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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 47 (36, 7, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15-20hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1, plus a few minutes of Challenge Mode
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 - Extinction Event trophy_bronze.png 
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Easy.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is the latest game in the Ratchet & Clank series, utilising all the power and speed the PlayStation 5 has, to offer up a graphical showcase. Also, the gameplay is also really good! The best of both worlds.

Speaking of both worlds, Rift Apart sees Ratchet & Clank falling into another dimension, meeting their dimensional doppelgangers and attempting to take down the evil Dr. Nefarious before all of reality collapses in on itself. It's a fantastic game and it's a very fun Platinum trophy! See below for our full guide to every trophy in the game. Do note that the Extinction Event trophy_bronze.png trophy is very missable so make sure to get it done before completing the final misison, else you will have to start a new game from scratch.


Step 1: Complete the game until just before the final encounter.

The chances are you’ll unlock plenty of the trophies naturally on your way to the final encounter but don’t fret if you haven’t, read the Guide, start a new Challenge Mode playthrough or reload a save from before the final boss. 

Trophies unlocked in this step
Step 2: Mop up any collectibles you’ve missed

Here's where you mop up any collectibles you missed, now that every planet is open for you to explore.

Trophies unlocked in this step
Step 3: Beat the boss, start Challenge Mode and obtain the final weapons

Unlike many previous Ratchet & Clank games, you don’t need to complete the Challenge Mode to unlock the Platinum trophy. However, you will need to play the first 30 minutes or so of Challenge Mode to reach the weapon vendor and pick up two weapons that are exclusive to Challenge Mode, which should unlock your final trophies.

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Trophy Guide

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47 trophies ( 36  15  )

  • Collect All Trophies

    Congratulations, you’ve saved the dimensions, and grabbed every weapon, gold bolt, collectible and more along the way. Well done!
  • Complete a Battleplex Challenge

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    The first Battleplex Challenge sees you taking on an army of robot pirates, and you need to complete it to advance the story. Simply take down all five waves and you’ll unlock the trophy.
  • Complete a Gold Cup Battleplex Challenge

    The Gold Cup Battleplex Challenge won’t unlock until late in the game, so don’t worry too much about it until later. The best time to take it on is right before the finale, which can be activated at Zurkie’s. Instead, take on the Gold Cup Battleplex Challenges to grab yourself some extra bolts, and unlock the trophy too!
  • Acquire a Piece of Armor

    Armour is one of the main collectibles in the game. It’s often the reward for completing pocket dimensions but can also be found on the map. You’ll almost certainly unlock this trophy just by playing but if you’re struggling to find one, you can find the Map-o-Matic in the Pirate Base on Ardolis, which will show you the locations.
  • Acquire and Equip Head, Torso, and Leg Armor

    Like Sartorial Steel trophy_bronze.png, except you’ll need to find and equip three pieces of armour. They don’t need to be in the same set so just make sure to explore, and once you’ve found a head piece, torso piece, and leg piece, equip them all to unlock the trophy. As before, if you’re struggling to find them, acquire the Map-o-Matic on Ardolis to show armour locations on your map.
  • Collect a Gold Bolt

    It’s highly unlikely you won’t find a Gold Bolt by yourself on your journey but if you’re struggling, see Nooks and Crannies trophy_silver.png.
  • Collect Five Gold Bolts

    There are 25 Gold Bolts to find in the game, so finding five should be a breeze if you explore enough. The Map-o-Matic will also show you their locations, but if you’re struggling, check out our video guides below showing you the locations of the first five Gold Bolts found in the game, across Nefarious City and Sargasso.

  • Repair a Dimensional Anomaly

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Dimensional Anomalies are found at certain points in the game, and need to be completed to progress the story. The first one shows up on Sargasso and sees Clank venture into a strange spirit world to help repair the dimensions. The puzzles are fun and fairly simple but they can be skipped entirely from the pause menu and you should unlock the trophy regardless.
  • Get a Weapon to Level Five

    Using a single weapon repeatedly will see it gain XP, going up levels until it reaches the max Level 5, which comes with a name change, new design, and some new abilities. You’ll easily manage this on at least one weapon during your time with the game but it’s useful to remember that any damage you do with a weapon helps it gain XP, even if that particular weapon doesn’t land the killing blow.
  • Fully Upgrade a Weapon

    You’ll need Raritanium to upgrade weapons at Miss Zurkon. These can be found in crystalised boxes around each level. To easily get this trophy, simply sink all your Raritanium into one weapon until it's fully upgraded. You won’t be able to fully upgrade a weapon until its level five so complete They Blow Up So Fast trophy_silver.png  first, and this one should follow soon after. If you are struggling to find enough Raritanium, you can wait until you get the Map-o-Matic on Ardolis, which will show you the location of every Raritanium stash on each level on your map.
  • Fill a Weapon Wheel

    Keep. Buying. Weapons! There are twenty weapons in the game, and you only need to have eight to fill up the weapon wheel. You’ll obviously need bolts to buy weapons so make sure to search out and hit any crates you can, then make sure to take part in the Battleplex Challenges in Zurkie’s bar to gain large amounts of bolts at once.
  • Purchase All Weapons

    Slightly more tricky that it might seem. Over the course of your first playthrough of Rift Apart, you’ll be able to purchase 17 weapons as standard from Miss Zurkon. To buy the RYNO 8 from her, you need to collect all ten Spybots (see Aim to Misbehave trophy_silver.png). The Pixelator can be obtained via the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Digital Deluxe Edition, but if you have the standard edition fear not! Both the Pixelator and the Bouncer can be bought from Miss Zurkon once you start up a Challenge Mode after finishing the game. Buy all the weapons (excluding the Challenge Mode-exclusive Omega weapons) and you’ll unlock the trophy.
  • Hit Every Blizon Crystal on Blizar and Cordelion

    You’ve just gotta make sure to explore into every nook and cranny of both these planets. The vast majority of the Blizon Crystals do need to be hit in order to progress through the game, but the optional ones will hide collectibles, such as Gold Bolts. If you finish both these planets and don’t unlock the trophy, wait until you have the Map-o-Matic from Ardolis, and return to both Blizar and Cordelion and collect all the Raritanium, Gold Bolts, Spybots and armour using the revealed locations on your map. Once you’ve found them all, the trophy will have already popped.

    Note: if you happen to miss the 2 just before the boss, see this thread for details of a gltich that lets you get them without having to restart the level: LINK
  • Bounce on Big Al, Clank, and Qwark's Parade Balloons

    To do this, you’ll need to find the lost parade balloons in a pocket dimension. They are in the only pocket dimension on Nefarious City, located near the CraiggerBear. Jump on all of the balloons to unlock the trophy!
  • Find the Nefarious Citizens by the Hot Springs

    These chillaxed Nefarious Citizens can be found lounging by the Hot Springs near the very small outpost at the centre of Savali - the same place you’ll receive the side quest to collect the Lorbs for Might've Broken Something trophy_bronze.png
  • Perform Five Trick Jumps on a Grind Rail

    The game doesn’t quite tell you what a ‘Trick Jump’ is, but it’s simply a double jump performed while grinding a rail. You can do these on any grind rail but the easiest one is the long grind rail in Nefarious City, just after completing the blimp-related objective. You can check it out in the video below.
  • Melee Five Frozen Enemies

    As soon as you have enough bolts to purchase the Cold Snap weapon (probably around Kedaro Station or Torren IV) use it to freeze enemies, and then immediately hit them with your wrench. Do this five times, then the trophy is yours.
  • Kill Two Enemies With a Single Ricochet Round

    An easy one, this. Simply use the Ricochet on a group on small, one-hit-kill enemies, like the Horned Toads on Sargasso. Once the Ricochet Round kills one, keep pressing r2.png to make it hit another, and you’ll get the trophy quick as you like.
  • Kill 10 Enemies by Returning Shots with the Void Reactor

    A surprisingly tough trophy to get, this one. You’ll want to make sure to quickly upgrade the Void Repulser to become the Void Reactor. The easiest way to do this is to use it less like a shield, and more like a short-range shotgun, at any opportunity in combat. Don’t forget about it! Once you do upgrade it to level 5 and it becomes the Void Reactor, make sure to use Raritanium to upgrade the Returning Fire and Caught Shots sections - this will make things much easier going forward.

    Now you’ve got the Void Reactor, you’ll notice that any shots from an enemy that it catches become small little dots that hover in the shield. Now, pressing r2.png won’t only hit enemies with short-range damage but those little dots will fly off into the distance and hit your foes. Kill ten foes with those projectiles and you’ll get the trophy.

    If you’re struggling to unlock this in normal play, you can try a replay the Welcoming Committee Challenge at the Battleplex. The second wave of Pierre’s crew use ranged weapons, and they are quite weak, so fairly easy to kill using the Void Reactor’s projectiles. The annoying thing about this trophy is that kills with the Void Reactor’s shield-blast don’t seem to count so try and keep your distance so that only the projectiles are doing the damage! Keeping trying until you unlock the trophy.
  • Get 20 Headshots with the Headhunter

    This is an easy one. Use the Headhunter’s built in zoom and time-slowing abilities to aim for your enemies’ heads. Get twenty headshots, and the trophy is yours. The Battleplex Challenges can be a good place to farm this one.
  • Deploy 50 Mr. Fungis

    Never stop deploying Mr. Fungis. They are possibly the most useful weapon in the game so as soon as one Mr. Fungi dies, make sure there’s another on the battlefield. Use it on bosses, on big enemies, on small enemies, whatever. You’ll soon unlock this trophy way before you’ve finished the game but if not, camp by a Miss Zurkon and keep throwing them out and restocking.
  • Defeat 30 Enemies While They are Topiary'd

    Like Life of the Party trophy_bronze.png  you should get this in no time at all. Just don’t be stingy with the Topiary Sprinkler but especially use it on mobs of small foes. Once they are suitably leafy, hit em with your wrench or a strong weapon. Keep doing this, and you’ll unlock the trophy quickly.
  • Find a CraiggerBear

    There are nine CraiggerBears to find, and we’ve got guides for them all - see UnBEARably Awesome trophy_gold.png
  • Find all CraiggerBears

    This is the most difficult trophy in the game, if you don’t have a guide, since the CraiggerBears never show up on your map, even once you get the Map-o-Matic and there’s little rhyme or reason to their locations. Luckily, we found ‘em all for you! Check out the videos below to find out where to find each of the nine bears - there’s one on each planet.

  • Kill Five Grunthors


    Grunthors are the big, scary dinosaur things you’ll find on Sargasso. There’s a fair few to find, and you’ll come across more in other areas of the game, thanks to some dimensional hijinks. The best way to get this is to fully explore Sargasso on your first visit, killing every Grunthor you find (though the Bone variants don't count) then return after each planet to find they’ve respawned, until you’ve killed enough that the trophy pops. Just don’t wait until you're right at the end of the game, else they won't respawn and you will have to start a new game from scratch to get this trophy.
  • Defeat 30 Ejected Nefarious Trooper Heads

    Sometimes, when you defeat the larger Nefarious Troopers, their heads will pop off and they’ll become a small Trooper Head, which you can then defeat again! You should unlock this over the course of a single playthrough but if not, you can finish it off in Challenge Mode.
  • Do a Trick Jump While Going at Max Speed with the Hoverboots

    This is an easy one. Using the boost pads on Savali with your hover boots, reach max speed, then perform a double jump while still holding r1.png. Easy!
  • Collect a Spybot

  • Acquire the RYNO

    To acquire the RYNO 8, you’ll need to find all ten Spybots in the game. You’ll likely come across some of them just by exploring, and luckily, the Map-o-Matic found on Ardolis will show each and every one on your map. You won’t be able to find the final Spybot until right at the end of the game, either so I recommend waiting until you have the Map-o-Matic and you’re ready to start the final encounter, before mopping these up. Once you have all the Spybots, you can buy the RYNO 8 from Miss Zurkon for a single bolt and the trophy will unlock.
  • Collect 10 Zurpstones for Trudi

    You can’t complete this on your first trip to Sargasso, but not too long after you’ve left, you’ll be called back to help feed Trudi. All 60 Zurpstones are marked on your map, and finding ten is easy enough. Just don’t fixate on the Zurpstones found on top of buildings - they can’t be grabbed until you’ve already found 45 of the stones, unlocking Trudi’s fire breath.
  • Collect Honey for Chef Tulio

    On Blizar Prime, make sure you’re in the not-exploded dimension, and then follow the secondary objective marker until you find Chef Tulio. Help defend her and her machine against waves of enemies, and she’ll reward you with honey. If it seems like the waves of enemies aren’t progressing properly, or have stopped entirely, make sure there aren’t any enemies stuck in the lava at the end of the course, and use explosive weapons or a Mr. Fungi to dislodge them.
  • Collect Three Lorbs

    On Savali, at the outpost in the middle of the map, an NPC will task you with finding all twelve Lorbs - a type of technology used to store Lombax records. Check out the videos below for the locations of three of the Lorbs, which is enough to unlock the trophy. Make sure to return to the NPC though, as doing so will see him mark the other nine Lorbs on your map and you’re gonna want to listen to them all for some great PlayStation Easter eggs.

Secret trophies

  • Get Separated in Nefarious City

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Once you’ve completed the opening tutorial section, you’ll be flung to Nefarious City on Corson V, the first properly explorable level in the game. The trophy should unlock pretty much straight away!
  • Defeat the Seekerpede

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Playing as Rivet on Sargasso, you’ll come across a boss battle with the Seekerpede. You’ll need to hit the ramps at full speed to land on its back, before smashing into its head with the Speedle. Once you’ve done that, you’ll fight the Seekerpede on an island. Hit it with all your weapons, make sure to keep throwing out your turret weapons like Mr. Fungi and the Topiary Sprinkler and you’ll soon bring it down to 50% health. Repeat once more to grab the trophy!
  • Play Three Songs on Zurkie's Jukebox

    The Jukebox can be found on the right-hand side of the bar at Zurkies. Just play three different songs (you don’t need to play them all the way through) and the trophy is yours!
  • Acquire Phase Quartz

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You’ll acquire the Phase Quartz on Blizar Prime when playing as Rivet and Clank - you’ll have to help out the local populace and take down a load of Goons 4 Less along the way, but you’ll unlock the trophy nonetheless!
  • Reach the Archives

    Story related, cannot be missed.
    Help out the three groups of trapped monks, and they’ll help you reach the archives. Easy peasy.
  • Set Juice Free

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You’ll unlock this naturally by completing the main objective at Kedaro Station on the planet Cordelion and it’s far less scary than it seems!
  • Meet the Fixer

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You’ll meet the Fixer on Torren IV and you’ll get an eye-popping set piece at the same time, plus this trophy.
  • Feed Bubbles

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Help out the Captain on Ardolis’ Pirate Base and you’ll unlock this trophy along the way.
  • Sink the Mothership on Sargasso

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    You’ll return to Sargossa again on your journey to take down an invading force. Take down the mothership, then the trophy is yours!
  • Retrieve the Dimensional Map

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Back on Savali, you’ll have to descend below the ground to obtain the Dimension Map. Do so, then the trophy will pop.
  • Break In and Out of Prison

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Ah, Zordoom Prison, it’s been a while. Turns out, to break someone out of prison, you need to break in too. Complete the main objective here to nab the trophy.
  • Defeat Doctor and Emperor Nefarious

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Once you’ve completed the main objectives on all nine planets, you can enter the game’s finale by speaking to Captain Quantum at Zurkie’s bar. Take down Nefarious in an epic boss battle, then the trophy will pop and the game will end.
  • Enter a Hidden Pocket Dimension

    Pocket dimensions can be found on pretty much every single map in the game. The first one you can find is in Nefarious City, just northeast of Miss Zurkon. It’s in the same small area where you’ll find the Nefarious City CraggerBear - see UnBEARably Awesometrophy_gold.png
  • Complete All Glitch Challenges

    Most of these are mandatory and will be found throughout the course of the game but there are two optional Glitch challenges which also need to be completed to unlock the trophy. One on Ardolis, in the pirate theme park and another that can only be found once you return to Savali in the late game, and open up the large hole in the ground. Both of these unlock gold bolts so if you’re looking to 100% the game, you’ll unlock this in the process!
  • Turn on the TV in Rivet's Hideout

    Your first trip to Rivet’s hideout is interrupted with a boss fight. Return there once again to find her TV, which can be switched on the unlock the trophy! The exact location is next to the the CraiggerBear found on Sargasso, which you can see a video of via the UnBEARably Awesome trophy_gold.png  trophy.

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