B Side! Trophy

  • B Side!


    Played an Unlocked Character in any map.

    As you progress and collect “Electoons”, you will unlock new characters and skins, you will be notified in game each time this happens. These can be accessed from the Snoring Tree. Just travel back there from the world map and jump into one of the character bubbles to change character, then complete any level.

    For those of you that are interested, here's a list of all the unlockable characters (sadly, we can't play as any of the Nymphs):

    • Globox Rayman
    • Red Globox
    • Teensy Ray
    • Teensy Globox
    • Teensy Princess
    • Teensy Wizard
    • Teensy King
    • Teensy Ninja
    • Teensy Treasure
    • First Grand Minimus Teensy
    • Evil Rayman
    • Evil Globox

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