• Estimated trophy difficulty:9/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Trophy Breakdown (Offline): ( 24 / 17 / 2 / 1 )
  • Approximate amount of time to : 200+ Hours
  • Number of missable trophies: 8 Missable Trophies (They are detailed within the Roadmap)
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats

Welcome to Record of Agarest War Zero the prequel to the previous game Record of Agarest War. Much like the first game you are tasked with similar trophies such as obtaining TRUE END, collecting all the titles and other miscellaneous trophies which hold other similarities to the previous game. If you previously owned Record of Agarest War and have finished the main story of the game to the point where you have obtained a "Clear Save File" then you're journey to made not be as long as those who do not have a "Clear Save File".

Record of Agarest War Wiki

The Record of Agarest War Wiki is back and just like the previous game it will be holding your hand the entire hand through toward obtaining . The Agarest War Wiki contains the following categories for Record of Agarest War Zero at will be of great importance on your quest to :

Also for beginning players or for those who feel as if they may need more aid these are two helpful links to consider looking into:

Optional Downloadable Content:

While there are some skilled Strategy Role Playing Game (SRPG) players who know just about all the in's and out's of a SRPG, that may not be the case for a majority of us. Luckily there is optional downloadable content in the Playstation Store that is greatly advised checking out.

Some of the DLC weapon's recommended may not show up as an equipable item yet until your character reaches level 45 and you use a Proof of Valor item on them. Details on what you can get from the above DLC can be found in Aksys's Forums. Not only does this give you an early edge against the enemies you can also earn trophies early from a couple of the DLC Packs such as:

Spoils of War (Point Addition Pack 4)
Enhance! Enhance! (Point Addition Pack 4)

You will more than likely earn these naturally if you plan on obtaining however it is still excellent DLC to have from the start regardless.

Also if you wanted to use characters besides the main heroines and the main protagonist of each generation from the last name you have the option to get them back through the following DLC:

Quick Reminders:

  • Remember when increasing the stats of your party members that VIT influences the amount of HP increase they get with each level up so the higher it is early on the more permanent HP gain your party members will gain as they level up. This is especially good to keep in mind if you purchased a DLC that gives you Party Points (PP).
  • Always look in the Adventurers Guild and research better skills when you can to help you finish fights more efficiently.
  • If you do so happen to purchase any of the DLC you can be "lazy" throughout about half of your main storyline playthrough by pressing on your controller to go into Auto-Battle.
  • If you have no interest in the Story of the game remember to always use the "Skip" feature by pressing during "cut-scenes", this will help save you time in an already long game.

Must Have Skills to Research Early On:

As mentioned above you want to search powerful skills early when it is possibly to farm the items from your point in the game. Don't think about how stopping to farm is a waste of time as this will benefit you greatly in the long run. The staple skills are as follow:

(): Double Edge, Cross Edge, Square Cross
(): Power Attack, Meteor Impact, Deadly Blow
(): Rush, Rapid Move, Rush Beat
(): Impulse, Stardust

There are many other skills that would be recommended depending on the class you have in your party but the ones above should be staple skills in any party you have.

Settings (Recommended Changes):

Battle Option:

Auto Mode, Effect & Move:
This will be especially important if you purchased DLC weapons, early on in the game if you have the high tier weapons from the DLC and you decide you do not want "play" for a while because it was too easy Auto Mode lets the computer do ALL the work for you (that includes the Move Phase and Battle Phase) while you sit back doing whatever you please during each battle.

Now whether or not you are using Auto Battle or not you want to turn off "Effect" and "Move" options, having these on does not hold any purpose but a bit of eye appeal. While some players may want to enjoy the animations of skill attacks it tends to get repetitive and you just want to cut straight to the point which are your results. Having these off also make Auto Battles much faster as well.

Layout Option:

Change Costume:

While there are some costume packs in the playstation store having this option can still change the outfit a heroine appears in during cut-scenes and other forms of conversation regardless if you purchased those costumes or not. The reason to having this option on is because the outfit the heroine is wearing reflects the level of affection they have for you. So while you could view it normally in your main menu you could also have it on for cut-scenes for a bit more clarification that your heroine is on the right track while you are following the True End Guide.

Missable Trophies:

If you were to follow the True End Guide then these trophies should not be missed at all but if you were to mess up or accidentally skip something within the guide these are the trophies you are at risk of missing otherwise they will unlock naturally:

David Attenborough
They Mostly Come Out at Night
Dungeon Master
Truth and Consequences
Son of a Beach
Hot Springs Eternal
I Know

Also make sure NOT to sell any items or materials unless they are ores, there are some one time only items that will be dropped in boss fights are needed to complete some of the titles for one of your final trophies. Make use of your multiple save slots in case you do by any chance mess up accidentally

Benefits of Having a Clear Save File from Record of Agarest War:

When first loading up a Clear Save file from Record of Agarest War you will obtain the following freebies for having said Clear Save File in your system:

  • Antedilivian Cosh
  • Geriatric Cuirass
  • Eld Emblem
  • 100,000 Gold
  • 2500 PP
  • 2500 TP
  • 50000 EP

You can identify whether or not you have a Clear Save File among your Record of Agarest War save files if the file has a star next to the last location you saved at in said Save File. Here is a picture example of how it should look like:

Added to those items you also gain access to "Extra Mode" which contains a "Digest Mode" where you can obtain the main protagonist and the heroines of each generation from the last game to add to your party. Other characters however are not included but if you wish to obtain them you purchase there "Forbidden Tomes" DLC from the playstation store and obtain them through the Alchemist Guild when you go to any town (at a price of course).

The last most important bit of information is that having this Clear Save File makes it possible to obtain in just one playthrough otherwise it may take you multiple other playthrough's.

Amount of Playthroughs :

1 Playthrough

Ideally you want to go through the game for your in just one "quick" playthrough, to do this you REQUIRE the Clear Save File from Record of Agarest War as mentioned above as well as playing on Extra Mode. You also want to follow the True End Guide perfectly to avoid any mistakes.

2+ Playthroughs

This is more recommended (or rather the only option) for players who do not have the Clear Save File from Record of Agarest War. You'll have to play through the game twice however you may want to use this to your advantage. During your vacation days during your main playthrough instead of following the TRUE END guide and raising affection with the females accordingly you can go to the Blacksmith to obtain extra items in the shop to help with smiting in your next playthrough(s) when you go title grinding.

Because starting the game without a Clear Save File sends you straight into Normal and not Extra you may want to reframe from buying any DLC for this playthrough and wait until you go into Extra Mode with New Game+. To the specifics of what carry over please refer to this thread: Normal > Extra (New Game+)

Starting the Game (Character Creation):

After a couple battles into the start of the game you will be prompted to create your ideal Sieghart through various card choices or what I'd like to refer to as "Soul Cards". Here are the steps that will be given to you:

  1. Class of Choice: You will have to select between the classes Warriors, Battle Mage and Sorcerer. The choice you make depends on your own personal preference.
  2. Sub Souls: Here is where the real hassle happens, you basically play around with the Soul Cards and see which ones will give you your ideal stats for your Sieghart. The Soul Cards you select also factor into the Equipment Sieghart can or cannot hold.
  3. Skill Types: The final step is pretty straight forward, the selections you make here determine his last two unit slots and the two unit slots you will receive when you level up more.

While this all may sound complicating its actually quite simple and quite fun. You can follow this Japanese translated link for the ideal combinations for whatever class you selected: Agarest Zero Character Creation

Generation 1:

In this Generation you will play as Sieghart. You shouldn't have any REAL problems during this generation whether you bought DLC or not. If you are playing in Extra mode with a Clear Save File loaded when you started i would advise looking into starting the "Door of Destiny" quest to unlock characters from the first Record of Agarest War to add into your party. During this generation you should unlock the following trophies:

Fleet of Foot
Stout of Heart
Strong of Body
Sound of Mind
Stroke of Luck
It's a Trap!
It's the Only Way to be Sure
I Know
First in our Hearts

Generation 2:

At this point in the game the boss battles especially start to become a bit more challenging as you progress. When you reach the town "Will C'est-fini" Its at this point i HIGHLY recommend stopping and doing ATK+999 and MAG+999 Active Skill farming. Here's how the farming works:


Monsters Required (Location):

  • 1x Mandrake Root (Tyranny of God)
  • 1x Medusa (Fenstermacher Plain: Manamiu)

In the Monster Guild you want to combine them which will result in a Dyrad, then trade that Dyrad in the Monster Guild for a Stardust Bridle then you can fully enhance and convert into a MAG+999 Active Skill. This Active Skill grinding won't be as long as ATK+999 because you only require 2 monsters to capture.


Monsters Required (Location):

  • 2x White Dragon (Fenstermacher Plain: Noshieru)
  • 2x Ring Dragon (Fenstermacher Plain: Coltorti)
  • 1x Living Dead (Tyranny of God)

Following these steps when you have obtained the above material monsters for combining:

  1. Combine White Dragon and Ring Dragon to get Silver Dragon
  2. Combine Silver Dragon and another White Dragon to get a Yellow Dragon
  3. Combine another Ring Dragon with Living Dead to get Fafnir
  4. Combine Yellow Dragon and Fafnir to get Arc Dragon

Here you can trade Arc Dragon for a Huge Mithril Claw and enhance it to its max and convert it for a ATK+999. This made sound like a hassle but it'll be well worth it after a day or two of complete grinding.

After this generation you should (and should be able to) unlock the following trophies (assuming you are following the TRUE END guide):

Better Safe Than Sorry
It's My Specialty
Stay Classy, Kraltarla
Spoils of War
Enhance! Enhance!
Point Technician
The Combine
Son of a Beach
Dungeon Master
Second to None
Truth and Consequences

True End (End Game Grind):

Its at this point in the game you will have to complete bonus sections such as the Boundary Plane and Digest Mode. The Boundary Plane is manageable so long as you farmed those Active Skills in Generation 2 and play smart, NO MORE Auto-Battle from this point on either if you were using it. When completing Digest Mode you will be led to a Boundary Edge where the monsters are well over level 800 !!! At this point it is recommended to start grinding out better equipment which of course means ALOT of grinding, you could also grind out title before you finish up the Boundary Edge as well but overall it is safe to say you WILL need a "break" once you reach the Boundary Edge.

When playing through Digest Mode you DO NOT have to follow the True End guides or anything of that sort as it will give you the True End automatically. During this point in the game you can grind out the remaining trophies you are missing while you are training for the final fights of the game:

It Happens to a Lot of Guys
Til You Drop
Certified Pre-Owned
Fight in the Shade
Love is a Battlefield
Real Soviet Damage
You're Already Dead!
You're En Good Hance
The Important Bits, at Least
Time and Again
He Chose...Poorly
Hot Springs Eternal
Don't Get Cocky!
They Mostly Come Out at Night
We Meet at Last

Conclusion of Agarest Zero:

So there you have it, just like the first Record of Agarest this one will be no different and give you quite the large title grind and insanely difficult end game boss fights. If you are a fan of SRPG's there is no reason why you should not get this game. If you following the TRUE END guide and used the Agarest Wiki like a bible then you should have the following trophy when all is said and done:

Platinum Trophy

[PST Would Like To Thank Setsuna for this Roadmap]

Record of Agarest War ZERO Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

44 trophies ( 17  24  13  )

  • Cleared Generation 1.

    During Generation 1 you will play as Sieghart, the kind of character class Sieghart will be is dependent on the choices you made for him during character creation as mentioned in the roadmap. In this Generation you can build affection for and possibly marry one of the following 3 girls:

    • Friedelinde
    • Routier
    • Sayane

    You will also obtain other party members such as:

    • Eugene
    • Mimel
    • Alice
    • Galios
    • Cal-Vina
    • Tetora

    Recommended Party:

    Sieghart and Galios are definitely who you want in your party as your heavy hitters on your team. Alice, after she has leveled up quite a bit, can jump across the field (literally) and act as support for the rest of your party or even just help other party members including herself reach an enemy who decided to hide in the back field. Finally depending on your style of play a decision between Mimel and Eugene is up to you.

    Also if you have a Record of Agarest War Clear File Loaded up consider going into the Door of Destiny for a couple minutes to get Leonhardt and Ellis into your party. You could continue to play through generation 1 in the Door of Destiny to obtain characters such as:

    • Fyuria
    • Luana
    • Elaine

    You can even go further beyond if you wish to but I would hold off on doing so until you have leveled up your party or have gotten better equipment. Remember killing bosses in the Door of Destiny usually gives you Proof of Valor's as an overkill item drop so depending on how many of your party members you plan on leveling up you may want to wait and guarantee you get these.

    Agarest Wiki (Generation 1 Walkthrough)

  • Cleared Generation 2.

    During Generation 2 you will play as Leonis the offspring of Sieghart from Generation 1. The appearance and stats of Leonis depend on heroine you chose to marry at the end of Generation 1. In this Generation you don't marry any girls because there is only 2 Generations in Record of Agarest War Zero. The following characters will join you during his generation:

    • Apli
    • Shernini
    • Dana
    • Niel

    It is at this point in the game that you want to decide on your main party for the rest of the game. If you want to use a character such as Duran, Rex, Dyshana or any other main protagonist or main heroine from Record of Agarest War then it is advised that you complete those generations in Digest mode now so that you can have them in your party.

    When you reach Will C'est-fini it is advised that you grind out those ATK+999 and MAG+999 just as it is mentioned in the roadmap. While you do not require them to defeat the final boss of the main story they will make it much easier and whether or not you grind them out or not the Boundary Plane and Boundary Edge will be VERY difficult so every bit of help counts.

    Agarest Wiki (Generation 2 Walkthrough)

  • Raise your AGI over 50!

    Please refer to "Stroke of Luck" for more information.

  • Raise your VIT over 50!

    Please refer to "Stroke of Luck" for more information.

  • Raise your STR over 50!

    Please refer to "Stroke of Luck" for more information.

  • Raise your INT over 50!

    Please refer to "Stroke of Luck" for more information.

  • Raise your LUK over 50!

    For these trophies you must increase the level of each stat over 50 and then confirm the level up with during point distribution of any form such as points through normal level ups or through using Party Points (PP) in the main menu by pressing while over "status" and from there you can distribute PP. The following stats give you the following trophies:

    • STR (Affects ATK and HIT): Strong of Body
    • VIT (Affects the Increased amount of DEF and HP): Stout of Heart
    • AGI (Affects character's AVD and turn order): Fleet of Foot
    • INT (Affects MAG and RST): Sound of Mind
    • LUK (Affects many things including AVD and HIT): Stoke of Luck

    You could get these trophies early on if you purchased any of the Addition Pack Packs, if you were able to snag any of the free DLC or even if you just had a Clear Save File from Record of Agarest which gives you 2500 PP, whatever the case if you don't have enough PP to raise all the stats to level 50 you can make one stat increase to level 50 and wait for the trophy to unlock and then reload your save and do it again for your other stats.

    Regardless all of these will be unlocked naturally through normal gameplay so long as you distribute the points evenly between stats on some of your characters.

  • Captured a monster.

    To capture a monster you must first obtain the () Capture skill. After defeating the first quest area at "Trizon Fortress" you will have access to facilities in towns such as: Item Shop, Blacksmith, Adventurer's Guild and Infirmary. In the Adventurer's Guild you can research the Capture skill by trading in 4000 Gold and the following material items:

    • Sleep Guard
    • Posion Guard
    • Paralysis Guard

    Alternatively you can also receive the skill through one of your early titles "15:Muscle Flexer" (Deal over 5k total damage). Now to capture a monster you must weaken a monster to a VERY low percentage of its health because it's hard to weaken a monster without killing it a good skill which acts as a sidekick to Capture would be () Merciful Strike which will NOT kill an enemy if it were to deal more damage than its current HP however it will stop at 1 HP which should be perfect for capturing. This can be researched at the Adventurer's Guild for 1500 Gold and by trading in the following materials (skills):

    Double Edge
    Power Attack
    Trick Hit

    Alternatively you can also receive Merciful Strike from an early title "9: Beginner" (Win 10 Battles). Using these two together will easily net you captures throughout your game. Also keep in mind that the level of your LUK also influences the success rate of your captures. For more information in regards to capturing monsters please refer to the following link:

    Agarest Zero (Capturing Monsters)

  • Converted an item.

    After completing the first quest area at "Trizon Fortress" and all of the facilities are unlocked as mentioned in "It's a Trap!" go into the Blacksmith Guild and select Enhance. On each item there will be an enhance bar, first enhance the item to its max 5 bars. If the item now says "Convert OK" you can select it again to convert it into a new item or active skill depending on what you were converting for your trophy.

    Converting will be essential when grinding out the active skills mentioned in the roadmap, when you are title grinding and need to convert out materials for smiting high level weapons and other equipment.

  • Nope, he did it again.

    In the Blacksmith Guild when you are smiting an item there is a SMALL probability that the item you are trying to smith will fail and it will result in a completely useless weapon or accessory and you will lose the materials needed for that smiting job. When smiting if a full body picture of the blacksmith fills the screen it means your smiting failed for the trophy.

    With all the smiting you will be doing going towards it would be wise to let this happen naturally instead of purposing trying to unlock it. Though when you are smiting high level weapons with rare materials it is advised that you save beforehand so you don't lose the materials if it does so happen to fail.

  • Defeated an opponent with an Overkill.

    This will probably be one of the first trophies you unlock in the game (assuming you didn't purchase the DLC for the Gold and EP trophies). Please refer to "Better Safe Than Sorry" for more information.

  • Overkilled 500 enemies.

    An Overkill is when you inflict basically the same amount of damage as the enemies total health after the "finishing" blow causing an OVERKILL which will pop out noticeably big letters above of the enemies health display on the bottom left corner. So long as you plan out your finishing moves properly this should unlock naturally by the end of generation 2. Overkills in auto-battle DOES count towards your overall total so if you purchased any overpowered DLC weapons you could set the battles to auto battle by pressing and letting the CPU get all the overkills for you, when the CPU is in command of your party they tend to go all out even on the weakest of monsters.

  • Successfully executed a Special Art.

    To execute a Special Art you must have two characters who are linked together who can use their EX moves after each other. You can view a list of possible Special Arts in the link below:

    Agarest Wiki: Agarest Zero Combination Attacks

    The first possible combination attack you should be able to use is Grand Stream which is a combination of the following EX Skills:

    Gleam Flare (Alice EX 1)
    Vortex Howl (Galios EX 2)

  • Combined monsters.

    Please refer to "The Combine" for more information.

  • Created a marionette.

    To create a marionette you must first obtain a "Forbidden Tome", there are multiple ways to get a "Forbidden Tome" such as:

    1. Finish Generation 1 and when you reach the "Loger Forest, North" at the bottom right half there will be a treasure point called Esprille that will give you the Forbidden Tome to create maionette's for Sieghart, Friedelinde, Routier and Sayane.
    2. After completing a Generation in Digest Mode through the Door of Destiny you will receive the Forbidden Tome to the protagonist and heroines of that generation.

    Once you have obtained a Forbidden Tome head to a town with a shop and look for the "Alchemist's Guild" and there you can purchase the marionettes for the characters from the respective Forbidden Tome. You will receive the character at the level you left them out before they "disappeared" however be aware that the higher there level was the higher the price will be to bring them back.

  • Change your class. This takes a special item...

    To change your class you must use a Proof of Valor item on a character who has reached level 45. Doing so will change their class, increase a bit of their stats, unlock their level 3 EX skill and fill up their remaining 2 unit slots. Proof of Valors can be obtained through various titles or easily by overkilling bosses in Digest Mode.

  • Went shopping 500 times.

    For this trophy you must purchase 500 items cumulatively it doesn't mean you have to buy random amounts of items 500 times. So you could ideally purchase 99 Sparta's and then sell them back (which will go towards your "Certified Pre-Owned" trophy) and the rinse and repeat until you have purchased 500 or more items in total.

  • Sold 1000 items.

    As the trophy says all you have to do is sell 1000 items. While working on "Til You Drop" you can continue the same method as described under its trophy description after you have unlocked it and you will unlock this trophy after you have sold your 1000th item.

  • Defeated 10,000 enemies.

    This will probably be one of the last trophies you unlock. You can go into your Picture Book in your camp menu and when you select Monster Picture book it will show the amount of monsters you killed for each type of them. You could also use title(s) 1-8 to track how many enemies you have destroyed. Please refer to "Love is a Battlefield" for more information.

  • Engaged in 2,500 battles.

    There is no way to track the amount of battles you have played however you can get a rough estimate of where you are at through title(s) 9-14. There is no way you will earn this trophy even after all the title grinding you will have to make time to earn this and "Fight in the Shade". You can earn both trophies at the same time so long as you pick a spot with at least 4 enemies that spawn upon battle (4 x 2500 battles = 10,000 kill enemies), when selecting the spot you can press to auto battle and let your CPU grind out the rest of the kills and battles for you while you do whatever.

    Turbo Controller Method:

    If you have a controller, fightpad, fightstick or anything with a turbo feature on it you could also set the turbo on and tape the button down so that the game automatically goes into battle for you for a period of time. The only thing you would have to worry about are level ups but if you are using your top level team you shouldn't have to worry about that. You can leave the game on overnight and wake up to possibly 1 or 2 trophies.

  • Dealt 10,000,000 points of damage.

    While this trophy does look intimidating it is actually not as hard as it seems depending on when you decide to attempt this and on the level of your characters. For this trophy you should use the following characters as your party:

    • Sieghart
    • Leonis
    • Mimel
    • Dyshana
    • Alice
    • Ellis

    The reason being is because of "Soul of Blaze" Special Art that can be performed with them. At low levels the special art alone can do roughly 5-6mil on its own however if you were to use it near end game with level 200+ characters you could ideally earn this trophy with the "Soul of Blaze" Special Art alone. The "Soul of Blaze" Special Art is a combination of each party members Level 3 EX Skills you want to make sure they are all at least level 45 and have been given a class upgrade with a Proof of Valor so that they obtain the Level 3 EX Skill.

    What you want to do is look for a battle with at LEAST 6 enemies because the amount of enemies you hit in with your Special Arts will factor into the amount of total damage dealt, so the more the better. If you decide to do this early you will have to creative and make use of the skills you have however if you do it later in the game you can do it as easy as just using the "Soul of Blaze".

    When attempting this you want to first build up your parties SP by spamming buff skills on themselves which will raise their SP by 10 for each one used on themselves, a good skill is () Heal and only cost 8 AP to use per. Once you reach at least 300-400 SP with all of your party members and max AP unleash as many Special Art's (preferably one's that hit multiple surrounding enemies like Stardust):

    Soul of Blaze
    Rising Blade
    Heletic Nova
    Eternal Cross

    Good large scale Special Arts to consider would be the following:

    Rapid Stream
    Rapid Move

    Grand Cross
    Black Mist
    Dark Flame
    Dark Ray

    Earth Nova
    Ascension Shower

    (Special Thanks to MasterLL for the video and discovering the method)

  • Try and get a hit count of 650.

    Much like the "Real Soviet Damage" this can easily be obtained depending on when you decide to try and obtain it. Before explaining the method first Break's and Broken Hits must be explained.

    When you attack an enemy above their health bar is a break meter, attacks have different break values so the higher break value your attack is the faster it will deplete the enemies break meter.

    Broken Hits are "extra" hits in special arts that can only be done with the enemy has already reached a "broken" status (if there break meter is depleted). So say you use a special art that does 36 hits originally, if it hits when the enemy is already broken then the special art will do extra hits so instead of 36 hits it will go up to 72 (others differ depending on the special art) which is really the only way to obtain this trophy.

    Now you could try this early in the game if you wish to however doing it later when you have all the characters from each generation and generations of digest mode would be more ideal as you can pick and choose the best choices. Look for characters with two in there unit slots and then equip weapons with 2 more in there weapon slots. Character's who have 2 in there unit slots are:

    • Eugene
    • Sayane
    • Shernini
    • Dana
    • Niel
    • Fyuria
    • Noah

    The key to this will be large amounts of Accel Raves which deal 72 broken hits per, with a party made up of characters above you can use it about 8 times for 576 hits so they you'll have to make up the other 74 hits with the other slots you have. Here is a list of good Special Art's with a higher broken hit rate:

    Accel Rave (72 Broken Hits)
    Rapid Move
    Rush Beat

    Mirage Force (52 Broken Hits)
    Trick Hit
    Critical Charge
    Shadow Sting

    Joint Break (24 Broken Hits)
    Critical Charge
    Square Cross

    () Stardust also does 12 hits on its own if you can fit that in.

  • Earned 25,000,000 G.

    Gold is earned through winning battles, selling items (ore's give you a lot of gold when sold) and by earning titles. As you progress through the game naturally the game will start giving you more and more Gold per battle won. If you wanted the trophy ASAP you could also download the Point Addition Pack 4 which gives you 50,000,000 G and your trophy the second you load your game.

  • Earned 25,000,000 EP.

    Just like Gold EP is earned through battle however that is the only way. EP is used at the Blacksmith for enhancing and is essential especially later in the game when you have to enhance HIGH level weapons. As you play this will unlock naturally however if you wanted the trophy ASAP you could also download the Point Addition Pack 4 which gives you 50,000,000 EP along with the Gold and your trophy the second you load your game.

  • Earned 10,000 TP.

    Just like Gold and EP, TP is earned through winning battles. TP is used at the Adventurer's Guild for various items, later in the game those items will be insignificant compared to the gear you could get from smiting. If you wanted the trophy early you could download TP Addition Pack which will give you enough TP for this trophy.

  • Enhanced items over 5,000 times.

    To enhance an item you must go the Blacksmith select Enhance. There will be an enhance abar next to every weapon, armor, accessory and skill's attached to your armor/accessories. Every time you enhance a bar it counts towards the 5000 count, so you could enhance a level 1 item to level 5 right away and it will count as an enhance 4 times. But by this logic that means you will have to fully enhance 1250 items to level 5. Ideally you could purchase 99 low level items in the shop and enhance them over and over again until you obtain your trophy, it is highly unlikely that you will unlock this "naturally".

    The only way to track the amount of enhances you have is through a rough estimate from the title(s) 46-51.

  • Got your first title!

    This should be one of the first trophies you unlock in the game, after completing the first quest area at "Trizon Fortress" and the facilities become available simply go into the Adventurer's Guild in town and titles you are able to earn will be highlighted in green, select them with and you receive progress towards this and other trophies correlating towards titles.

  • You have more than 100 titles.

    Please refer to "Monarch" for more information.

  • You have all the titles. Good work!

    You cannot unlock this trophy until your second playthrough unless you loaded a Record of Agarest Clear Save File!

    The titles will be the biggest grind in the game, you want to utilize every link in the Agarest wiki displayed at the top of roadmap. The most troublesome titles will be:

    • 118: Weapon King (Collect every type of weapon)
    • 119: Schneider (Collect every type of armor)
    • 120: Ringmaster (Collect every type of accessory)
    • 121: Perfectionist (Collect every type of item)
    • 122: Proficient (Learn every available skill)

    You want to start your title grinding after you reach the Boundary Edge, the Boundary Edge is much too hard so starting the title grinding at this point will allow you to obtain the materials to create better equipment in preparation for the final fights of the game.

    Agarest Zero Titles (Wiki)

    Other Notable Titles:

    113: Demon Slayer
    It seems that sometimes Demon Lords aren't registering for some of the time so don't freak out if you end up killing more than half of the amount you are supposed to. Some solutions are to finish all other monster killing titles before finishing this one and it should start registering the Demon Lords you have killed.

    118: Weapon King
    You do not need Monster Weapons towards this title.

    144: Time Lord
    You need to kill the Mobius in the Boundary Plane for this title not the Mobius during Digest mode.

  • Unlock all profiles.

    You cannot unlock this trophy until your second playthrough unless you loaded a Record of Agarest Clear Save File!

    The complete the profile gallery you must seen every character through a conversation or an event in the game. If you are following the TRUE END guide then you will unlock this naturally after you complete the main story and after you defeat all of the gods in digest mode. Once you have seen everyone go into your camp menu with and go to the Picture Book and view "Profiles" and your trophy should unlock as you open it so long as it is at 100%.

  • Completed the monster picture book.

    The complete the monster picture book you must defeat every monster at LEAST once, to get 100% you do not have to fill in the ??? under for the drops under each monster. When you have defeated your final monster for the trophy you must press when you are on the world map and view the Monster Picture Book under Picture Book and it will unlock so long as it is at 100%. You can view the locations of the monsters at this link: Agarest Wiki Monster List and Location's


Secret trophies

  • You've acquired all the trophies.

    You have obtained the Platinum Trophy called Platinum Trophy in Record of Agarest War Zero. Good work!

  • Saw the true ending.

    To see the TRUE END you must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Niel must leave the party at Trizon Fortress.
    • High affection levels with heroines.
      • Generation 1 Heroines such as Friedelinde, Routier and Sayane you can obtain TRUE END if the affection level's look like this (6,6 and 4 or better) however TRUE END will not unlock if the levels look like this (5, 5 and 4).
      • With Generation 2 Heroines the TRUE END will still unlock if SOME Heroines are at level 3 affection.
    • You do not have to see every event.
    • You do not have to defeat bosses who have a turn limit to their boss fights.

    Unlike the first game the TRUE END trophy will unlock after you defeat the main boss of the story having TRUE END allows you to do end game extras such as the Boundary Plane and Boundary Edge. So look as you follow the True End Guide to the smallest detail from start to finish then you should unlock this with no problem.

  • Cleared the digest route.

    You cannot unlock this trophy until your second playthrough unless you loaded a Record of Agarest Clear Save File!

    If you are on your second playthrough or loaded a Record of Agarest Clear Save File then you should be able to access the Door of Destiny which is basically your pathway to Digest mode. In Digest mode you will play through Record of Agarest War, you will be able to view events with heroines, events with the main story and play through the main boss battles of the game. When playing Digest mode it will give you the True End automatically regardless of your decisions and each protagonist will marry the main heroine of each generation as well:

    • Generation 1: Fyuria
    • Generation 2: Valeria
    • Generation 3: Lavinia
    • Generation 4: Hildegard

    When completing a Generation of Digest mode you have to back out to back out to move area with and travel to "Agarest" on the world map. There a new route to the next continent (or generation) will open up and you can continue digest mode. The generations are divided into these continents:

    1. Lucrellia
    2. Graccea
    3. Fendias
    4. Enhambre
    5. Aegisthus

    After you complete all the generations you will have to face all of the gods in each Agarest continent. They are all located on a pillar in each continent and will have an event symbol above of them. The gods aren't hard to defeat with the right lock down tactic.

  • Successfully executed a distinctive Special Art.

    You cannot unlock this trophy until your second playthrough unless you loaded a Record of Agarest Clear Save File!

    Before attempting this trophy make sure you unlock Ellis through the Digest mode in the Door of Destiny. She will be available to use in your party after the introductory events of Digest mode.

    For this trophy you must perform a Special Art that is only possible with Alice and Ellis. You must perform both of there level 3 EX Skills one after the other so that means they both must be at least level 45 and have had a Proof of Valor used on them so that they unlock there Level 3 EX Skills. Build up at least 250 SP with both of them by whatever means you can like spamming () Heal on themselves once they have the 250 SP and 50 AP to use there Level 3 EX Skills use the Special Art for your trophy.

    Angelic Corona
    Eternal Cross

  • Combine monsters 100 times.

    In the Monster Guild there will be an option to Combine monsters. Any 2 monsters WILL combine with each other, combining random monsters may give you the same monster, a weaker monster or a slightly stronger monster. There are few fusions that will give you anything notable. You can go about getting this trophy in 2 ways:

    1. Capture any 100 monsters and just combine them all with each other one by one.
    2. Wait until Generation 2 when you want to grind out the Active Skills ATK+999 and MAG+999. If you are going to fill up ALL the slots of your main party then you will perform well over 100 combines by the time you are done. Please refer to the roadmap for the combination for the Active Skills.
  • Changed Ellis's appearance.

    You cannot unlock this trophy until your second playthrough unless you loaded a Record of Agarest Clear Save File!

    Upon finishing all of the generations in digest mode and the boundary plane you will have to travel back to the previous regions of digest mode to face a certain god. Warp back to Lucrellia with and there will be a constant event at "Frontier". Click the event and the fortune teller will ask if you want Ellis to revert into a woman or a girl. The first time around you have to select changing her into a girl for the trophy and then you can go back and change her back. Her appearance won't change any factors in her stats.

    You can do this before beating all the gods in digest mode.

  • You have visited the beach.

    There are two beach scenes in Record of Agarest War Zero and you must view them both in order to unlock this trophy. Each beach scene takes play in one generation each of the main game. To unlock the beach scenes you must fulfill the following requirements:

    Generation 1

    1. See Routier at Inn during Vacation Day 3
    2. See Eugene at Forest during Vacation Day 3

    After the third vacation day the beach scene will occur at Alegria Coastline.

    Generation 2

    1. Meet Eugene during Day at Vacation Day 2

    After the second vacation day the beach scene will occur at Czifra Saga Petal Road.

    If you are following the TRUE END guide to the smallest detail then this should be unlocked naturally through normal progression.

  • You have visited the hot springs.

    There are 3 hot spring scenes in Record of Agarest War Zero and you must view all 3 of them to unlock this trophy. A hot spring scene will occur in each generation and in one of the first events of the boundary plane that can only be unlocked if you fulfilled the requirements for TRUE END. To unlock the hot spring scenes you must fulfill the following requirements:

    Generation 1

    1. Meet Eugene at Bar during Vacation Day 4
    2. All Female members are relationship 3+

    This hot spring scene will occur at Ebene Plain near the end of Generation 1.

    Generation 2

    1. Meet Eugene at Night during Vacation Day 4

    This hot spring scene will occur at Will C'est-fini near the end of Generation 2/

    True End (Boundary Plane):

    The requirements for True End can be viewed under "Truth and Consequences", this hot spring scenes will be one of the first events as you enter the boundary plane.

    If you are following the TRUE END guide to the smallest detail then this should be unlocked naturally through normal progression.

  • You reached the end of a generation with at least one woman completely in love with you.

    To make a woman completely in love with you, you must raise there affection level to the max (which is 6). You can view the affection level of all your heroines in the camp menu by pressing while highlighting Status and selecting affection from there. A girl will be completely in love with you if there icon has hearts covering the eyes of the smiley. Ways to increase affection are by:

    1. Making specific choices during events
    2. During vacation days where you are free to visit certain girls or areas which will influence their affection, another girls affection or even both (affection could decrease during vacation events as well).

    If you are following the true end guide you shouldn't worry as it will end you with every girl completely in love with you by the time you finish both generations.

  • You've defeated the monstrous Decimal.

    After completing the point Obsidian Death Blade in the Boundary Plane there will be an event that pops up at the top were Dawn of Rebellion is supposed to be. In this event you will have to fight a Decimal who is running riot because of the incorrect pills that Shernini gave him. In this fight you face Decimal and and odd partner of his Chickapede.

    At the start of the battle Decimal and his partner Chickapede will be locked down in the battle, how you want to approach the fight is up to you however be weary of team linking together as Decimal will be able to jump from his hiding point and go anywhere on the field for "surprise attacks" on your team. His EX Skills are no joke and will kill just about any of your party members in one hit.

  • Defeated the four types of hidden monsters.

    There are 4 monsters in the came who have a rare appearance ratio making them hard monsters to encounter naturally requiring you to revisit certain areas multiple times until you get them. The 4 enemies and there locations that you must defeat for this trophy are as follow:

    • 146: Vepar (Fenstermacher Plain: Place of the Dark Dawn)
    • 147: Jatayu (Boundary Plane: Minor Lament)
    • 148: Sandworm (Ohtor Plateau: Rebel General Room)
    • 149: Belladonna (Cape Promontorio: Litesta)

    Once you have defeated the last of the 4 monsters you need for this trophy, the trophy will unlock (including in the middle of the battle).

  • Encountered the worst enemy.

    You cannot unlock this trophy until your second playthrough unless you loaded a Record of Agarest Clear Save File!

    For this trophy you must unlock the final battle within the Boundary EDGE! not the Boundary Plane. Defeated all the enemies in the Boundary Plane will however give you access to the Boundary Edge. Here is a map if the Boundary Plane with all the points you will have to complete:

    (Picture Credit goes to iNf3Rn0 Lan)

    In the Boundary Plane you last boss will be Va-Alduke at the Dimensional Rift point at the bottom middle. In this fight you want to take out his assistance's the "Nil" first and then proceed to a long distance lock down tactic. His EX moves have such a long field of range so you want to spread your team out accordingly. He tends to go before EVERYONE on your team so if possible try to raise the AGI of preferably one of your healers like Alice or Ellis so that when it is time to unless the final blow you can do so from far in the back field and still reach him.

    Agarest Zero: Va-Alduke (Boundary Plane Boss)

    After you have cleared everything in the Boundary Plane and have completed Digest Mode the Boundary Edge open up for you in the Digest mode areas. The Boundary Edge is no joke and the difficulty spike from the Boundary Plane to the Boundary Edge is very significant (From level 300 to level 800-999). If you want to have any hope of surviving please keep in mind the following tips:

    • Battles with be long played out, stay patient and make the right decisions.
    • Make sure your equipment is top notch, the smallest amount of stat increase will benefit you.
    • Consider switching out some of your current active skills for skills such as "MOV+3", "AP UP ++" and others you feel might benefit you but having purely ATK+999 and MAG+999 isn't going to cut it at this point.
    • () Revive will be a must have skill for these battles and used on the characters you believe will be used as "sacrifices" when locking down the overpowered enemies.

    (Picture Credit goes to iNf3Rn0 Lan)

  • Cleared all the hidden dungeons.

    There are 3 hidden dungeons within the game that can only be unlocked by visiting a certain area during specific vacation days throughout the game. Here is a list of the vacation days and time during those vacation days that will unlock the following 3 hidden dungeons:

    • Cape Promontorio (During Vacation 4 at Alegria in Generation 1 you must visit Tetora on Night 5 at the Entrance)
    • Ohtor Plateau (During Vacation 1 at Mowales Village in Generation 2 you must visit the Adventurere's Guild on Night 5)
    • Fenstermacher Plain (During Vacation 4 at Will C'est-fini in Generation 2 you must visit The Bar on Night 4)

    You have to complete every battle point in these dungeons to unlock the trophy. If you are following the TRUE END guide to the smallest detail then these dungeons should be unlocked naturally through normal progression.

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