Smorgasbord of Destruction Trophy

  • Smorgasbord of Destruction


    Buy one of each available turret type in any level. (Any mode)

    There are 4 different turrets in the game. They are:

    • Pyro Turret: Available from level 1, "Korgon Refinery", for 1,250 bolts
    • Fusion Turret: Available from level 2, "Hidden City of Balkai", for 2,000 bolts
    • Warmonger Turret: Available from level 3, "GrummelNet Plasma Harvester", for 3,000 bolts
    • Cryo Turret: Available from level 4, "Hidden City of Balkai, Snow Storm", for 3,500 bolts

    Once you pass a level where the turret first appears you'll be able to use that turret on any other level. For example, once you pass level 4, you'll be able to use all 4 turrets on any level.

    Load up any level and collect 9,750 bolts to get all the turrets.

    Refer to the video for more information:

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