Hover Happy! Trophy

  • Hover Happy!


    One hour of flight time!

    You unlock the ability to glide, after saving the fairy in the second world, Desert of Dijiridoos. The hour of flight time for this trophy, is cumulative, meaning you do not have to be gliding for an hour at once.

    As you'll be making use of this ability just by playing through the game anyways, you should have no problem getting this trophy through normal play. If you wish to get this trophy over with right away, load up the level "Wind or Lose" and make your way through the level till you hit one of those windy areas. Once there, simply activate glide, and hold down (or tape down) the button, and leave the game idle for an hour.

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  • i really hope this trophy doesn't mean hovering for an hour
  • obviously not
  • @1, Would not be surprised if it did:|
  • It will be cumulative so what's the deal?
  • It isnt so hard, I got it after trying to beat that boss in its stomach and you have to hover over the flames. Got it before the sprint a marathon trophy
  • Just play the game concentrating on all other trophies... it soon comes on its own! You'd be surprised how much of the game you spend hovering!

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