Sprinter! Trophy

  • Sprinter!


    Sprinted a Marathon!

    Sprint = , or any of the trigger buttons

    Confusing as the title of this trophy may be, there is no "marathon" in the game. What the trophy is referring to, is how much time you've spent sprinting throughout the game. Unfortunately, there's no way to track this, we're going to assume this game refers to the actual distance of a real life marathon, which is around 26.2 miles.

    You will most likely get this just by playing the game anyways, as you'll be sprinting throughout the game a lot, especially during the Time Trials. If for some reason by the end of everything you still don't have this trophy, pick a stage with a relatively long piece of flat land, and just run back and forth.

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  • Very Important, You CAN NOT DIE!!! If you die restart and do it again. I tried this 4 different times and finally got it when I made it through with out dying.
  • Sorry, wrong trophy. This trick is for Hyperspeed.

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