Back At You! Trophy

  • Back At You!


    You Bubblized a Hunter with his own live missile!

    You will encounter enemies known as a Hunter. These enemies attack by shooting red homing missiles at you. To earn this trophy, simply lure him into shooting a missile, and then quickly jumping back towards him so the missiles redirect at the Hunter. Do this successfully, and the missile will hit him, bubblizing the Hunter as a result and unlocking you the trophy. An easy level to do this is "Outta My Way" in Ticklish Temples.

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  • On hi ho moskito level suck a misle and shoot it back at the dude is easiest way
  • I have done this with on the mosquito level many times and the trophy does not pop. At least on Vita it doesn't.
  • Didn't pop for me either using the mosquito, so I have to do it the "hard" way.

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