but it won't be a white circle with Dragic’s initials. Ride up to Doverhill where part two was and when you get next to the house you should see an icon of a gun, indicating there's new equipment to get. Enter the house, pick up your upgraded lantern and unlock this trophy. Incidentally, there's an optional Easter egg – take this lantern into the mountains left of Colter in the top left corner of the map, and follow the direction it takes you whenever it glows orange. You will eventually find Dragic's creation. You don't get anything for it; it's just an Easter egg.

    Marko's mission will count towards Western Stranger and Best in the West.

    [Credit to themindisacity and danc]
  • Rob or loot $250.

    As long as you're making a point of looting the bodies of enemies you kill, this should come naturally during the game without risking your honor meter dropping. Looting innocent bodies will often drop your honor level so be careful of that.

    There is a story mission late in Chapter 3 (Magicians for Sport) that involves Arthur looking for some bounty hunters in a corn field. Looting each of them will give you around $20 per body, which is a great way to speed up this trophy. Additionally, in a late Chapter 4 mission (Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten), the target will yield over $150 if looted after he is knocked out, which will grant a sizeable chunk if you have not yet obtained the trophy.

    While not really needed, the trinket you get from the Legendary Elk Antler can help with this.

    [Credit to themindisacity and danc]
  • Donate $250 to the gang tithing box.


    At every camp, you will see an icon of a box with a dollar sign on it. This is the gang's tithing box. There are three ways you can donate to it: put money in it, donate valuables (pocket watches, belt buckles etc.) or donate things to Pearson for funds (which will go directly to the camp funds).

    While the trophy is missable (it must be done before Chapter 5), it's fairly easy, as you will have to do many robberies via story missions, which will all yield several hundred dollars apiece so it's easy to just take $250 of that and put it in the tithing box. You can even back up your save and reload after donating the money if you don't want to part with it.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Spend $5000 across all shops.

    This may very well come naturally, especially if you're spending money, crafting trinkets or buying recipes at black markets/fences. Near the end of the game, a lot of horses will be relatively expensive to buy so you can easily knock out a chunk of the required spending for this trophy. In terms of gaining money, you don't need to worry about that – the game gives you plenty of it. You also get $20,000 when you finish the story so you can easily just unlock this trophy then.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Reach maximum or minimum Honor level.

    Throughout the game, most actions you do either grant or take away honor, as shown by the bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen. You can see your current honor at any time by holding . There are two ways you can go for this:

    Maximum Honor (harder but required for other trophies)
    • Choose honorable choices in missions. Spare people when given an option etc. These should be obvious.
    • Be nice to everyone, say hello to NPCs in town, help random people you meet (white dot), talk to people at camp (white dot).
    • Do all honor and side missions (some side/honor missions aren't playable with low honor).
    • Do camp chores (little black dots at camp).
    • Throw back fish after fishing.
    • You get a discount in stores, the higher the honor the higher the discount.

    Minimum Honor (easier but will lock out honor missions)
    • Choose dishonorable choices in missions. Kill people when given an option. Again, should be obvious.
    • Be an asshole to everyone, kill random people.
    • Overkill animals (i.e. shoot them with stronger weapons than required, birds are easiest).
    It is suggested to go for maximum honor, as some missions for Lending a Hand require a certain honor level. If you want to do minimum honor but still want to do 100%, do all honor and side missions first (some side/honor missions are missable or unobtainable with low honor). If you consistently do honorable things across the game you will easily max out your honor, though if you don't have this trophy by the end of the game it’s much easier to go for minimum honor than maximum.

    [Credit to VersionII and danc]
  • Complete 10 Stranger mission strands.

    Credit to PowerPyx for the map.

    Stranger missions are denoted by white ?s. Once you track down the Stranger and talk to them, they will give you a mission that will often span multiple parts and chapters. There are 26 Strangers in total but only 22 of them count towards this trophy (the others are short and will give you honor points and also count towards Best in the West). They are listed below in order of the chapter in which they first appear.

    CHAPTER 2:
    • A Fine Night For It – an old man in the Bayou asks you to check out the Night Folk (you need to have encountered them first; they'll be a grey dot on your minimap and are creepy voices, lights, etc).
    • A Test of Faith – a woman in the Heartlands wants help finding 30 dinosaur bones. Will also unlock Collector's Item but there's a better one for that. This can't be completed until the Epilogue, but is required for 100%.
    • American Dreams – a murderer has decapitated three bodies and left pieces of a map in the heads. Find all three pieces to track him down. Look for an X on your large map when in the areas to help you find the bodies – one is near Braithwaite Manor, one is near Valentine, and one is near Wallace Station. The murderer himself is in a cabin south of Valentine.
    • Arcadia for Amateurs – a man near Strawberry wants help taking pictures of wildlife (5 parts)
    • Geology for Beginners – a man near Strawberry wants help finding 10 rock face carvings. This is a great one to do, as it will also unlock Collector's Item. This is required for 100%.
    • Smoking and Other Hobbies – a man in the Heartlands wants cigarette cards. All 144 of them. This one is best avoided early on; it's too time-consuming and is much easier after the story, but if you do decide to go for it, you will unlock Collector's Item. This is required for 100%.
    • The Noblest of Men, and a Woman – a man in Valentine will ask you to take pictures of famous gunslingers. This is a great one to do because you get several unique weapons which will help with Best in the West (4 parts)
    • The Smell of Grease Paint – a traveling sideshow at the Van Horn Trading Post needs you to track down its missing members (2 parts)

    CHAPTER 3:
    • A Fisher of Fish – a man near Flatneck Station wants you to catch all 13 Legendary Fish. You should at least start this quest in order to get the Legendary Fish to spawn – catching them is helpful towards a few trophies. This can't be completed until the Epilogue, but is required for 100%.
    • He's British, of Course – a wrecked circus caravan needs help finding its missing animals (5 parts). This is a good one to do because it gives you the opportunity to craft the Lion's Paw Trinket, which ups the XP you gain on your stamina meter.
    • No Good Deed - a man in Rhodes wants you to get his missing medicine wagon back.
    • The Iniquities of History – a man in Rhodes wants you to sneak into his repossessed house and get his valuables back.

    CHAPTER 4:
    • A Bright Bouncing Boy – see Artificial Intelligence for more details, as this is required for that.
    • Duchesses and Other Animals - a man outside of Saint Denis wants exotic plants and bird plumes. This is another time consuming one that you may want to avoid early on, but is required for 100%.
    • Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners – the mayor of Saint Denis needs your diplomacy skills (3 parts). You first need to have received a letter from him at the post office so make sure you're checking the post office icon from time to time.
    • Oh, Brother – two brothers do stupid things to try to impress a woman (3 parts). You need to actively find these guys to advance their strand – they will always show up as ?.
    • The Artist's Way – an artist in Saint Denis needs your help to stay out of trouble (4 parts)
    • The Mercies of Knowledge – an inventor in Saint Denis wants help building and testing his electric chair (7 parts). Despite the number of parts, this one is pretty quick.
    • The Ties That Bind Us – two prisoners need help staying out of jail (5 parts). Make sure you burn the posters they ask you to collect in the first part to keep their quest line going. Like Oh Brother, you need to actively seek these guys out (they always show up as ?)

    CHAPTER 5:
    • The Wisdom of the Elders – helping a man near Van Horn starts to unravel a weird mystery of a nearby town (5 parts). This can only be started and concluded in Chapter 5.

    CHAPTER 6:
    • The Veteran – in Grizzlies East, at the Veteran Homestead on the large lake, a veteran needs your help (4 parts).

    • The American Inferno, Burnt Out – midway between Strawberry and Blackwater is a familiar author (5 parts).
    [Credit to themindisacity and danc]
  • Survive 3 days holding a bounty of $250 in all states.

    There are five states in the game: Ambarino, New Hanover, Lemoyne, West Elizabeth and New Austin.

    For this trophy, you need to amass a $250 bounty in each of the states at the same time, and survive three days. This will need to be done during the epilogue at the earliest, as you won't have access to New Austin until then. It's best to do this after you max your Honor as this will surely lower it or simply back up your save before you do this. The simplest way to amass a bounty is by murdering civilians and law enforcement. This may take some time, and can be a tad frustrating as some locations aren't heavy on civilians. For Ambarino, your best bet is to grab a sniper, and snipe the guards in Fort Wallace from across the river. As long as you're standing in Ambarino, it will count towards that bounty. If you find yourself overwhelmed by gun fire coming your way, run. Better to regroup, than to get killed or arrested. If you prefer a non-violent approach, you can go to a town, steal a horse/wagon, outrun the law - rinse and repeat.

    When you reach a high enough bounty in a state, bounty hunters will seek a big pay by trying to take you out. They'll have a red skull icon on your map. They typically try to block roads along your path, and will start to pursue and you're nearing their location. When you see them, you can fight or take a detour. Detours are your safest bet. Surviving three days while having a $250 bounty in each state is easier than it sounds as safe locations can ensure bounty hunters won't bother you. Go to your home base and keep sleeping until you've passed three days.

    [Credit to themindisacity and danc]
  • Complete one of the Collectable strands.

    There are a few Stranger missions that trigger Collectable strands – see Western Stranger. It is advised not to go for the cigarette card one (there's nearly 150 cards). The quickest one is for finding 10 rock faces. Credit to PowerPyx for the video:
    The graves don't count for this trophy.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Deliver 5 camp companion item requests.


    This trophy must be unlocked prior to finishing Chapter 4.

    In each campsite, members of the camp will randomly ask you to find them things. These can be anything from herbs to animal skins to money to unique items like books or collectible cards. Camp members tend to ask during the daytime and will approach you for it (you don't need to seek them out for conversation for them to ask). If you already have the item in your inventory (herbs, money etc.), you can just give it to them right away without leaving and re-entering the camp but for unique items (example: Abigail's thimble, which is found by looting enemies), you can't find them until asked. There are over 20 requests in the game but you only need to fulfill five for this trophy.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Craft 30 unique items in Story Mode.

    This may come naturally while playing, as many of the challenges required for Best in the West involve a lot of unique crafting. Crafting trinkets/talismans from Legendary Animal parts (via Fences) counts towards this trophy, as well as any clothing crafting you have the Trapper do. I also highly recommend going for the Legend of the East Satchel, as not only is it an excellent item to have to help out with challenges and post-game stuff but it will also add another seven unique crafted items towards this trophy.

    To craft satchels and camp decorations (via Pearson), you must first buy the leather tools from the camp ledger for $275.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Skin every species of animal in Story Mode.

    See Zoologist
  • Study every animal across all states in Story Mode.

    In your inventory is a pair of binoculars and equipping them will allow you to study animals (as long as they're mostly visible) by holding down . You can actually study many animals if you're close enough to them when you're aiming at them; the binoculars just make it easier. You can check your progress on this via Progress => Compendium => Animals. If the picture of the animal has a full white bar under it, you've done everything you can with that animal – i.e. studied it, tracked it, killed it and skinned it. If there's not a full white bar, select the pictured animal and see if "studied" says "yes" under it. Although you will ultimately want to have a full white bar under the animal, due to Skin Deep.

    NOTE: Any animal that is unique to Guarma Island, visited in Chapter 5, doesn't count towards this trophy – this includes the Carolina Parakeet, the Blue and Yellow Macaw, the Green Macaw, the Scarlet Macaw, the Red-footed Booby, the Red Boa, the Rainbow Boa, the Sunglow Boa and the Fer-de-Lance Rattlesnake. Also not required are Rufus the dog (found in the Epilogue) and all Legendary animals.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Catch a fish weighing at least 16 lbs (7.3 kg).

    You will first opportunity to fish, is after playing through a story mission that's late in Chapter 2.

    To up your chances of catching large fish, go to the bait shop in the Bayou and buy the special lures. If you want a guaranteed heavy fish and want to save time – wait on this trophy until you start the Stranger mission A Fisher of Fish, to get the Legendary Fish to spawn. Also, wait until Survivalist Challenge 9 (required for Best in the West), because that challenge requires you to catch a fish which is at least 19 pounds. The Legendary Longnose Gar, located South of the bait shop, will come in at around 40 pounds, knocking out both that challenge and this trophy.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Upgrade each available component for a single sidearm or longarm weapon.

    Note: This can also be done online (credit to Honda Hoe for this tip).

    This trophy can be unlocked at any gunsmith. When talking to the clerk, select "Customize", then buy one upgrade from every available slot. This is easiest done with pistols, as those tend to have the least expensive components.
  • Survive 18 bear attacks and kill the bear each time in Story Mode.

    This must be specifically grizzly bears. Black bears will not count. A straightforward trophy but can be a little grindy and frustrating to get bears to spawn consistently if you try and farm it in one go so I would recommend that you do this every so often during your playthrough, perhaps at the beginning and/or end of each gaming session.

    Before you start make sure you equip a powerful weapon. Either a shotgun or repeater and with express bullets for maximum damage.

    The most consistent spawn point is halfway between Wallace Station and Watson's Cabin (click here for a map, courtesy of PowerPyx: LINK). Ride near to this location but get on foot before you get too close. Run around the area and with any luck, a grizzly will spawn. Let the grizzly charge at you and knock you to the ground. As soon as it does, quickly spam the button to fight off the bear. When it climbs off you will be given the chance to shoot it with your equipped weapon. Quickly do so until it dies and you will be one step closer to the 18 required for this trophy.

    You must kill the bear in this fashion, where it knocks you to the ground and the button prompt shows for you to fight it off and then shoot it whilst you’re still lying on the ground. Killing a bear in any other way will not count towards this trophy.

    If you want to farm these kills, ride away for about a minute after a kill and set up camp. Sleep for a day or two and when you re-load, hopefully another bear will spawn when you ride back. If not, you may want to carry on doing something else and come back later.
  • Reach max bonding level with a horse.

    As you play the game, your trusty steed will gain levels through bonding and taking care of your horse. As you level your horse up, it'll improve its health and stamina as well as affect its reactions in fight/flight situations (such as a firefight). There are four levels total and they're not universal. Meaning, you'll need to keep using the same horse until you reach level four. Providing you aren't constantly changes horses, you'll likely earn this during the course or normal play.

    There are numerous ways to increase the bond with your horse:
    • Calming your horse down when it's getting irritable (this is done with )
    • Feeding your horse
    • Grooming your horse (this requires a horse brush, which you will obtain early in Chapter 2).
    • Traveling. You increase your bond the more you travel with that horse
    This trophy is also obtainable online if you're tackling the online portion first.

    [Credit to themindisacity]
  • Red Dead Online: Complete the Intro.

    The online portion of the game begins with you needing to create your online avatar. Upon doing so, you’ll have to go through some story/tutorial segments. You will earn this trophy as soon as you establish your first camp and you're let loose on the open world.
  • Red Dead Online: Take part in a Series.

    You'll be able to access a series at any point after the introduction to multiplayer has concluded. Series matches can be found in one of three ways. First, tap to bring up the Free Roam menu. Next, select Quick Join from the list to bring up an assortment of Series events. A second method is by pausing the game and going to Online. From there, you can navigate to the Series match of your choice by clicking its relevant tile. A final way to access Series matches can be done upon booting the game up from the main menu. Tap to switch from the Story screen to Online, if need be. From there, simply click on the Series tile of your choice. There are three types of series in the game, which include the following:
    • Showdown Series: A range of modes for up to 16 players including Battle royal, Team Deathmatch, Territory Capture, etc.
    • Showdown Series Large: A range of modes similar to the regular Showdown Series, except lobbies can reach a maximum size of 32 players.
    • Race Series: Includes a range of standard point to point and open races.
    Note the match you join, either from the start or in progress, must be completed in order to obtain the trophy. Showdown and Showdown Large can be joined in the midst of a match so long as it isn't a Battle Royale mode. Horse races must be spectated if you join in the middle of an event.
    [Credit to ImStylinOnYaBro]
  • Red Dead Online: Accept 10 Free Roam missions from characters around the world.

    Free roam missions become available after completing the introduction. You can accept these missions from familiar faces from throughout the world. You can identify them on your map as a pink mission marker. These missions are relatively simple,and there really isn’t one significantly easier than the others. Missions are compiled of objectives such as protecting a wagon, stealing a wagon, stealing a horse, delivering mail, killing a bounty, etc. You'll need to complete ten of these to unlock the trophy.

    Be warned, some of these allow other players to sabotage such as killing the horse you just stole. You’ll have to do that once yourself for All's Fair. Also, some missions can be buggy. Most frequent offenders of these are ones that involve delivering a wagon or a horse. Objectives are delayed or don't show up at all and sometimes the game refuses to let you finish the mission once you've brought your wagon/horse delivery. There's No sure fire way to trigger progress. Sometimes waiting works and something hopping off and back on the horse/wagon can as well. If your mission isn’t triggering, you may have to exit online and reload. Try to avoid these missions whenever possible as they can be unreliable.

    These do have a weird mechanic where the amount of money you receive as a reward is based on how long it takes you to complete the mission, which is a little backward if you ask me. If you want to maximize your profits, try to avoid completing the mission until you have less than 30 seconds on the timer.
  • Red Dead Online: Play 5 Free Roam Events.

    Whilst playing in Free Roam, you will occasionally get a notification in the mid-upper left side of the screen indicating a Free Roam Event invitation. These notifications will have purple text to them. To join the event, you must accept the invite before the event starts and becomes unavailable. Try to be a bit hasty with accepting, as sometimes they will start quickly. You can accept the invite in two different ways. First, as the invitation appears on screen, you can press and hold the options button to take you right to the invite menu. From there, select the Free Roam Event to join. If you were in the midst of something and didn't accept the invite right away, you can tap to bring up the Free Roam Menu. Afterwards, select Invites to bring up a list of your open invitations.

    Similar to a Series, you must join and see the event out to its conclusion to get credit. Do note that you will only get these notifications when in Free Roam. You won't get them while actively participating in PVP, racing, stranger missions or story missions. The frequency you'll get invites to these events is completely random - sometimes you'll receive them one after another, while other times they will be few and far between.

    [Credit to ImStylinOnYaBro]
  • Red Dead Online: Achieve 5 gold belt buckles from awards.

    Buckles are rewards you obtain through normal play, which can net you a lot experience. These will be vital to making your grind to level 50 go as fast as possible, because you earn 500 XP for each one you complete.

    You progress toward buckles by doing just about everything (combat, hunting, buying/selling, etc). Every challenge has a Gold Buckle and there are 463 challenges to undertake. Some only have a Gold Buckle, others have progression tiers. These tiers will award you with lesser buckles as you make your way to gold. The lesser buckles also reward experience upon completion. Buckles that have these tiers can be repeated up to ten times whereas those with only gold can be completed only once. It’s very useful to take advantage of this en route to level 50 by completing simple buckles such as selling herbs to a doctor or blowing up multiple animals at once (aka throwing dynamite at fish). Just make sure you reset the progress of that challenge from the Awards menu before tackling it again.

    There are a few simple one-off Gold Buckles you can pursue:
    • Sell an item to three shop types.
    • Earn 100 Gold Nuggets (you could earn this as you progress the story)
    • Kill one flying bird with an arrow (easily done with auto-lock and deadeye)
    • Taste 20 herbs
    • Reach Maximum Honor (could earn this as you progress story)
    • Achieve maximum bond with your horse
    • Complete 10 unique free roam missions (which you can earn with Gun for Hire if you don't repeat the same one twice)
  • Red Dead Online: Achieve MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).

    At the end of each competitive match, the MVP title is rewarded. You'll see a clip showing a character celebrating and the game identifying that character as the MVP. You need to win three MVPs yourself to earn this trophy. There are a few ways to go about this:

    Races: You automatically win MVP upon winning. I, personally, recommend this route as I find races less skill dependent than combat modes and thankfully there isn't much parity low and high level players. For standard races, I recommend sticking to the side at the start of the race, going around the group of players and reaching the front. From there, try to knock off the nearby players with . How you start these races are important as it's tough to come back when you've fallen behind and it's tough to lose a lead when you’re far ahead of the pack. For open races, you must hit each checkpoint scattered across the map. Upon doing so, make your way to the finish marker. The key to this is finding the right path. Typically, you want to start hitting the checkpoints along the outside and work your way in as the finish marker will be near the center of the map. Here's a link with images depicting the ideal route (Credit to rdr2.org): LINK. If you have friends to help you, you can make this a little easier by having them kill the race leaders to help you overtake them. 

    Make-It-Count: You automatically win MVP upon winning. This is a Battle Royale type mode where you'll be going up against other players for the title of sole survivor. In this mode, you will only have access to a certain weapon (throwing knives, bow/arrow, tomahawk) with limited ammo. You'll need to be stealthy and sneak up on unsuspecting players. You can't stay in one position too long, because it will reveal your location on the map. You could use that to your advantage and lure other players your way. Be aware of your surroundings. Look every direction. Don't get too excited when you see someone. Focus and make every shot count.

    Standard Competitive Modes: The trick to winning MVP in these modes is to not die. You could have 0 kills and 0 deaths and win MVP over someone who went 30-5. In matches like these, find a place to hide. Maybe have a Shotgun on hand in case anyone stumbles upon you.
  • Red Dead Online: Concurrently own 5 horses.

    This trophy will be the one that costs you the most in money, primarily because you have to own five stalls in order to own five horses. The first one is free but the amounts for additional stalls are as follows:

    Second stall: $100
    Third stall: $150
    Fourth stall: $500
    Fifth stall: $750

    Now you need to buy four additional horses (you start off with one), with the Kentucky Saddler being the cheapest at $50. That's a total of $1,700 required. Alternatively, you can buy these items with Gold Bars but the high real money cost makes this an expensive proposition that we don't recommend.

    The best way to earn money aside from just playing competitive matches is hunting animals and selling their remains to the butcher, or finding treasures that appear every time you level up. Keep an eye on the benefits menu as there are occasionally discounts on stables and horses available. If you're doing the collectible method to reach level 50, you should have more than enough money to buy all the stables and horses you need anyway.
  • Red Dead Online: Reach Rank 10.

    See Notorious
  • Red Dead Online: Reach Rank 50.

    To reach Rank 50 you will need a total of 175,300 XP. You gain experience from doing online missions, free roam missions, playing matches/races etc. and by doing miscellaneous things like killing people and animals.

    There used to be a very nice glitch that allowed you to rank up fast by exploiting the in-game awards and being able to repeatedly earn the bonus XP for resetting them. Unfortunately, of course, that has been patched out. Since any exploit that may or not be found in the future will just get patched eventually, you will have to simply take part in what Red Dead Online has to offer.

    As mentioned above, there are plenty of game modes, side missions and some story missions for you to partake in to help along the way. Use crafted ammo when you get kills for that little extra XP boost, get kills from your horse and work towards buckles in the game’s numerous awards/challenges in the Progress menu. These are for performing tasks such as X number of kills, kills with a particular weapon, animals killed, parts sold to a butcher etc.

    There are also seven daily challenges that you can complete, each of which will reward you 200 XP. These are relatively straight forward, such as cooking a particular type of meat, killing a flying bird with a sniper rifle, picking flowers, getting headshots etc. These are very similar to the regular awards and single-player challenges so are nothing new.
    The easiest way by far to level up nowadays is by utilising the collector role. You'll need 15 gold bars to unlock it (though it occasionally goes on sale) so play story missions, do challenges, or god forbid spend real money until you have enough. This will unlock collectibles around the map. There are over 260 of them, they give 100-300xp a pop and reset daily at midnight UTC, meaning these can be endlessly farmed. Here is a link to a map that shows you where collectibles are on each day: LINK. Completing sets and selling them to Madam Nazar will earn you an XP bonus. Some collectibles require a metal detector and/or shovel which need to be unlocked and bought. Therefore on your first day of this method, just focus on the Tarot Cards, though you can also get Plants and Antique Alcohol Bottles without any extra equipment, plus the Bird Eggs if you have a Varmint Rifle. If you get all of those in a day you'll have more than enough Collector XP to unlock the Metal Detector for purchase, plus the money you'll need to buy it and the shovel. From there you'll have everything you need to collect every collectible.
    If you can invest enough time in a day you can easily grab all of the collectibles, but if you only have a bit of time to game it'll still be very helpful to get as many collectibles you can each day. The aforementioned sets plus the Family Heirlooms have set spots (that rotate each day) so if you're not getting all of them in a day you can easily mop up the ones you're missing on another day to complete the set for bonus XP and money. The remainder of the collectibles are random to the exact one you'll find, bar some Jewellery which can be found in fixed spots but only on certain days. Even if you're getting every collectible in a day you may not complete those sets, but they're definitely worth grabbing anyway. This method will also get you all the money you'll need for other trophies.

    While that method is still a grind, you're looking at a longer grind if you don't fancy doing collectibles. If that's the case, pop in to the multiplayer every now and then, rather than trying to grind it out once you've done everything else.

    [Credit to Ashtimus Prime and danc]
  • Red Dead Online: Successfully counter a rival Posse's Free Roam mission.

    This one can easily be boosted with two players.

    Start an online free roam session then invite a friend or have him/her join your session. Have each person create their own posse (set it to private). Ride to a mission that is far away from all the other players in the server so that they won't interfere. The person that is not going for the trophy starts the mission (delivery missions are the easiest to do). As soon as the message "Rival players can now counter your mission" appears tell that to your partner so that he/she can counter your mission. When the mission fails the other person should get the trophy.

    Another easy method is to utilise the free Roam missions where the objective is to assassinate a player. If you are ever the target of one of this missions leave what you are doing, open your map and see where the rival player is coming from (red player on the map), put a waypoint on the opposite side the rival is coming from and start riding your horse until the timer expires, it will cause the other player's mission to fail and give you the trophy.

    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Red Dead Online: Purchase 5 camp improvements.

    As soon as you unlock the camp site, you can make improvements to said camp. The cheapest route to go is by purchasing different color flags, which cost $50 each (or 2 Gold Bars). Meaning you'll need a minimum of $250 (or 10 Gold Bars) to earn this trophy.
  • Red Dead Online: Craft 25 pieces of ammunition.

    To craft ammo, you will need to unlock a recipe but the earliest one you can unlock will be the Split Point ammo. This will become available after reaching level 28 and must be purchased at the Fence (~$350).

    Once you purchase that, you can construct the ammo at your campsite. All you need is any kind of ammo to make these. Start crafting and as soon as you reach 25, the trophy will unlock. Note that you can a little extra XP when getting skills with special ammo such as split point.
  • Red Dead Online: Form a Persistent Posse.

    If you're tired of playing solo and want to explore the world with others, you can create a posse! With a posse formed, you can invite your friends or complete strangers to and take advantage of the different posse-only activities, completing free roam events, conquering hideouts etc.

    To form a Persistent Posse, press to open up the online menu. Select "Posse". Press to form a posse. A Persistent Posse costs $250 to form but once you form it, you'll forever have access to it. When you purchase and name your posse, the trophy will unlock.
  • Red Dead Online: Craft 20 items (excluding ammo).

    The cheapest and fastest way to get this trophy is to cook meat. This method is ideal because you need no pamphlets, money or a certain level: just the guns and bullets the game provides you at the start. You'll need to explore the wilderness and hunt a few animals. After you kill an animal, walk up to them and skin/pick up the animal. Larger animals must be skinned, whilst smaller animals can only be picked up and put in your satchel. Once you have 20 total pieces of meat, you will need to find a campfire to cook at.

    You can find campfires randomly in each of the towns or by going to your own personal camp. You will then want to walk up to the campfire and hold to enter the crafting menu. A list of your meats will come up and you will be able to select which type to cook. If you choose, you can add a herb to it but that is not necessary for the trophy. Make sure to hold after selecting your meat to cook it. You can either eat the meat or store it in your inventory, preferably store it for later use to replenish your cores. Cook 20 pieces of meat and the trophy will pop.

    [Credit to ImStylinOnYaBro]
  • Red Dead Online: Sell 20 items to the Butcher.

    The items that you can sell to a butcher are animal parts, in my experience anything you can get from skinning an animal can be sold to a butcher be it skins, meat, hantlers, feathers, the carcass of an animal and even fish counts.

    To acquire those parts you simply need to kill animals and then skin them for animal parts, each animal will you give between 1 and 5 animal parts when you skin it, depending on the animal type and available space on your inventory. Simply kill 5-10 animals and you should have enough items to get this trophy.

    Butchers can be found in Valentine, Strawberry, Rhodes, Saint Denis, Blackwater and Tumbleweed. To sell an item simply approach the Butcher, press to open the interaction menu and then .

    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Red Dead Online: Pick 25 Herbs.

    To pick up a Herb simply press when you are near it. Some plants are easier to see than other but you can use Eagle Eye by pressing + to make it easier to spot them, this will make the plants highlighted in white as well as show some white particles above their location.

    A good place to pick up herbs it in the area of the map called "The Heartlands" South Wast of Valentine and north of Rhodes. It's an open area so you don't have to worry about herbs behind trees or anything.

    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Red Dead Online: Complete a Free Roam mission as part of a Posse with at least 2 members.

    For this trophy you can either create your own posse and invite everyone on the server (or a friend) or you can join a random posse that already exists. You can join a posse by pressing Options, Online and then Posse Up. If you want to create your own: Whilst online, go => Posse => => Form a Posse. Click "Invite to Posse" to send invites and hope that randoms join or press to invite a friend.

    Once you are in a posse with at least one other person complete any free roam mission. These are marked by a black figure with an orange background.

Secret trophies

  • Complete Chapter 1.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    To earn this trophy, complete all 6 missions in the first chapter. There are no side missions in this chapter so just play every mission available. Below is a list of missions in this chapter, rated by estimated difficulty to get a gold medal on.
    • Outlaws from the West - 1/5
    • Enter, Pursued by a Memory - 1/5
    • Old Friends - 3/5
    • The Aftermath of Genesis - 1/5
    • Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall? - 5/5
    • Eastward Bound - 1/5
    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Complete 'Enter, Pursued by a Memory'.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    This mission is available in Chapter 1. You will get this trophy on your way to doing Back in the Mud.

    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Complete Chapter 2.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    Chapter 2 has 18 missions but you don't need to do the stranger's missions for the trophy. The last mission you need to do is "A Strange Kindness" when Arthur and Charles go find a new place for the camp. Below is a list of missions in this chapter, rated by estimated difficulty to get a gold medal on.
    • Who is Not without Sin - 2/5
    • Polite Society, Valentine Style - 1/5
    • Americans at Rest - 2/5
    • Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego - 2/5
    • Paying a Social Call - 3/5
    • The Spines of America - 1/5
    • A Quiet Time - 1/5
    • Money Lending and Other Sins III - 1/5
    • We Loved Once and True III - 2/5
    • Good, Honest, Snake Oil - 2/5
    • The First Shall be Last - 2/5
    • Blessed are the Meek? - 3/5
    • Forth Oil II - 1/5
    • Forth Oil IV - 2/5
    • A Fisher of Men - 1/5
    • An American Pastoral Scene - 4/5
    • The Sheep and the Goats - 3/5
    • A Strange Kindness - 1/5
    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Complete Chapter 3.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    Chapter 3 has 17 missions but you don't need to do the stranger's missions for the trophy. The last mission you need to do is "The Battle of Shady Belle" when Arthur and John clear Shady Belle of Lemoyne raiders so that the group can move to a different campsite. Below is a list of missions in this chapter, rated by estimated difficulty to get a gold medal on.
    • Further Questions of Female Suffrage - 2/5
    • The New South - 3/5
    • American Distillation - 4/5
    • The Course of True Love II - 1/5
    • The Course of True Love III - 1/5
    • Advertising, the New American Art II - 1/5
    • Magicians For Sport - 3/5
    • Friends in Very Low Places - 2/5
    • An Honest Mistake - 2/5
    • Preaching Forgiveness as He went - 3/5
    • Sodom? Back to Gomorrah - 2/5
    • Horse Flesh for Dinner - 1/5
    • The Fine Joys of Tobacco - 4/5
    • Blessed are the Peacemakers - 2/5
    • A Short Walk in a Pretty Town - 3/5
    • Blood Feuds, Ancient and Modern - 2/5
    • The Battle of Shady Belle - 1/5
    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Complete Chapter 4.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    Chapter 4 has 14 missions but you don't need to do the strangers missions for the trophy. The last mission you need to do is "Banking, The Old American Art" when the group robs the bank of Saint Denis. Below is a list of missions in this chapter, rated by estimated difficulty to get a gold medal on.
    • The Joys of Civilization - 1/5
    • Angelo Bronte, a Man of Honor - 2/5
    • Help a Brother Out - 1/5
    • No, No and Thrice, No - 1/5
    • Brothers and Sisters, One and All - 1/5
    • Fatherhood and Other Dreams II - 1/5
    • The Gilded Cage - 1/5
    • Horsemen, Apocalypses - 3/5
    • American Fathers II - 2/5
    • A Fine Night of Debauchery - 3/5
    • Urban Pleasures - 2/5
    • Country Pursuits - 1/5
    • Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten - 2/5
    • Banking, the Old American Art - 2/5
    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Complete Chapter 5.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    Chapter 5 has 9 missions and you will be stranded on the island of Guarma. The island has 5 missions though only 4 are necessary to complete this portion of the chapter, once you complete "A Kind and Benevolent Despot" the rest of the missions will all follow each regardless of whether you completed the missable mission or not (don't worry it's not needed for the trophy). Once this portion of the chapter is complete, you will be back in the main map and need to complete the mission "That's Murfree Country" to earn the trophy.

    Note: You can start strangers missions from chapter 6 between the time you arrive on the main map and complete That's Murfree Country. Don't worry, the trophy isn’t glitched. Below is a list of missions in this chapter, rated by estimated difficulty to get a gold medal on.
    • Welcome to the New World - 1/5
    • Savagery Unleashed - 3/5
    • A Kind and Benevolent Despot - 2/5
    • Hell Hath No Fury - 3/5
    • Paradise Mercifully Departed - 2/5
    • Dear Uncle Tacitus - 1/5
    • Fleeting Joy - 2/5
    • A Fork in the Road - 1/5
    • That's Murfree Country - 3/5
    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Complete 'Goodbye, Dear Friend'.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    This is a main mission from Chapter 6 and you have to complete it to advance the game.
  • Complete 'Red Dead Redemption'.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    This is a main mission from chapter 6, you have to complete it to advance the game. Below is a list of missions in chapter 6, rated by estimated difficulty to get a gold medal on.
    • Icarus and Friends - 3/5
    • Do Not Seek Absolution I - 1/5
    • Do Not Seek Absolution II - 1/5
    • Visiting Hours - 4/5
    • The Course of True Love V - 1/5
    • Just a Social Call - 2/5
    • A Rage Unleashed - 1/5
    • The Delights of Van Horn - 2/5
    • Archeology for Beginners - 2/5
    • Honor, Amongst Thieves - 2/5
    • The Bridge to Nowhere - 1/5
    • The Fine Art of Conversation - 3/5
    • Goodbye, Dear Friend - 2/5
    • Favored Sons - 3/5
    • Mrs. Sadie Adler, Widow II - 2/5
    • The King's Son - 2/5
    • My Last Boy - 3/5
    • Our Best Selves - 4/5
    • Red Dead Redemption - 4/5
  • Complete 'A New Jerusalem'.

    Story Related. Cannot be missed.

    This is a main mission from Epilogue: Part 2, you have to complete it to advance the game.

    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Complete the Epilogue.

    Story Related. Cannot be Missed.

    This is awarded when you complete the last mission in the game, American Venom, available in Epilogue: Part 2. Below is a list of missions in the Epilogue, rated by estimated difficulty to get a gold medal on.

    Part 1:
    • The Wheel - 1/5
    • Simple Pleasures - 1/5
    • Fatherhood, For Beginners - 1/5
    • Farming, for Beginners - 2/5
    • Old Habits - 2/5
    • Jim Milton Rides, Again? - 2/5
    • Fatherhood, for Idiots - 1/5
    • Motherhood - 1/5
    • Home of the Gentry? - 1/5
    • Gainful Employment - 2/5

    Part 2:
    • Bare Knuckle Friendships - 1/5
    • Home Improvement for Beginners - 1/5
    • An Honest Day's Labors - 3/5
    • The Tool Box - 4/5
    • A New Jerusalem - 1/5
    • A Quick Favor for an Old Friend - 3/5
    • Uncle's Bad Day - 3/5
    • A Really Big Bastard - 2/5
    • Trying Again - 1/5
    • A New Future Imagined - 1/5
    • American Venom - 4/5
    [Credit to Jvaferreria]
  • Find the graves of each of your fallen companions.

    There are 9 graves you must visit to unlock this trophy. None of them will show up until you've finished story mode. You have to actually interact with the graves for them to count as having been found. PowerPyx has put together a Guide for this trophy: LINK

    [Credit to themindiscity]
  • Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue.

    While you can work on the bulk of this trophy during the game's story mode, you cannot earn it until after completing the game's Epilogue (you need access to the entire map).

    Whenever you're in a train station, keep an eye out on the notice board – you will eventually find a flier looking for hunters (I got it late in Chapter 3 at the Rhodes post office; I don't know if it was available earlier or elsewhere). The flier will request specific perfect animal carcasses, so make sure you have a Varmint rifle and lots of small game arrows. Once you've fulfilled the request, go to any post office and mail the carcasses off, then come back in another day or two to receive a reward and another request.

    With regards to the smaller carcasses (small mammals, birds etc.) it's worth remembering that once you have them in your satchel, they will not decay, unlike when you hang carcasses on your horse so for anything listed with an asterisk, if you happen to come across the animal while playing, take it out and store it until you are finally able to mail it out. Also, the star ranking on birds doesn't seem to matter - as long as you kill them the way the game tells you to (generally with small animal arrows), you will always get a perfect carcass.

    There's a great place where you can get nearly all of the birds required for this trophy. From Annesburg (the text), go up and right and you’ll see the river hooking up and right. This bend of the river has several boulders in it, and every required species of bird (except Cedar Waxwing) will land on the rocks here. Your best bet is to be there in the early morning - around 6-7 AM.

    For the small critters (except beavers), a good place to go is the Ringneck Creek (especially the left side), between the "E" and "M" of Lemoyne. Get there in the evening around 8-9 PM and you should get one or two of each species required to spawn. It's also a short ride to Rhodes from there, which makes mailing off your perfect carcasses quick and easy. Unlike the birds, the star ranking on the small critters does matter so make sure you’re only going for the three-star ones.

    If you're worried, craft the trinket you get from the Legendary Pronghorn Horn (not accessible until post-game), as it keeps animals on the horse from spoiling. The trinket you get from the Legendary Buck Antler may help as well.

    ROUND 1:
    • Rabbit
    • Squirrel

    ROUND 2:
    • Cardinal
    • Rat
    • Woodpecker

    ROUND 3:
    • Chipmunk
    • Opossum
    • Oriole
    • Robin

    ROUND 4:
    • Bullfrog
    • Skunk
    • Songbird
    • Sparrow
    • Toad

    ROUND 5:
    • Bat
    • Beaver
    • Blue Jay
    • Cedar Waxwing
    • Crow
    Once you've fulfilled all five requests, you will get mail at the post office which will spawn a mission marker near Strawberry. You will finally get the squirrel statue. Take it to Beecher's Hope and put it on the fireplace mantel. Go away for 24 hours and return to Beecher's Hope to start a week-long game of hide and seek with it. Every time you find the squirrel, put it back on the mantel, go away for 24 hours and return to Beecher's Hope.

    Harry94 has put together a video showing all of the hiding spots - skip to the 6min mark: LINK
    [Credit to themindisacity]

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