Look, Mom! No Guns! Trophy in Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day

  • Look, Mom! No Guns!


    Complete an outdoor stage without firing a single shot.

    How to unlock Look, Mom! No Guns!

    Personally, I did this in chapter 9, as the pursuer will shortly pause when you have to wall-jump - giving you some time to build up momentum to escape. While it always may seem like a close call, you can even mess up a few jumps without your pursuer catching up with you. Due to this, even if it's tempting at times, keep your fingers off the shoulder buttons for this one! Also, chapter 9 does not have any parts where you need to kill off specific enemies to open doors, so that's one less thing to worry about. This does occur in chapter 2, which made it trickier for me to not use my L1 shot here to keep the pursuers off my back. The only tough part will be shortly before the end, when you run over icy platforms while enemies are charging at you. Make sure to time your slashes right, or they will push you into your pursuer.

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