Crush Combo! Trophy

  • Crush Combo!


    Simultaneously crushed 4 enemies.

    As with "Crusher", you'll need to perform the crush attack. For this trophy requirement however, you must perform a single crush attacks on 4 enemies before hitting the ground.

    Your first chance at this, is in the level is in the fifth world Mystical Pique's level, Golly G. Golem. Simply make your way towards the first Hidden Cage room, and the opportunity basically provides itself. If you're not going for the Hidden Cages, you'll come across multiple chances throughout the game that pits you against 4 enemies at once that are beneath you anyways.

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  • I did this a lot sooner. In world 3, in the "Piping Hot" level. There is a spot where 5 of the little dark blue creatures (the ones that look like a ball when they are sleeping). They are all close together so its really easy.
  • Thanks that worked just fine.
  • First post works it's not far off the end of the level you see 5 blue bubbles sleeping as you get close you start to shrink, what I did was bounce off them because when your small you just keep bouncing off them without getting hurt. As soon as you have about 4 under the metal bar they sleep under hit down and square on your pad then quicky jump and do it again for a 2nd time you should get 4 and the trophy should pop just did for me. If it fails just go forward and kill yourself in the lava and start again it does take a little bit of time but it works

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