Nothing Lasts Forever… Trophy

  • Nothing Lasts Forever…


    Ding, Dong, the Livid Boss is Dead!

    Each world in the game has a skull tooth level which you need to complete in order to collect the 10 skull teeth in the game, see "The Jaw!". Once you collect all 10 you unlock a bonus level that can be accessed from the Snoring Tree.

    This is the hardest level in the game, and will likely take many attempts to get through each section. At the end of the level is a boss fight and finishing the level will get you this trophy. See below for a video of the level.

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  • doing this trophy also unlocks the secret ending credits mini-game :)
  • what a boss fight! what a game!
  • Should be a gold trophy for that level
  • it is? lol
  • Great boss! Her reaction when see sees you on her arm XD
  • this trophy is annoying it should be gold!
  • Its Gold XD
  • Lol what is wrong with you guys, it's a gold trophy. I know the bronze and golds kinda look alike but dang, look twice before commenting lol
  • And yeah #5 I laughed at her reaction too. So funny to see her, all monstrous and hideous, painting her nails and singing like a tween. Oh man. Such awesome humor in this game

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