No Tank You Trophy

  • No Tank You


    Defeat a Grungarian tank before it reaches your base in any level. (Any Mode)

    Grungarian tanks first show up in level 3, "GrummelNet Plasma Harvester". There will be a cutscene for the first couple of tanks so you can't miss them.

    These tanks move really slow towards your base so as soon as one shows up find it and start attacking it. On the back there is a green weak point that you can shoot for extra damage, plus they don't attack you until they get to your base.

    If you are having trouble with this trophy, you can get it later after your weapons are leveled up, or use the Groovitron to stop the tank from moving all together.

    For the Peace through Ridiculous Firepower trophy you have to destroy 10 of these tanks. I recommend playing by yourself so that there is no chance that your co-op partner gets the kill. And, if you need more tanks, replay level 3, "GrummelNet Plasma Harvester".

    Note: Make sure your base is not being attacked by other enemies while you are fighting the tank.

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  • This trophy wasn't unlocking for me in the first level you face the tanks, it unlocked only in the big fight in the snow level when two tanks move towards your base, defeating the first one outside my base made the trophy pop.

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