Sweet Dreams! Trophy

  • Sweet Dreams!


    Won ALL trophies in the game! SICK!

    As with other games, collect all other trophies to unlock this trophy. Congrats!

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  • finally a nice title and description for a plat
  • How appropriate. Playing any Ubisoft game long enough to get a platinum surely will make anyone sick.
  • good good
  • @2!!! what da hell!!! have you played the demo for this bad boy!! its SO good!
  • also im curious as why the x360 list has pictures already, does anyone know if there is some sort of restriction? cause ive noticed for a few other games?? or is the x360 site just a pack of rebels XD
  • lame platnium image
  • me too
  • ahh.... Finally i get the platinum. realy it fantastic game.
  • @7 Me too, what? Anyways, it was fun playing to Platinum.
  • @7 Nevermind, I assume you meant #5.
  • I got this as my first platinum! I think there is some confusion though... on the trophy that states 'collect all medallions' it does not mean all of the Gold Awards with faces on - it just means the pink faces! Awesome game and a pretty easy platinum, the hardest part are the speed trophies
  • working on it now.. i love the Rayman games from when i was younger. this one i feel lacks but it is fun none the less.. also, to all the people who piss and moan about lame platinum titles or images, who cares? it still feels the same and odds are after 6 more trophies from a different game and its taking off your "Recent trophies" section in your psn profile you will never look at it again.. so stop complaining and being so hostile towards a plat you cant get :)
  • A fantastically fun and satisfying platinum to obtain. I also got almost all the gold awards presuming these were a trophy without checking!!!! I didn't mind though, working through the levels each time was just as much fun as my first encounter with them. A Magical game... truly underrated. Hopefully this will become a PSN hit in the future!
  • Nice platinum , just got it ;)
  • Why is this ranked at 8/10 for difficulty if people are saying its easy? this is on my list to play.
  • I just need Nitro trophy to get this. Hopefully soon it takes time :/
  • Got the Plat on this yesterday, it really wasnt that bad. i can count on one hand how many of the Time Trials gave me problems and the chest chases were fun. all round a good game. not worth the 8/10 on difficulty though.
  • Great game with easy plat. 5/10 to collect all throphies, even it's not taking much time.
  • Great game, nice to plat! Loved it from front to end (though I did felt frustrating sometimes doing time trials, luckily I saved the Land of the Livid Dead till the very end, so the final boss made my day :)
  • Great game, my first platinum ever. :) I'm a big fan of Rayman. It's not a hard one to plat, but it's a fun one. Just make sure you do everything from the beginning; when you've completed a map, just redo it and find al the cages, do al speed runs etc., etc. Really liked this one, can't wait for Rayman Legends (if it ever comes to PS3 ;p)

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