Survivor! Trophy

  • Survivor!


    Survived a Piranha Pond without a scratch!

    Piranha ponds are the red pools of water located throughout the game. They contain piranhas that will follow you around and if you dive in the pool, they will instantly attack.

    For this trophy, all you need to do is get in and out of one of these ponds without taking any damage. Very straightforward.

    For an even easier time, you can also do this trophy with two controllers:

    I have an easy way to get the survivor trophy if your alone you need 2 controllers have the second player stand on the edge before a pond the piranhas will be distracted by the second player then have the first player simply jump in and out of the pond without a scratch the piranhas should not attack the first player as they are trying to get at the second player that's how I got that trophy.

    Credit punch37

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  • the method with two controllers doesn't work. piranhas divide into two groups, each following the players. the best way to do this is get a lot of running speed then jump in and out. this way piranhas won't have enough time to catch up.
  • The method with two controllers did work for me.
  • i use the 2 controllers then just jump and pressed down and d to attack and he jump back out and trophy popped

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