Dr. Lividstone, I presume? Trophy

  • Dr. Lividstone, I presume?


    You found ALL hidden cages.

    Hidden cages can be found throughout each of the game’s level. There are three cages throughout each level, two that are hidden and one at the end of a level.

    As the cage at the end of a level is a given and the fact that you need to break it to finish the level, this trophy refers to the two hidden cages. These hidden cages are found hidden behind cave entrances, which are located in slightly hidden but not really areas throughout each level. Once you’ve found one, you will need to defeat all the enemies in the hidden room in order to get rid of the force field around the cage. Destroying a cage is simple, you can either destroy them by attacking them with , or perform a ground pound to destroy them in one hit.

    If you are having trouble finding a secret area, although not very loud, when you’re in the vicinity of one, if you pay attention enough you could hear their cries for help. A great way to keep track of which hidden cage you’re missing, is to look at the medallion for each level.

    Please see the forum guide for videos Here.

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