No Panic! Trophy

  • No Panic!


    Saved ALL Darktooned Wizards in 'Port 'O Panic'.

    "Port 'O Panic" is the first level in the fourth world, Sea of Serendipity.

    Throughout this level you will see lots of orange characters running around with small, black, round enemies attached to their heads. These are the Darktooned Wizards. Simply smack them with your fists, perform a ground smash, etc., to knock the enemy off their heads and save the wizard. As they aren't very out of the way, remain vigilant throughout the level and you shouldn't have much trouble finding them. Refer to the video if you would prefer for their locations.

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  • Area 1 - 5 wizards Area 2 - 3 Area 3 - 0 Area 4 - 1 Soon as you get area 4s wizard trophy pops.

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